Thursday, December 9, 2010

Petty and Childish Comrade Thorazine

The administrator of the ConservativeCave discussion forum (to be remembered as a gay commie kiddie beastiality porn site) is a baby. This petty, whiny baby cannot admit that he is wrong, he'd rather keep digging. This person whom we will call Thorazine should grow up already.

When you ban a prolific poster who was the least offensive member, you don't follow-up by telling lies about them. You don't come back later and pretended you gave them a warning or a 'time out' when you didn't.

So now, Comrade Thorazine, you are airbrushing me out of the website altogether? So my handle is gone for good?

You have issues buddy. You should have just stayed silent and not made things up after banning me. Just admit you did it and stop trying to rewrite history.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama's What??

Obama's tax cuts?

What tax cuts?

This "compromise" keeps income tax rates the same. Leave it to the leftist media to try and give the impression that Obama has made the GOP agree to give the middle class a tax cut. Something the GOP was not opposed to at all.

The GOP threw in the towel on "paygo" and allowed the return of the death tax.
They will also let Obama throw money into the unemployment benefits system without paying for it in spending cuts.

There is also something about a payroll tax cut, but I'm not sure whether they simply push up the amount the employer has to pay to "offset" it.

All in all its a stupid deal, but the dissension among the left is funny and almost worth it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I do not intend to continue posting to this blog, but I guess one never knows. I intend to use its blogroll though.

oh and is a gay commie porn site that specializes in beastiality

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stupid pro-abortion arguments

Of all the arguments for abortion used by the babycide crowd the ones that are the dumbest are things like...

"Don't be so judgemental" You know, like whats a few million dead babies between friends and neighbors? I guess as a society we are much too judgemental about murder, rape and theft too. I am sure we can all come together in peace and harmony, if we just didn't let a little baby butchering come between us.

Your just being "morally superior". I guess, once again, the same can be said of murder, rape and armed robbery. Who are we to judge? Are we really holier than thou?

Or the ever popular "You aren't personally invested", like why do you care?

As if the same argument can't be made about almost every other crime on the books. It doesn't affect you, you should mind your own business. So what if 7-Eleven is getting robbed, how will that effect you?

But of course, as a society, it does affect us. That is why we have laws, because its not okay and it does affect everyone whether we feel it immediately or not.

California: The end

California passes proposition 14.

It's over for them.



There are internet reports going around saying that the Taliban have hanged a 7-year old boy they accused of spying.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Reuters and fake pics

The anti-Israeli slant in the so-called "mainstream" media is that pronounced. As a matter of fact the media is very willing to accept Palestinian propaganda as actual news, even doctored photographs.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Those squalid "refugee camps" of Gaza

Business is booming in Gaza because apparently those squalid, desperately poor refugees seemed to have turned things around overnight. Olympic-sized swimming pools, fancy restaurants like "The Club" where all of the UN officials, reporters and activists who tell us how terrible things are can no doubt be found.

Oh the horror.

So obviously they are lying to us about conditions in Gaza, why do you think they didn't want the stuff off the flotilla ships? Do you really think they want second-hand scooters and outdated medicine?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Korea and Israel and the UN

After Israel moved to defend itself from a blockade running flotilla, the UN was quick to denounce Israel without caring to examine any evidence. Israel is in a state of war with Hamas, which runs Gaza, and has every right to defend itself.

On the other hand we have North Korea sinking the South Korean warship and in the process murder 46 of its crewmen. In response to this the United Nations will spend $170 million in aid to the North.

The next thing you'll tell me they will build mosques at Ground Zero.... oh wait.

The whole world is upside down these days.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Government-controlled media?

It could be coming, the argument used by Elena Kagan on the Obama administrations behalf was not a fluke. Not only do they want to be able to control and regulate political speech but they want government to even subsidize newspapers etc. In other words the government would own them.

The newest "potential" policy recommendation from the FTC should scare everyone who believes in the freedom of speech and the right to dissent and "the right to disagree with any administration" as Hillary might put it.

This administration is no friend of freedom of any type.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Close-Up Footage of Mavi Marmara Passengers Attacking IDF Soldiers

Freaking Animals were ready and waiting for those soldiers, this whole thing was planned from the beginning.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Constitutional Amendment proposal...

The language needs work but the idea is that government should only fund itself and not take from you and give to others.

The federal government shall expend all revenue raised on only its Constitutionally prescribed duties and shall not spend on, subsidies, loan, give or grant to any other agency, organization, entity or person(s).

I think it is an idea whose time as come!

Friday, May 28, 2010

What, No Flags?

Harvard Business School discovers common sense, is shocked

Even Harvard Business School has come to the stunning, to them anyway, conclusion that the more government grows the worse off the private sector economy gets. They had thought it would turn out to be the opposite (for some reason). Apparently ignorant of history and common sense the three professors had to prove it to themselves before they would believe it.

Funny, they never had to prove it to themselves to believe the opposite, in infantile socialism.

All you have to do is look at Europe, Japan or even Venezuela to see that the economy suffers when the government gets too big. El Universal newspaper in Venezuela ran this story just today "The State Grows and the Private Sector Suffers Biggest Drop Since 1999".

Of course to anyone with two braincells to rub together this is only common sense. You would have to be an "intellectual" to think otherwise. Of course you would think otherwise without any proof whatsoever, this is called a bias class.

The media is the same way, but they will never put it to the test.

California ignores real problem

California legislators are still ignoring the real problems, as the high speed train approaches they refuse to even concede they are lying on the rails.

Now they want to ban plastic grocery bags.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Truth or Dare (shutting down California)

California Assembly member Alberto Toricco has had a flash of genius, if only very briefly. His idea to have the Democrat-controlled state legislature shut down the California government is oh so original (snicker). Torrico knows very well that the compliant leftist media will do their bidding and try to pin the blame on Republicans.

So to get this out of the way let us be very clear, the GOP does not have the power to shut down the California government.

State Senate: 25 Democrats, 13 Republicans, 2 vacant.
State Assembly: 49 Democrats, 29 Republicans, 1 Independent and 1 vacancy.

In other words, the Democrat Party has complete control of the state legislature and there is nothing the Republican Party can do about it. The Republicans cannot shut down the government even if they wanted to, even if they took hostages.

The only nominal Republican with any power is the Governator and he has not governed as a conservative. The state of California can not seriously think it can raise taxes when it has already driven businesses and jobs out of the state as it is. The Captain America film will be made in London? London?

Doing business in California is not economical.

The only choice is to cut spending and the Democrats have been unwilling to do that. The state is on a collision course with reality and trying to use political fear-mongering is asinine. The GOP is not the bad guy here, the trainwreck ahead was not caused by the minority party.

Of course Alberto Torrico knows that the leftist media will do everything they can to help spread the meme that the GOP is at fault if the Democrats allow the state government to shut down. All the Democrat majority has to do is precisely nothing to allow the fiscal crash to happen. Alberto Torrico also knows that the sheeple of California are more than willing to fall for such shenanigans.

The problem of course is reality, not Republicans. Trying to avoid reality and attempting to stick it to Republicans is the last thing the state of California needs at this time. The Democrat majority must get on with writing a budget that is in line with reality, anything else is criminal.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does Kagan Really Think This Stuff?

The idea of putting an anti-free speech advocate on the Supreme Court is bad enough but it may just turn out that she doesn't think much of the Constitution she would be interpreting.

This woman doesn't deserve to be a municipal judge much less a Supreme Court justice.

It is hard to believe that the left has turned so far against the freedom of speech.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gotta find a white Christian terrorist...

Well, four of the Hutaree "militia" members have been freed after an incredible lack of evidence was rejected by a federal judge. (Judge's decision) The government appealed the bail and now it seems they still can't prove that these people are any sort of danger at all.

Burning a UN flag is hardly "seditious", and that charge coming from a government that approves the burning of the US flag is ludicrous in the extreme. This was all about creating news. This was all about deflecting attention from Muslim terrorists in the mind of the news viewers.

The arrests also were well timed to coincide with TEA Party events with the idea that they would be linked somehow in peoples minds. Eric Holder won't even say the words "Islamic Terrorism" but they go out of their way to call TEA Partiers "terrorists" and "Un-American".

So, do I believe the Hutaree arrests were purely politics? You bet I do.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don't run Newt.

Newt Gingrich is talking about running for President at a time when the GOP base is looking for real conservatives who are seen as outsiders. Newt is neither of those things and he is not what this country or his party needs right now.

Newt is too busy making commercials with Nancy Pelosi and attacking man-made global warming to have noticed that anthropomorphic global warming has been largely debunked. He is too busy supporting RINO's to know the difference between a leftist with an R next to their name and a real conservative.

Dede Scozzafava is "exactly what we need right now", remember that? She dropped out and supported the very liberal Democrat over the conservative Doug Hoffman. Some loyal Republican she turned out to be, huh?

Newt is an idea man. Whether that idea is giving taxfunded laptops to all the poor kids or weaning America off of entitlements ends up being the luck of the draw at any particular moment. Newt's instincts are not reliable. His instincts are to support the candidate annointed by the party elite every time. People like Charlie Crist, Dede Scozzafava, Arlen Specter etc.

This is not what the country or the party grassroots want. They don't want a scatterbrained "idea man" running for the White House. They definitely do not want someone with the instincts of the country club snobby elites.

The party faithful have less and less faith in the party when the bigwigs give us candidates like John McCain and his ilk. For the 2012 White House race this country needs a solid conservative who has shown they can lead from the executive side of the equation. Newt is not that candidate.

Whether that candidate turns out to be Mike Pence, Mitch Daniels, Sarah Palin or even Governor Christie of NJ, he or she needs to run from the heartland, not from the polls or as a party puppet. This person must connect with the average grassroots Republican TEA Partier and must stand by their convictions and not apologize in the face of media pressure.

Newt should continue writing articles and books, doing commentary suits him better than an elected position. He was great at rallying the base in 1994 but ultimately he failed to lead after taking office.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A thought on terrorism

Imagine container ships waiting at major American ports for inspection and off-loading. This is going on every day all day. Nothing suspicious about a container ship.

Then some of those containers swivel and out pops missiles aimed at buildings, bridges and other targets of terrorism. Several cities attacked like this simultaneously would put the hurt to America big time. Would we close our ports to shipping? Of course not. We cannot long survive without international trade and expect to have any kind of acceptable standard of living.

We can't treat terrorism as if it is a crime, it is war. We cannot pretend that there is no such thing as Radical Islamists, hear me Holder? If we do not stop them before they come to America then we likely be victims of many more attacks to come.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Blue Dogs are Pelosi Lapdogs!

Vote them out this year.
Send them home.
Turn them into statistics.
No More fakes in the Congress. You can be one thing or the other, you can't be a little bit this and a little bit that when there are two sides.

The Tyrant Gene

I propose that some people are born with a predilection to wanting to control other people. This belief that people are too stupid to live their own lives and make their own decisions and must be guided and controlled by other (less stupid?) people.

This feeling of false superiority is the cause of much suffering throughout human history. How many hundreds of millions have died and been enslaved because of this "tyrant gene"?

I should probably apply for a massive federal grant to study, isolate and cure this genetic defect. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MSM must all be racists

The state of Arizona has passed a new law that is bound to be popular with the average America while making leftists and their media wild-eyed furious. The new law bans classes in public school that advocate hatred for a race or class of people, advocate overthrowing the government or is designed primarily for students of a particular race or ethnic group.

They did not ban all ethnic studies program, only those meeting the above crtieria.

Then again the "Main Stream Media", you know them they call themselves the "real journalists" and they are special because they have "gate keepers" to keep out crazy stuff and misinformation. (haha)

Well that MSM has decided that it does indeed ban all ethnic studies courses because, dang it, they can't figure out what else those classes would do besides engender hatred for white people, rich people and advocate overthrowing the government.

Apparently they simply think that is what "ethnic studies" is suppose to do.

No, but that's not racist at all. Right?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Patton Oswalt nominated for SCOTUS

President Obama is expected to announce actor Patton Oswalt to the Supreme Court as early as today.
Mr. Oswalt who has had roles in a string of television programs from "King of Queens" to "Reno 911" and "Caprica". As well as films such as the animated movie "Ratatouille" is expected to join the liberal wing of the court, keeping the balance where Justice John Paul Stevens left off.

"I will get my decisions straight from the White House, that was the only litmus test they had. This will be my greatest acting role." He is reported to have said to an obscure blog, although its authenticity has not been confirmed.

Patton Oswalt, 41, will don pearl necklace and earrings and call himself "Elena Kagan" so that he can play the third female Justice and the first openly, somewhat, homosexual on the SCOTUS. He is young enough that he/she might sit on the bench for decades. At least until his weight problem clogs his arteries so much his heart explodes.

"Well, we knew it was all about identity politics and diversity" said a source close to the White House (literally on the sidewalk in front of it) told this blog.
(humor, obviously)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Will Obama hand the terrorists nukes?

I ask that question because the Obama administration has warned Pakistan that if there is a successful attack the US will act. Any large response by the US inside of Pakistan will collapse the government and bring the radical islamics into power.

Oh Pakistan has nukes.

As a matter of fact this threat encourages the terrorists to attack the US. They want those nukes to use against us, and they might even get Obama's help if they manage to get a car bomb to work.

Does anyone in this government know what 2+2 is?

Friday, May 7, 2010

California becoming Greece?

Remember all of the revenue enhancing California passed last year? Well it's fruits are apparently not edible.

In April alone the revenues to the state have fallen $3.6 billion short.

The state of California, barring a federal bailout, simply must reduce its public employment and trim entitlement spending. There is very little else that it can do at this point. Raising taxes farther will simply harm the economy and lose more revenue.

On June 30 they have $8.8 billion in "revenue anticipatory notes" that must be paid back. I wonder if the leaders of California have seen any coverage of what is happening in Greece? It should tell them that governments can indeed go bankrupt.

It is time to pay the piper, as much as the politicians and public employees unions want to live in denial.

Are they kidding?

"Why a rising unemployment rate is good news" - Yahoo Finance

These people are so in the tank for Barry that they will explain away anything.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Government FAIL

You were warned. You were warned that runaway spending on entitlements and government projects would destroy the economy. Nobody listened, nobody that could do something about it anyway.

Do you think Greece is the only country with this problem? Most of Europe in heavily in debt, they are now in the process of devaluing the Euro, its either that or boot out the most irresponsible countries. The biggest problem is finding one that is not irresponsible.

They cannot afford to bailout Spain, Portugal, Ireland and possibly Italy, then who will bail out the UK, France and Germany?

We know for sure that its going to be impossible to "bail out" the US. It is coming though. I call it the Great Fall and I think even the dimmest of bulbs are starting to have reality flicker in their minds.

'Something is happening here!'

The entitlement zombies will riot and throw fits because they refuse to accept that the money can run out. They refuse to accept that spending more than you make is unsustainable. They refuse to accept that its not the politicians who are going to pay, its them and they are the ones who elected those politicians, after all.

Those in denial will go through different stages. One of the main ones is they will try to claim this is caused by capitalism. Government spending too much money is NOT in any way part of free market capitalism. It was government that raised taxes so high it encumbered the economy, it was government that gave out over-generous welfare and pension benefits that it could never have thought made sense.

This was a government failure, period, end of story.

Times Square Bomber: MSM blames Bush

If it were not so pathetic it would actually be funny to see the media scramble to explain away the motives of a Muslim terrorist attempting to explode a bomb in New York City. They have already told us that they were disappointed it turned out to be a Pakistani Muslim instead of a "white male in his 40's" as they tried to have us believe all weekend.

Today they even go farther down this dhimmi road by blaming it all on his financial problems. Maybe if he hadn't quit his job he wouldn't have had such money problems? Then again, maybe he needed the extra time to prepare his bombing.

The New York Times published a loving portrait of the life of the terror bomber, just leaving out his radical religious views and stuff. They want the readers to think he was just another normal guy turned to violence by the Bush recession.

No really!

This is an amazing article on so many levels. It shows the lengths that the left will go through to explain away terrorism. They want to blame it on anything but Islamic radicalism, there has to be a white man in there somewhere, BUSH!!

The recession has hit everyone and I don't see millions of Americans out there planting bombs. Do you? Of course not, the key ingredient here is not the recession but the Islam. Bombings are a daily thing in some parts of the world, places like Pakistan.

The New York Times is a pathetic excuse for a newspaper and has been for decades, does anyone really trust it for straight news anymore?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lone White Male Syndrome affects media, left

After days of liberals trying to link the failed NY Times Square bomber to "white" America, a Pakistani immigrant is arrested in the case. Tens of millions Americans saw on their TV their local and national newscasters describing the suspect as a "white man in his 40's" based on a grainy, short video clip.

You had Bob Beckel and Mayor Bloomberg and all the nuts at the Democrat Underground and other websites cheering on the hunt for the suspect white TEA partier. Anyone who suggested it could be a Muslim Jihadi was quickly dismissed as crazy.

Of course they were wrong. They are leftists, they are nearly always wrong.

It turns out a Pakistani immigrant, given citizenship through our lenient laws (hear that Mexico? It's easy to get citizenship!) apparently a registered Democrat to boot. Instead of it being a lone nut, it turns out the suspect was connected to an international plot of Al Qeada and had even been to a terror training camp.

That is all good, that he was arrested, and funny, that liberals keep lying to themselves and saying these things out loud.

What is not good or funny is that our government wanted the same thing, they wanted to pin this on whitey. If this man had blown himself up and taken out a bunch of bystanders the federal government would have sent SWAT teams into trailer parks and suburbs all over America.

Case in point; the "Hutaree Militia". They had no evidence whatsoever and the Clinton-appointed judge let them out on bail. This is what we can expect to see in the future of this government. UPDATE: The government prosecutors have gotten a judge to put their release on hold pending a decision on an appeal of the bail decision.

Now many in the left media are feeling sorry, not they have maligned an innocent group of people, but because they are sorry it was a Muslim. Like MSNBC's Contessa Brewer. Or CNN wondering if maybe just maybe the attempted car bomber was upset over the loss of his house.

How much sympathy can these leftists have for the devil anyway?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Entitlement Zombies

America (for now)

Washington DC


Socialism is an unsustainable economic system, it cannot exist without a large and vibrant private sector on which to suck the bloody funds from. When you have countries in which the blood suckers, the public sector and welfare recipients become too large and the private sector too small and weak, then your economic system will fail.

President and Obama has declared war on capitalism and the middle class and the unlimited immigration into this country are combining to drive this country into bankruptcy. Greece is a small enough country that a "bailout" from Europe might prop it up for a few years, at the risk of bringing down European countries along with it.

The United States on the other hand is too big to bail.

Obama opens mouth, removes all doubt

Barack Hussein Obama is a communist.

"Spread the wealth around"

"We cant drive as much as we want, eat as much as we want and turn the thermostat down as low as we want"

"Under my plan, electric rates will necessarily skyrocket"

and now Today, speaking in Ann Arbor MI, a state wracked by socialism and poverty he opens his mouth again.

"We've also clearly seen the dangers of too little government, like when a lack of accountability on Wall Street nearly leads to the collapse of our entire economy"

No, Mr. Obama. The financial sector is the heaviest regulated portion of the economy. The blame for the economic problems can clearly be laid at the feet of government policies. From the Community Reinvestment Act to the way Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were operated, giving mortgage loans to those who could never dream of paying them back.

He also tried to attack th TEA Party movement by claiming the "government is us".

No Mr. Obama, the government is, most assuredly, not us. We do not dramatically increase spending when we hit hard times. We can't afford to continue to hire when the money runs out, we do not have pay and benefits higher than the private sector can dream of.

No, the government is most definitely not us.

The President then went on to criticize talk radio and suggested we read some columns at the Huffington Post. The Huffington Post? Why would we want to even visit a website that requires new kneepads every hour on the hour from their "giving fellatio to Obama" position? Why is the President of the United States pimping a blog launched by an insane woman anyways?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shoulda said...

"I do think, at a certain point, you have paid enough in taxes."

Then again maybe the President is asking companies to make less money, fire more workers and pay less to the Treasury.

Probably not. Then again, the man is an economic dunce.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SWAT called on TEA Party - lol

Thanks Gateway Pundit, thats a real public service you are doing, showing this to the public.

Yes, be afraid of these people. They are just oh so dangerous.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Raise Their Taxes!

With Public Employee Unions rallying in states like Illinois and California demanding an end to budget cuts and chanting "Raise My Taxes!", they have a good point.

We should raise taxes on all government employees. That is a very fine idea, I am glad the idiots in Illinois gave me the idea.

I think a 5%.... no 7%... no an even 10% tax on all of the income of public employees would be a good start to balancing state budgets.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Red State Prattles on about Rick Perry

Dear Red State,

During your pathetic prattling on about Rick Perry "saying the right things" did it ever occur to you that saying the right things does not mean he is doing the right things?

Sure we may have no individual income tax but the state taxes on business was made far more complicated and applied more broadly under Rick Perry. As we know businesses will simply pass on the taxes and the cost of compliance on to their customers.

Rick Perry also pushed for the Trans Texas Corridor against the wishes of the people of the state. This was a white elephant "infrastructure" boondoggle that was suppose to be the NAFTA superhighway linking Canada, the US and Mexico.

Rick Perry also attempted to force every girl child in the state to take the Guardasil vaccine. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease and he wanted to mandate that all girls at around 12 recieve the shot. So I suppose Rick Perry is very libertarian on the age of consent for little girls or something.

Parents were outraged and the state legislature undid the order from the Governor.

Rick Perry is a very slick politician who can talk conservative but has he governed as a conservative? The people of Texas would tell you he is a moderate at best and a RINO at the worst of times.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NK Torpedo sunk South Korean ship, military says

South Korean military officials are now saying it was, indeed, a North Korean torpedo that hit and sank one of its ships a couple weeks ago. This is an overt act of war that almost requires a response from the South Korean government.

The South Korean government could very well collapse if it does not.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mugabe to continue business takeovers

That will work as well as the farm invasions did.

I guess Robert Mugabe doesn't think there is enough poverty in Zimbabwe yet!

He wants every business to be majority black owned. Welcome to Zimbabwe, a one man, majority rule state.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Selling off America

After spending this country into massive debt, raising our taxes and making it impossible for American companies to create jobs it might come to mind to ask what more can this government do to harm our economy?

Do they really hate America that much?

Apparently now they want to give tax breaks to foreigners who want to buy up chunks of America. Isn't that special?

They are literally selling off this country.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More taxes?

Obama promised not to raise taxes on the middle class. He did, of course, with ObamaCare to the tune of billions. Now they are talking about passing another gasoline tax, 15 cents a gallon. This would be added to the 18+ cents a gallon that the federal government already collects from each gallon.

That is right, it would nearly double the federal gasoline tax.

Who raises taxes during a recession? What idiot, what numbskull, what freaking moron would even consider raising taxes during a recession?

Democrats and Lindsay Graham of course.

It gets worse. They are now talking about a VAT. A Value-Added Tax, the most insidious prosperity killing tax ever concieved in the mind of Dr. Evil! The League of Evil was even stunned by how terrible this tax is.

You can say goodbye to Dollar stores, no more 99 cent stores, no more impulse buys, no more going out and splurging with a few bucks. By the way a 10% VAT does not mean the price is 10% higher, it depends on how many stages of production there were. That is 10% added on at every stage.

This is an economy killer. Ask Europe, their economy has been moribund for decades.

Who knew?

Wow. I am stunned. Nobody could have predicted or even expect the number filing for unemployment benefits to increase for the second week in a row. This is so totally unexpected! Uexpectedly unexpected!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lobbying Reform?

How about this for a lobbying reform:

If you recieve funds from the government in any way, shape or form you may no longer lobby the government or fund activist political organizations that lobby government or run ads that do the same.

Are you ready for pro-ethanol ads?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unexpected-O's for breakfast, yuck!

Mikey likes it!

New Unemployment Claims rise to 460,000, more than expected.

More than expected by whom? They really need to find new "experts".

Friday, April 2, 2010

Glorious victory in California!

Today is a day of Grand Victory over capitalism with the shut down of the NUMMI plant, a blow to the evils of the private sector economy. More than 1,000 former wage slaves will now join the wonderous welfare class, a sign that we are winning!

To the rulers of the state of California, keep up the taxes that have driven 40,000 private sector employers from the state in a decade. Keep tightening the regulations that will squeeze every last private sector job out of the state, we shall be victorious!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fishing Expedition

You might have seen the story on the ESPN's website about the proposal that could lead to a ban on fishing in the United States.

Now some on the left are saying this all a hoax.

That might be news to the White House, its website contains the report that the leftists are saying is fake.

Fishing is the most popular past time in the United States and is the most popular participatory sport, if you consider it a sport. An attempt to actually carry out these proposals would have some real political and economic ramifications.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Buckley who?

People like Christopher Buckley and Peggy Noonan are good at being wrong, they both like living in high style among their elite liberal friends. The way to stay in good standing among that crowd is by being wrong and acting like a whimpering puppy when asked about politics. You must be subserviant enough so that all the leftists in the room can laugh at you and feel superior.

So Christopher Buckley now admits he was wrong?

I don't care. Conservatives would have to be stupid (I know, they aren't called the Stupid Party for nothing) to accept him or Peggy Noonan back. Let him live in his doghouse. Let him keep his leash on for his leftist friends and continue to play tricks for them.

They are the ones who fell in love with the faux image of Barack Obama despite all the proof to the contrary. They are the ones who chose to dismiss the mans own words and ... oh right, he had no actions did he? Based on NOTHING these fools threw away everything they said they believed in to support a socialist for President.

They should not be allowed back into our side of the yard, let them stay in the mudhole they created without tracking it over to our picnic. They're sure to stumble and step on our plate. Oh yes, they will continue to write and say stupid things. They will now support only the most liberal of the RINO herd, even while bleating on about how conservative they really are.

It's enough to choke a T-Rex.

Cornyn crows Crist

Senator Cornyn of Texas is endorsing Sorry Charlie Crist for the Florida race because of his ability to raise money.

That is exactly the kind of party over principle mentality that we need less of in this country, Texas has 2 GOP Senators that need to be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

These people are obviously not paying attention to their own party base, they have spent too much time in DC drinking the bong water that comes out of the tap there.

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Einstein" program will read your e-mails

Remember when the left protested the Patriot Act? They protested about letting the Bush administration spy on terrorist suspect phone calls.

Apparently the left has no problem with the government tracking every cell phone, logging every webpage visited and now reading all your emails. Somehow this is all okay when "their" President is doing it. It's only bad when they single out murderous terrorists for watching.

Where are the marches and demonstrations?

In fact the leftists do not have a problem with this and never did, it was just a useful political ruse back in the previous administration. This administration is going much farther than the Bush administration, yet there won't be a whimper. The leftists know full well that their dream of a socialist country requires a Big Brother to have eyes and ears on everyone.

The descent into third world tyranny continues.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bunning wins, but we still lose

Lonely Senator Jim Bunning from Kentucky stood against the tide for days and found little support from his own fellow Republicans. Both parties were united in spending deficit money without a recorded vote.

Remember Bunning wasn't blocking anything from passing, he simply refused to give his unanimous consent. Finally the party leaders caved and held a recorded vote, which they could have done in the first place. It's like shining a light on the cockroaches.

The leftwing media was predictable, blaming Bunning for filibustering or stopping it, which was not even possible. Then again, what can we expect from the dumbest people on Earth?

So finally the recorded vote was held. 18 spineless Republicans, who had apparently given their unanimous consent, crossed the isle and voted with Bunning. 18! Republicans who would have added $10 billion to the national debt to add that 99th week of unemployment benefits (only in specified states, mind you) in secret but not in public.

Hey Rush, tell me again how the Republican Party isn't the problem?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Non-Sense Over Big Man Jim Bunning

The way the Leftist media is reporting on the Senator Jim Bunning thing just reminds me once again how in the tank they are for the Democrats. The man has not "blocked" anything, he has not denied anyone anything. This whole media circus is one more leftwing flim flam sham.

All he did was refuse to give consent. That is all. The Democrats wanted to pass this thing without a vote. They know it violates the "paygo" law they passed two weeks ago and was signed into "law" last week. As if they ever had any intention of obeying the laws they pass. For shame.

All they have to do is bring the bill to the floor and pass it. That is all. It is that simple. It might even pass 90-10. That is about how many Senators have their heads in the sand.

I am induced to laughter when I see the media report on this, as usual when it comes to political matters. How dare this man deny the unemployed their 99th week of unemployment benefits, its an entitlement ya know. Everyone is entitled to other peoples money; the poor, the farmer, the unemployed, the corporations... the only people missing is the middle class.

What is going on the war against the middle class. The middle class will continue to be squeezed and punished to prop up the poor and the wealthy friends of politicians. We are heading for times even harder than the Great Depression, there will be riots in the inner cities, there will be lines around the block for the very few part time minimum wage jobs.

Senator Jim Dunning is making a very good point. It is time to start fixing the problem of the deficit and the debt. The Democrat Media fails to even pretend to understand as they read the DNC-White House talking points from the anchor desk.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Uncle Barry and the dinner party

Uncle Barry decided to accept the invitation to the Lodge Social, even though the Lodge leaders weren't sure it was going to be held. Nobody really had any idea what the function was going to end up looking like with the budget cuts and all.

The function ended up being a light meal with some good conversation around the table, Uncle Barry had retired to a plush chair near the fireplace. He had lit up a cigar and poured a glass of wine, all the way to the top of the glass. The conversation was dying away and everyone started to glance in Uncle Barry's direction.

He was tipsy, reeked like a tobacco chimney and had unbuttoned his pants, belly extended from eating nearly as much as everyone else put together. He was a slob, everyone thought so and wondered how the guy had finagled an invitation.

"Let me tell you something" Uncle Barry said, reading from one of the TelePrompTers he had brought with him. "Let me be clear", some in the room laughed.

Uncle Barry stood up and looked down his nose at those gathered. Apparently in his drunken stupor it was easier to see this way. "I want each and every one of you to understand where I am coming from. By the way this was a lovely meal, I regret the lack of wagyu but that is neither here or there..."

His "audience" glanced at each other. The "off-hand" remarks were clearly scrolling across the TelePrompTer, easily visible even if inverted. Does this man ever have his own thoughts?

If someone changed the script would he continue reading? Someone whispered, that once they had seen Barry thank himself because someone had forgotten to change the speech in the TelePrompTer. Someone nearby mumbled they saw Barry speak without one before and it wasn't pretty, "I'm still trying to figure out where the other 9 states are, especially the 7 he said he'd visited".

Truthfully, nobody was taking Uncle Barry seriously. They had all heard his rants and raves before. He was like a broken record, all it takes is a little alcohol to get him going. He's like the half-black sheep of the lodge, even his friends were a little ashamed. The ones who could feel shame.

Most of his supporters simply nodded, they didn't seem to even be paying attention. Nana had an earpeice, she was probably listening to NPR instead. It was so embarassing to see Christopher recording this on his cellphone, he was going to mail it to everyone he knew, AGAIN. Why was his leg shaking like a dog getting a good scratch in just the right spot?

Really Uncle Barry, listen to the doctors. Get some better advice and a better class of friends while your at it. Visited those 2 other imaginary states too.

Chocking down Hot Dog Reform

The government wants to regulate the shape of hot dogs? This sounds so idiotic as not to deserve a comment but I guess when you elect a government that thinks the 'people' are blooming idiots who need hand holding to the bathroom, this shouldn't surprise us.

Hot dogs come in all shape and sizes already, do we really want government to force standardization on a product? A standard that nobody wants to buy maybe? It could literally kill the American hot dog industry as we know it. What next? Force them to add vegetables to the hot dogs while they're make them thinner?


Yes, I do think Chile deserves more aid than Haiti. Why would anyone think sending money to the government of Haiti is going to help that country?

Let the "Health Scare Deform" bill stay dead. The "summit" turned out to be ludicrous but it was the GOP who came out on top. The Democrats didn't have anything better to do than tell some sob stories? Calling attempts to discuss the actual legislation a "prop" or "theatrics" should tell everyone this was not a serious attempt at "dialogue".

[edited to add a link]

Friday, February 26, 2010

Epic FAIL Obama

Interesting. The EPIC FAIL of the Democrats at the so-called "healthcare summit" is a fascinating case of self-deceit. They really thought that all they needed to do was tell sob stories, many obviously bogus and they would win?

The Republicans came armed to actually discuss health care reform, they had page numbers and actual parts of the Democrat bill they wanted to talk about. President Obama casually dismissed the actual bill as a "prop" and thought his rhetorical slurs could win the day.

The Democrats gave themselves twice as much talking time and still managed to say nothing at all significant.

Did you hear that the GDP was revisd "upward"? The bad news is this is all represented by government spending, the actual economy is down. We are all worse off while the Democrat Media will proclaim this as good economic news. Government spending on government actually hurts the real economy of course.

Monday, February 22, 2010

WND lies to smear Glenn Beck

Yet another attack from "conservatives" launched against Glenn Beck, this time more delusional and off-base than ever. The WorldNetDaily website broadside gets its "facts" from an article in the USA Weekend section of USA Today, a left-wing newspaper.

Has the World Nut Daily ever heard of "fact checking"? Do they even care that Glenn Beck has already laid the leftwing article to rest on his radio show and on his website? Did they even care?

One of the things they accused Glenn Beck is buying CFL's for his house, when he has specifically said he removed them from the house he rented. One of his first TV programs mockingly lambasted CFL's as a health hazard, he even had a hazmat suit.

The conservative offensive of lies against Glenn Beck will likely continue unabated, I can only wonder why it is happening. Are they jealous of his TV audience? How does it happen that these attacks are coming around the same time? Are the RINO's striking back?

Time to kiss off 'HOT AIR' blog??

Renew America thinks it is time for conservatives to dump Hot Air and its new owners.

It might be a little early but they make some good points.

Glenn Beck under attack?

Glenn Beck has stated that he does NOT support a third party movement.

Somehow that has not stopped others from attacking Beck for um... supporting a third party movement? Mark Levin dug up Bill Bennett, a really old has been, to justify his own attacks on Beck. I guess we could say the RINO's are striking back.

Apparently, Mark Levin who has bashed RINO's incessantly in the past is now accusing Glenn Beck of trying to divide the party by... attacking RINO's incessantly. Glenn Beck simply points out that when the GOP has controlled the government they do not cut spending, they do not balance the budget, they do not trim entitlements, they do not defund leftwing radical groups like ACORN or Planned Parenthood.

Criticizing the GOP for its failings is a good thing, they need to be encouraged to change their behavior should they be put into a position of power again. The GOP wants and needs the conservative vote, it is right to make them earn it. They should not get it by default. That is one of the problems with the GOP, they like to stamp out conservative voices of dissent.

Mark Levin isn't exactly demure and shy when he criticizes Republicans, why should he expect obediance from others? Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC jumps shark.

CPAC conference was marred by a speaker being shouted down by homosexual activists who are co-sponsors of the Conference and now Ron Paul wins their straw poll. Its too bad that 75% of those who attended did not even bother to vote. They could have had a chance to save the reputation of CPAC.

Come on idiots. Ron Paul is the Lyndon LaRouche of the "Republican Party" which he only joined because the Libertarian Party had no chance to win. CPAC has lost all credibility, it should change its name out of shame. I doubt they feel shame any more than Barack Obama declaring himself a deficit fighter.

The Ronbots and Mittbots were out in full force. What a spectacle they made of themselves and of the conference.

WINNER: Sarah Palin, for skipping it altogether.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big Bowl of Unexpected-O's for breakfast

Unemployment is up again..... unexpectedly

I cannot believe even the leftist media in this country will let Barry Obama get away with acting as if he and the Democrats in Congress have nothing to do with the out of control spending. Now he is appointing a Commission to "study" how they are spending more than they take in?

You guys wrote the budget.

Then in the same speech he talks about he signed a "Paygo" bill last week and will freeze "discretionary" spending next year. Right. If you guys did do "Paygo" you wouldn't have a $1.6 trillion deficit, you wouldn't have increased the debt ceiling by $2 trillion. You wouldn't pretend to need a Commission to "study" what you did.

You guys wrote the budget.

You don't need a Commission to study that.

On second thought I just heard a news report on ABC Radio that started off with "It's kind of like hiring a credit counselor..."

Still covering for the bankrupter of America.

Welcome back, Carter!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mt Vernon Statement is Vague and Disappointing

Some conservative "leaders" have gathered and produced a document they believe might ignite some passion and engineer a conservative renewal. It is called the Mount Vernon Statement, as in the home of George Washington.

I find it to be a weak, vague "can we change back now?" kind of statement. It is a weak and disappointing read. It will not energize the conservative movement nor bring aboard independents and apolitical people. It is too vague and watered down to mean anything.

The points it makes are vague. It should have included some specific policy initiatives such as an end to corporate welfare and cronyism where government favors with regulations and even funds favored businesses. This is an idea that rank and file Democrat voters would agree with as well as Republicans, yet politicians and bureaucrats continue to sell out time and time again.

How do you carry it out?

Does the Republican Party of today believe in these prinicples? How can voting for the GOP as it stands today further conservatism?

There a number of conservative ideas that will find general agreement with rank and file Democrat voters, but getting politicians on either side to actually pursue them has proven impossible time and time again.

The Mount Vernon Statement will be about as effective as a limp noodle used to flog a rock.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

House passes Big Brother Act 422-5

Why am I not surprised?

The government will now require every ISP to log every website everyone visits, so the government will know where you have been online.

This isn't new but why don't these Congressman ever read these things?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Jihad?

Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth Freeway shut down due to Bomb Scare. Possible Terror incident.

Happy Valentines Day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tracking, Tracking....

Does it concern anyone but me that the government wants to track every website you visit and now track your cellphones?

These same people went nuts when Bush wanted to track terrorists and now they want to track every single American instead?

Who's side is this government on?


DoJ pushes for warrantless cellphone taps!

FBI wants to know what websites everyone visits

I support the Iranian Protesters

The people who brave the batons and the religious police to make their voices heard despite the threats by the government. They face being spray-painted by the governments forces for later indentification. They face having their vehicles bashed in, they face tear gas and rubber bullets to make their opposition known.

The government of Iran can try to shut down twitter and internet access, it can try to control the images seen around the world. The word still leaks out, online with Facebook and blogs and sometimes even on the governments own TV feed.

The crowds you see on TV are the "pro"-regime crowds who were promised food to attend. They face no violence to be there, they dare not make their voices heard. They are the compliant ones.

You can see the same kind of thing shaping up in Venezuela with its own groups of "pro-Chavez" marchers. Many of them ordered to be there at risk of losing their jobs. Carrying the same signs, wearing the same t-shirts.

This is how the far-left will organize every country they take full control of.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Green Police


You are driving your Audi into Maryland from a neighboring state and find yourself at a border checkpoint with heavily armed soldiers and guard dogs. You see dogs sniffing the cars in line in front of you and people holding hand held sensors following along.

They must be looking for illegal narcotics, you think to yourself.

Soon the dogs reach your vehicle and start barking at pulling at their leashes. Three armed officers run to your car and open your door.

"Get out of the car, sir"

"What's wrong?" You ask as you comply. They motion for you to move away from the car, and you comply. The men with the hand held sensors have arrived, one of the armed officers stands next to you. You feel very nervous, something is amiss here.

Then you look closer at the badge next to you, Environmental Protection Agency. Now you are really worried. You wish it was the DEA instead.

"Sir your vehicle is emitting an illegal amount of carbon and other particulates. Under the federal and state statutes here in Maryland we have to impound the car and have it destroyed" the woman in the white shirt tells you. You start to respond that the car had passed inspection just months ago but then you see the logo on her shirt: Climate Response Unit.

People have been disappeared by the CRU. Everyone hears the stories, everyone knows someone who just vanished one day or night. Illegal light bulbs could get you fined and multiple violations could mean serious jailtime. Fireplaces had been torn down for most people, a few of the high and mighty still kept and used theirs, without hassle.

Some pigs are more equal than others.

"I complied with all regulations" you plead, "I don't see how it is out of line now",

You think about the daughter who expected to see you, the grandchilds fourth birthday party you will probably miss. Where is grandpa? Jail? Missing?

"This is a serious offense sir"

"But I complied, I always comply"

Your head drops to your chest as they pull your arms behind you.

"You are guilty until proven otherwise. You have a right to admit guilt. You have a right to pleadge loyalty and compliance to the state and its regulations...."

"I always comply" you whisper to no-one in particular.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flies to meet Spider in his Parlor

"The flies don't like my beautiful web." said the Spider to his Chief Aide " I do not understand this, it is such a beautiful and attractive web. The location is ideal. We must attract those pesky flies"

"We shall send them invitations" The Chief Aide said, "This time we will offer to actually listen to their ideas and consider compromise"

Both laughed.

The gilded invitations were sent to the fly leaders, the chorus of flies laughed and sang "No way are we that stupid." None of the flies thought their leaders would agree to the meeting.

But they did.

The Spider was ecstatic.

Lunch was coming.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rep. John Murtha dead

They say if you can say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.

So I won't say that Murtha is a hateful, corrupt, evil little worm of a man who slandered our Marines to make political hay out of war.

No, I won't say that.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fudging the books, Pawning America

Does anyone really believe the unemployment rate is down? The number of unemployed went up but the rate drops?

The government is manipulating numbers again, as it always does. How many people quit looking for work out of frustration? How many stopped getting benefits? These people no longer get counted as unemployed?

The real rate is probably between 16-19%.

Don't expect the government to ever use the real numbers, not even the GOP administrations will do that. The fact is there has been no recovery these past 6 months that we have been told there were. Only the media keeps being stunned by the economic numbers, especially when they are revised to the worst. Somehow they never have to be revised better, probably a good reason for that.

Last years "stimulus" bill is still only 20% spent and much of that will be spent this year, giving the country a fake recovery. It's actually a bubble that will burst sometime in 2011 if not after the elections this year.

Then there is the National Debt being grown at an extraordinary rate, half of this years budget-if not more- is debt. Assuming Congress passes what President Obama is asking for, a really big "IF", they could actually make it worse.

I am not sure if the United States can get out of this mess short of heavily inflating its currency so as to cause a lot of pain to the poor and middle class. Imagine prices skyrocketing, which do we pay this month the electric bill or the water bill? Do why beans or rice for dinner?

The leftist dreams for this country are shanty towns connected by high-speed rail and government control of everything. This country has been hawked in the pawn shop of the world and there is no way we can afford to make the payments.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Federal Budget

1. No Corporate subsidies or bail outs of any type. Government should not be taking sides in business, like favoring GM over Ford or Toyota. Neither should it try to influence the way business is done by offering incentives here and there. If you think businesses are too heavily taxed (passed on to consumers) and their customers refuse to buy, then give them an across the board tax cut.

2. Most agricultural subsidies and "price supports" need to be done away with. Things that limit competition or dictate prices should be scrapped. You should not need a federal license to grow a peanut or sugar cane.

3. Welfare benefits should not be given to illegal aliens. Free education and healthcare? Let us get their home countries to pay for them, before we give it. There is no reason for the people of this country to be taxed to give away benefits to foreigners who violate our laws.

4. Government should not be funding "community organizations" like ACORN, it should not be funding any non-government organizations. It should also end funding of NPR and PBS.

5. Government needs to get out of the banking, home loan and student loan businesses.

6. We can merge many of the welfare bureaucracies into a single agency, meaning many fewer federal and state employees. We can end things like Section 8, AFDC and Food Stamps and simply send the truly poor a monthly cash "gift". We could actually increase the amount they get and still save massive amounts of tax dollars with less bureaucracy.

7. End automatic foreign aid. Make massive cuts to the money we spend on "international" agencies like the United Nations.

8. Cut Congressional staffs, cut perks, limit their travel budgets and stop allowing Pelosi's kids and grandkids get free rides on military aircraft and thousand dollar-a-week liquor tabs. This is nothing but one of the many slush funds that rich members of Congress use at taxpayer expense. We should find them and shut them down.

These are just some of the ideas I have. I bet others can come up with a lot of things in the federal budget that could be eliminated or cut. The taxpayers of this country should not have to continue to fund the massive greedy apetite of the leviathan.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Radical Dem Greed Doomed "Healthcare"

The Democrats could have easily passed a healthcare long ago if they would have been so radical as to think they could pass their current plan. It did not need to be 2,500 or whatever pages it has grown into. It did not need to be so huge. It did not need to aim at a government take-over of the healthcare industry.

They could have filed a 100 page bill with portability from state to state, allowing people to buy their insurance from any state in the country. It could have even made some of the dumber state mandates optional, why does a young single man need maternity coverage?

If they threw in some malpractice tort reform it would have even gotten some GOP support.

Then they could have taxed the high-cost health insurance plans without raising such a fuss and spent the money giving the poor and unemployed health insurance VOUCHERS.

It would have gotten 60 to 64 votes in the Senate easily.

But no. The leftists had to ram a bill that would force EVERYONE to pay a monthly fee to pay for abortion. An attempt at a radical dream of making every America culpable for murdering babies by the thousand. To destroy private healthcare and private insurance with government healthcare over several years, something in their socialist dreams.

They could have easily extended healthcare to the poor but they got greedy, they got Marxian stars in their eyes and went nuts with it.

That is why they have been failing, they is why they MUST fail.

Friday, January 29, 2010


The GDP did NOT grow 5.7% in the 4th quarter, you can bank on that. The growth that there was in the private sector was in inventories, which could be a BAD sign. Once those warehouses get full and nobody is buying the orders to factories will fall drastically.

Government spending HURTS the economy, not helps. Paul Krugman is a moron, he thinks government can spend us out of a recession. Spending money we do not have.

The debt spending of money we don't have might give us a faux recovery for a little while, but the crash will be much worse because of it. That is right, the governments actions is going to make the fall hurt worse and for longer than it would have been.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Arrogance - Ban the 1st Amendment?

Present "I, Me, My" Obama gave a horrible State of the Obama speech tonight where he said he better than us little people and we should know what is good for us. This is a very common view in Washington DC where fumes from the swamp poison the water.

Tonight, though, a sitting President has slammed the Supreme Court of the United States with his baseless lies. The SCOTUS recently ruled that the President cannot ban books and films (& more) because they contain political content, even if they were funded by "corporations".

That is right. The case was not about corporate funding of campaigns, that was just a side show to whether or not the first Amendment applied to anything but individuals. Should the media have freedom of speech? Should bloggers? Should a church? Can the government ban you from writing a book if you mention the name of a candidate in a negative way?

You must remember that a "corporation" can be non-profits, churches, community groups in addition to for-profit businesses. Indeed, the First Amendment also protects our right to assemble (even into a corporation) and this freedom of association would also be in jeopardy if the SCOTUS has ruled any other way. Imagine your grassroots association being denied the power to make its voice heard.

Imagine if Dear Reader PromTus decided to ban a book by Sean Hannity from lets say Doubleday, on the grounds that Doubleday is a corporation. It is a power that could easily be used to smite dissidents against his rule.

So, as the O sends his toga to the cleaners and luxuriates in his Roman bath and eats his wagyu steak at $135 a pound, he has decided that we -the people- should not be able to think for ourselves. He is the center of his own universe and he believes it should bend to his will.

He even believes the Supreme Court should obey him. He even thinks it should help him to nullify the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights!

Economic derailment

The State of the Union will focus on "fiscal discipline" a year after the government passed an $850 billion "stimulus" boondoggle that stimulated nothing. Of course the President won't mean anything he says, except that he wants to spend more and more money that this country does not have.

The President will also announce a new Stimulus Bill, since the one last year did so much good for nobody. This one will be much much smaller than the one last year. Oh, that should do nothing at all. Political graft, corruption and paybacks is what we had from the last Stimulus Bill.

The AP now reports that the Obama administration will announce an $8 billion plan to launch high-speed rail corridors around the country. You can already imagine land being seized in imminent domain and lawsuits from environment groups and tax payers feeling a pain in their wallet.

Talk about a massive white elephant that will put the "Big Dig" in Boston to shame. If AMTRAK can't make a dime, does anyone think a new rail system won't require massive subsidies for a far as the eye can see? It will be sold as a "jobs" program, but we all know better. We all know that when government "creates jobs", more jobs are lost in the country to pay for them than are created.

Again, these rail systems will be built by union labor, train engines built by GE- a major supporter of the President. You can also bet it will cost a lot more than $8 billion to even get several of these projects off the ground.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Newsday site has 35 payers

After 3 months only 35 people have subscribed to the online paid service of the Long Island Newsday daily newspaper.

I think this business plan could be flawed. Maybe that is just me?

The website redesign cost the owners $4 million after they paid $650 million for the newspaper. Which again causes me to think they may have a bad business plan, newspapers aren't exactly growth industries.

I think the idea of having government subsidize newspapers has already been dropped, but maybe the owners know something I don't?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hugo Chavez: Non-profit everything (?)

I'm just posting the link.

I think everyone will get just how stupid this idea is.

Chavez says blah blah blah read story click here

Sunday, January 24, 2010

RCTV shut down, Chavez demands "absolute loyalty"

On a day when Venezuela celebrates the end of a dictatorship from decades ago the present dictatorship made a statement by shutting down RCTV. RCTV is one of the oldest and most respected television networks in "Latin America", having been around more than 50 years.
In 2007 its broadcast license was pulled and RCTV reverted to cable where it had operated RCTV International.

Venezuelan bloggers are now saying they fear the last independent media voice Globovision might also be shut down, at least until after elections in September. The link there is to one of the best reports you will ever see on the subject.

Another Venezuela blogger reports here.

"I am the people"

"I demand absolute loyalty to my leadership... anything else is betrayal.

"I am not an individual, I am the people" Chavez told his supporters.

Opposition leader Julio Borges told the larger anti-Chavez marchers "2010 is the year of change for all Venezuela.... when hatred will be overcome by unity".

Saturday, January 23, 2010

SCOTUS decides correctly, whats it about?

CATO has a video that explains the Citizens United vs FEC case to those who might not know anything but the crap that hear spewed from the leftists.

Its very well done.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gates: We recognize Taliban

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the US now recognizes the Taliban as a part of the fabric of Afghanistan. So the United States, now run by leftist idiots, want to make nice with murders and terrorists. Nice huh?
The Taliban are terrorists. The Taliban are murderers and oppressors of women and children.
Apparently they are Barack Obama's kind of people. I guess they just need a shout out from their homey.

Headlines and news of the day

Just looking through the headlines for this sunny morning here in Texas...

Air America Radio finally taken off the life support: Nobody hardest hit. Its not like they had any listeners, they never had much of an audience at all even in their "heyday".

Mayors tell Obama that stimulus isn't working for cities. Well they could have left those last two words off completely. Very unnecessary. The stimulus program was not suppose to help anyone but politicians and their friends and cronies. When stimulus spends $2 million to weatherize 7 houses in Texas, you gotta wonder where 90% of the money really went.

ABC's blog says that workers in Lorain Ohio want the President to focus more on "jobs", Obama visited the place nearly 2 years ago it says. Well lets see, there was the so-called stimulus and then there were the "jobs summits" and everything still got worse. Maybe the workers in Lorain Ohio need to consider how jobs are actually created in the real world?

Jobs are created with capital accumulation and investment, real investment not government debt spending, and those are the two things we are seeing being attacked and savaged by this government. Bloomberg now says 77% of investors see this administration as anti-business.

Do you think attacking and taxing banks and massive debt spending is going to make it easier to accumulate capital and gather investments? How much of bank assets are now in government bonds instead of making loans? What happens if the government freezes out so much investment that farmers can't even get a loan to buy seed?

Maybe someone should have listened to them during the campaign when they railed against "middle class-ism". They were attacking the 'American Dream', he and Michele both wanted to bring an end to the American dream and to do that they would need to do what? They would have to make this country poorer.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Massive debt spending coming

Democrats in Congress want to raise the debt limit, again, this time by nearly $2 trillion.

Meanwhile they are giving lip service to "pay as you go" and Obama has come out against deficit spending. The fact is they plan massive amounts of debt spending over the next year or two, and this is going to hurt the economy further.

China spent nearly $600 billion to build a whole new city near the Mongolian border, new Ordos. Now new Ordos is 30km from old Ordos, the government wants to move the old city to the new city. The problem is the rows and rows of houses are now owned by speculators and investors and nobody in old Ordos can afford to buy them.

Even if they could, there is no economy in new Ordos. The region is the home of a massive coal mine, they even refer to it as their Texas. Although, I don't think Texas produces much coal come to think of it.

Just because the government of China spent $600 billion to build a shiny new city and called it a "stimulus" doesn't mean its going to stimulate anything.

I have no idea what the Democrats plan to do with the higher debt limit, I just don't think its going to be very good for the economy.

Unexpected-O's for breakfast again

Jobless claims up again.

Media is shocked, again.

Somehow the media has spent the last eight months telling us how "unexpected" the bad economic news is. They need new experts if you ask me, the ones they use now are too stupid for words.

I suppose the media was banking on the unemployed giving up looking for work and letting their unemployment checks run out. That is the only way for the official unemployment rate to go down these days. Fact is real unemployment is more like 17% right now.

Pouring another big bowl of Unexpected-O's for breakfast!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toward Amnesty?

Representative Barney Frank seemed to rule out political shenanigans to get "health care reform" passed before Sen. Scott Brown can be seated. This could be a death knell for the current efforts to pass a big government healthcare plan, if he sticks to the statement.

Then what is their to do?

It is very likely we will see an effort to legalize millions and millions of illegal aliens in time for them to vote Democrat, suck up our entitlement dollars and whatnot. They can get GOP votes for amnesty, John McCain for example.

Are you ready for another bloodbath?

Are you ready to march in the streets again?

Everyone seems to think the big momentum is with the Republicans but putting amnesty up for debate this year could halt that dead in its tracks. The people of this country and Republicans especially rejected the attempt to give amnesty to millions and millions of illegal aliens when George W Bush was President.

There are probably some Democrat strategists who remember that. Even if it does not have a chance to pass it could divide the GOP and blunt their gains this November.

MASS thanks!

Congrats to Massachussetts for filling your seat with Scott Brown instead of the evil Martha Coakley. This will be a benefit to the entire country.

Super FAIL for Coakley.

As if the Martha Coakley campaign couldn't get any more ridiculous, now they send out press releases accusing the Republicans of vote fraud. The release is dated the day BEFORE the election. This is hilarious. They can't even cheat straight and thats something they have a lot of experience with.

This whole campaign has been one FAIL after another.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott Brown, harlot?

The truth is that I know almost nothing about Scott Brown, I do know Martha Coakley belongs more in prison than in the Senate. Anyone running against her should get support, she really is that bad. This is not about Scott Brown, this is about defeating someone who is almost the epitome of evil.

Check out the Amirault case for instance, find out about the "curling iron up her butt" episode where she protected, thats right, protected real child molesters. Martha Coakley is an evil person.

Stopping the radical left from reshaping this country is a second reason to vote for Scott Brown, if we can stop Death Panels and healthcare deform then its a plus. If we can stop Card Check, amnesty and other radical leftwing proposals then we will all be the better for it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I lose all respect for anyone who strips off their clothes for the camera, that includes Scott Brown. He could very well be a moral degenerate for all I know, but then he would fit right in there with Chris Dodd and Barney Frank won't he?

I guess tomorrow night we will find out how this whole things ends, hopefully it will end. I suspect a lot of Democrat cheating, but if its not close enough, they can't steal it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Double speak

Last week Martha Coakley attended a big funraiser in Washington DC, while Scott Brown was shaking hands in the cold at Fenway possibly, raking in contributions from Big Insurance and Big Pharma. You'll remember that one of her thugs pushed a Weekly Standard reporter down.

On Sunday Barack Obama, at a rally for Martha Coakley, blamed the economy on Bush and his friends in Big Insurance and Big Pharma.

Say what?

No Barack H Obama, those are YOUR friends.

Coakley overdose

Martha Coakley

Sending innocent men to jail
Protecting child molesters
All the personality & charisma of a dead lizard
Elitist entitlement mentality
Snobby as all get out
What me shake hands with you people?
Bush's fault, nuff said
"Not Michael Dukakis in a dress" says Barney Frank
"Marcia" Patrick Kennedy calls her. lol.
Schilling is a Yankee's fan?
What can Coakley do for you?
Keep Catholics out of the ER!

This has got to be the one of the worst candidates and campaigns in the history of this country.

"Climate Deniers" are proven right, again

The IPCC, the UN agency charged with studying "climate change", is set to repeal their proclaimation that the Himalayan glaciers would melt before 2035.

I guess the "deniers" were right after all.

Apparently the agency did NO science whatsoever to come to this conclusion. The only thing they could do was point to an interview in a magazine where a scientist speculated that some portions of the glacier could melt at some undetermined time in the future.

In other words the IPCC report was pure manure from day one.

There is still zero evidence of man-made global warming.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

MSNBC: Cheat, buy votes

Viewers of MSNBC never get what normal people would call "news" instead they are treated with heavy doses of left-wing wacko rhetoric. Chrissy Mathews who gets tingles down his leg when he sees President Obama indicated Democrats should go and buy votes in Massachussetts.

Meanwhile Ed Shultz admitted that he would cheat to win the Senate election.

Which is the usual tactic on the left isn't it? ACORN, SEIU and Al Franken have shown themselves to be masters of it. Think Minnesota.

Meanwhile Danny Glover, chum of Hugo Chavez, thinks the Haiti earthquake was caused by the failure of the Copenhagen conference.

I am sure the MSM will be all over these controversial statements.

Atrocity of Hope

Last year the American people were robbed to "bail out the banks" and this year El Jeffe Obama has decided to tax the banks (people who use them) to "pay it back". So we, the people, get robbed twice under this scheme.

Who benefits?

Well obviously Obama is benefitting by trying to be the man who "saved" the banks and now the man who is "getting our money back" from the robber barons. It is all a put-up job, of course, do Americans really believe this crap?

The UAW benefitted, they basically own GM and Chrysler after the government shafted the shareholders. They also get exempted from paying it back and now they get exempted from the new healthcare tax until 2018.

Blatant political favoritism is an ugly thing.

Using the power of government to benefit friends and allies so openly while proclaiming to be doing a favor to those of us who end up paying for it, is audacious all right, its also atrocious. This is thug behavior, something we would expect from Hugo Chavez, the midget in North Korea or Castro in Cuba. This is not what we expect from our own government.

I guess that is the change they promised us.

Emperor Wagyu releases "timeline" on Haiti response

Rush Limbaugh was correct when he said Emperor zero, Lord eVader himself, would never waste the crisis of Haiti when it can be politicized. A detailed timeline has been released from the WH of Obama's "response". Like I'd believe anything they release anyway.

Here is my version:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ring... Martha Calling!!...

Here is a sample script:

Coming Crisis?

Last year Obama said the country would collapse if we didn't save the banking industry, now Obama wants to punish the "fat cat bankers". This is a public threat, the banks will fall in line and do the governments bidding.

Printing and printing...

Federal Reserve prints and loans money to banks at .25% and they buy government bonds at 3%.

Today they are making few loans. They are simply buying government debt, allowing the government to spend more money it doesn't have. It is quite a vicious circle and the consequences are just becoming clearer all the time.

What happens if farmers can't get loans for seed and equipment? We could very well see a food crisis in this country. I dread to see what this administration would do about that.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Third World Politinomics

So last year it was politically expediant to "bailout" the banks, whether they wanted to be bailed out or not. We needed to "save" the banks, it was a crisis. Make the people think we are saving the economy and that Obama is our hero.

Since then US strongman El Jeffe Obama has figured it might be more expediant to blame the banks for the economy, blame the "fat cat bankers" who helped fund his campaign. Today the Obama regime is announcing new taxes on the demon banks, how dare they make a profit.

Of course, GM doesn't have to pay back TARP. The UAW will soon be exempt from taxes on "cadillac" healthcare plans as well. Government partisan favoritism is not pretty. It is all about politics, always it is about politics. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae won't have to pay anything back either, they are basically nationalized as part of the Democrat Party Machine as well.

Soon the only finction of banks will be to recieve loans from the government at .25% interest and then loan it back to government at 3% interest. Monopoly money. Devaluation in slow motion, not overnight like in Venezuela.

There is no recovery, its all smoke and mirrors. This new tax on loans will make it even worse.

The worse the economy gets, the more power over your life and the nations finances the statists in power will take over. That is the whole point.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Venezuela devaluation, followed by electricity rationing-in an energy rich country, followed by troops being sent to quell rising prices. Who knew that 10 or 11 years of socialist mismanagent could produce such shoddy results?

Ok, a better question is who didn't know?

So what happens when you slash the value of the currency in half? Obviously prices must rise to compensate, any idiot can figure that out. Except maybe Hugo Chavez who sends military troops to sieze stores that do what has to be done by any logic.

Let us follow this to its extreme but logical conclusion. How long will it be before the only stores left are those owned by government and its minions? Where people stand in lines and hope there is 2-day old bread when they get there. Where the items on the shelf could change without notice, where new shipments of goods are unpredictable.

We know what happens. El Dictator gets on TV and shouts that the Capitalist American pigs have stolen their food, their electricity, their water, their freedoms.... blah blah blah

Of course it was their own government and the morons in charge of it that caused it all.

Stability Police Force/Internal Population Control?

With the President giving free reign to INTERPOL in the United States this country has taken a step toward 3rd world dictatorial status. INTERPOL is not some benign entity that simply helps track down wanted criminals, they are a tool of tyrants around the world. They are mulling a request from Iran to issue "red notices" on 25 Israeli's who help defend Israel from terrorist attacks from Gaza.

Just imagine that INTERPOL could now arrest those Israeli's inside the United States at the behest of Iran for defending their own country from terrorism. Local police departments will have no power to challenge INTERPOL, they'll just watch I suppose. Suppose they start dragging Americans away to face political show trials at the Hague?

Now imagine what the use of a National Council of Governors would be. The only thing I can think of is to help the White House form and operate its Internal Security Force, what would be known commonly as a Secret Police. The RAND CORP has already released a "study" on how the government should set up such a thing.

One of the things they would do is to "Shape the environment before a conflict". What does that mean you might wonder?

Let us suppose that the tyrant, I mean President, believes some opposition rally in Sometown USA might descend into violence or even rebellion, or just wants to cause one for his own reasons. The Stability Police Force could go in and arrest and detain the leaders of this area's opposition, shut down cell phone, internet and radio and have troops in place to deal with the opposition should a rally occur.

The SPF would help cause a disturbance that could then be politically useful to the powers-that-be. I have no doubt that the RAND CORP suggestion is already being implemented as we chat about it.

That is why this blog exists, to chronicle the decline of the United States into 3rd world tyranny.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Various Thoughts and Brain Farts

Bank it!

So Lord eVader, Obama, is considering a levy on banks to help subsidize badly run banks that are in danger of failing. Of course this means we will have to pay to prop up businesses that should be allowed to fail. The banking industry is improved when the bad banks go away and better banks pick up the slack, some sort of bank welfare is a bad thing.


What kind of third world country would you expect to see people terrified to testify in a civil trial for fear that they and their families will be targeted? What kind of people would make death threats and make public the addresses of their "enemies" in an obvious move intending to cause terror?

That third world country is called California and the issue is the prop. 8 trial in which a court will likely, once again, overturn the will of the people. This is what usually happens in California when the will of the people conflict with those of the powers-that-be.

Then again it has also become a common practice in some states for newspapers to print the names and other information of everyone with a license to own/carry a gun. The DoJ doesn't even think of investigating the New Black Panthers guarding polling places while holding billy clubs.

Yes, this country is on a downward spiral into third world territory.

Land of Eng, a farcical territory

The headlines this week out of the UK has been extraordinary. Just a sampling of them should tell us how far down the crapper that country has gone.

Girls as young as 9 found to be forced into arranged marriages (guess the religion)

Boys as young as 10 brainwashed into wanting to be suicide bombers (guess the religion)

A woman who scared off 3 intruders by waving a knife from the kitchen window has been warned that she could be charged with a crime.

The case of the two Hussain brothers defending their family with a baseball bat sees them sentenced to 30 and 39 months in prison. These were knife-weilding intruders who had tied up the family and threatened to kill them. The real criminals got about 24 months. No doubt the violent home invaders were the key witnesses against the Hussain brothers.

Once upon a time Britain was Great.

Blago is "blacker" than Obama?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is not the only one making headlines for racially insensitive remarks about the president.Deposed Gov. Rod Blagojevich is generating heat for comments in a new interview, in which he claims he is "blacker" than President Barack Obama.

In the interview with Esquire Magazine, Blagojevich says: "I'm blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My father had a little Laundromat in a black community not far from where he lived. I saw it all growing up." ...

Poor = Black?

Now that is a prime example of racism.

The Democrats lately have been cleaning out their closets and finding their Klan hoods. Someone should hurry up and ask Senator Robert "sheets" Byrd about all of this.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harry and his light-skinned apology

Nice to see Harry Reid is finally being taken to task for saying, more than a year ago, that Barack Obama was a "clean and articulate" black man. Oh, my bad, that was then-Senator Joseph Biden. What Harry Reid actually said was Obama was "light skinned" and didn't have that "negro dialect".

He has now apologized, over a year later, how timely.

Some people have expressed shock and awe that the word "Negro" is also included on census forms. Interestingly the government uses the word that people have to apologize for using in private conversations. I am sure the NAACP will be holding marches and protest rallies calling for the Senator to step down in shame. Or not.

Apparently Democrats cannot be racist, ask Senator Byrd.

I am sure the apology was heart-felt and all of his racist thoughts were abrogated by the Lord eVader himself. Okay, not really.

Face it, Harry Reid, Joseph Biden and Sheets Byrd are all racists, so are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They get a pass because they are leftwing Democrats and the media says so. Liberalism comes before anything else, ask those thre-quarters of American jews who would vote to re-elect Obama even if he personally nukes Jerusalem. *opinion alert*.