Friday, March 30, 2012

End of the World as We Know It?

If the government can force you to buy health insurance they can force you to join a gym, buy broccoli and decide your weekly shopping list. If government has the power to do this, they can do anything they want. This means the end of the free country as we know it. This means we have become an authoritarian nation.

It would be the end of this country as a practical matter.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another witness for Zimmerman - racist?

Another racist witness comes forth to sully the reputation of the little innocent black boy Trayvon. Oh wait, this witness is a little black boy and he says Trayvon attacked Zimmerman that night.

If the MSM mentions this, they will just bash the witness and demand to know he was awake at such an ungoldly hour!

From the tapes it looks like Martin attacked Zimmerman, and Zimmerman was not 'following' Martin. How can you follow someone if you don't know where they are?

"He ran." "I don't know where he's at." And the dispatcher asks for Zimmerman's home address, to which he responds in a whisper: "(house number)..OH CRAP, I DON'T WANT TO SAY IT OUT LOUD. I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE'S AT."

Martin ambushed Zimmerman.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Week in the Revolution

Leftists are nothing but hypocrites. As a matter of fact, leftism could not exist without rank hypocrisy. The group Sandra Fluke belonged to is now holding "Slut Pride" at the formerly renowned Harvard University. The same left that feigned outraged when Rush Limbaugh uttered the s-word won't raise an eyebrow. Meanwhile Slate online magazine has decded to run a disgusting contest attacking Rick Santorum's children, but you can bet that Sasha and Malia are off-limits even when the girls go wild in Mexico for Spring Break.

More faux outrage as a hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer shoots the 6'3" thug that attacked him. The 6'3" football player with his gold teeth and gang tats was suspended for school for drugs, having theft tools and/or beating up a bus driver. Somehow the media reports this as a white guy gunning down an innocent boy holding a bag of skittles. This boy went by the Twitter handle "No Limit Nigga" and his tweets are of the nasty gangsta type. Sweet innocent kid, right.

The Supreme Court hears case on ObamaCare. Of course it's not Constitutional but the left has 3 or 4 justices they can depend on to find that it is. These are reliable leftist votes, they are politicians and could care less about it being Constitutional or not.

The Obama administration is set to give a $5 billion "loan" (har har) to a "private" company called Desert Xpress to build a high-speed train from outside of LA to Las Vegas, Nevada. What is Desert Xpress, you ask? Well the media calls it a private company, but its website offers no information on who or what owns it. Asking questions to the only e-mail contact returns a note to refer to the website.

So why is Obama willing to "loan" $5 billion of YOUR MONEY to a secret organization with no track record? Because I am sure he already knows who is behind it. The unions, casinos, city of Las Vegas, top politicians in Nevada probably too. The City of Las Vegas is already condemning and seizing properties on the proposed route, they are definitely involved.

Where is the media? Why aren't they asking questions about the Corruptocracy that we are living in now? Of course, they are part of it, they welcome it.

The train will never make a profit. It is faster, cheaper, easier and more convenient to simply drive or fly to Las Vegas. Even if the train was full on every run, it would not make a dime of profit. Therefor it will never have the funds to pay back the "loan" and will probably require further funds to finish construction and then further funds annually to subsidize its operations.

It's another wasteful, white elephant boondoggle. Another chance for politicians to crow about "creating jobs" when we all know that subsidized jobs simply suck investment and dollars out of the private economy. They will end up killing more jobs than they "create" this way. That is normal for government.

Well, that is how I see it this week.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Splitting up is hard to watch

For a while I have suggested that conservatives become organized into a real faction within the Republican Party and we are seeing what happens because we are not. Had we done so we would not be seeing two candidates splitting the conservative vote and allowing a liberal white minstrel show become the GOP nominee.

Not only do we not have a great candidate in the race, we have two guys who both have some flaws. Newt Gingrich is one long train of baggage cars. Santorum is running as Mr. Rogers, he wants to be your neighbor. Amazingly there is also Ron Paul trying to be taken seriously, and in some instances he succeeds (which should give us all stomach cramps).

The Republican establishment is not conservative. We have seen this proven time and time again. The GOP bigwigs and the Democrat bigwigs are nearly identical, they go to the same country clubs and they attend the same parties. They agree on a lot more issues than they disagree. These are not friends of the work-a-day grassroots Americans who cherish freedom and want to make prosperity possible for their and everyone else's children.

Mitt Romney is like Dole, McCain or HW Bush, who only won because of 8 years of being Ronald Reagans' Vice President. Romney is the designated loser of the 2012 campaign, designated by his own party bigwigs. He doesn't mind losing any more than McCain or Dole seemed to mind. They are 'moderates' ('with progressive views' in Romney's case) and they know the game and they are comfortable with it. Remember how John McCain was assuring Republican voters that Obama was a good man and would be a fine President.... weeks before the election? The fix was in.

It is long since past time for the conservatives of the party to form a party-within-a-party. A party with its own funding, recruitment ansd campaign mechanisms. A party that can hold nominating conventions across the country, like super-caucuses, to determine a single candidate to run in the GOP primary. Any other conservative who decides to run after losing this process gets the hand.

If we want to have a conservative party in America again, then we will have to do something like this. We cannot expect that a conservative party will just magically appear out of thin blue sky. Going third party will simply become a macro version of this primary campaign and give the Democrats everything they ever wanted.

I am not sure there will even be elections in 2016 should Obama win re-election, but I know that if we want to have a real opposition party to the two-party-one-party system that we have now, we should begin building that party-within-a-party right now.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mindless columnist writing pap

A San Antonio Express-News column today was just so far from common sense that I had to respond. I don't even want to quote the crap that Brian Chasnoff ( wrote. I'll just link it and add my response:

When people figure out that it is not the job of the government (taxpayers) to buy you things, then maybe this country can make some real progress towards the long-forgotten idea of common sense. Your column is simply a reminder of how far we have come since we lost that compass.

1. Not being paid for by government doesn’t mean there is less access to birth control pills (It’s about $9 a month at Wal-Mart and Target)

2. Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar corporation, not part of government. Therefor it should not be getting government funding, it definitely is not entitled to them.

3. Rosa Rodriguez, judging from your column, has yet to put two and two together when it comes to HOW she gets pregnant. I notice not one single mention of a boyfriend or husband besides the mention of child support. (Talk about mindless)

4. Stop trying to peddle the notion that funding Planned Parenthood doesn’t pay for abortions, I have never yet been able to only fill up the shallow end of the pool.

5. “For every dollar the state spends (invests?-lol) the federal government pays $9”... free money!! free money!! Federal dollars never cost taxpayers anything! How cool is that? ... err... not so much. Anything the federal or state government gives away it has taken away from someone else plus the cost of overhead which is much higher than any charities or the mafia for that matter.

The only ones who are ‘mindless’ are people who agree with you.


This comes a day or so after Georgetown Law Center student Sandra Fluke testified in front of Congress about the need for the government to pick up the tab for her sexual habits. Again, why is it the job of taxpayers to pay for the birth control of wild college girls? Her tuition is probably in the neighborhood of $40,000 per year, and she wants people who make less to buy her stuff for her.

This is greed. Leftists politicians will spend as much of your money as they like pandering for votes, but sometimes the votes come with their own wish list. It is as simpe as that.