Sunday, June 28, 2009

Support the SCOH!

The Supreme Court of Honduras has ordered the ouster of their tyrannous President who often abuses his powers. The US, which did not want to meddle when Iran was beating and killing peaceful demonstrators, has now decided to meddle.

On the wrong side, of course.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Cap N Trade passes? After an amendment was slipped in at 3AM?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

ring.... ring.... ring....

Its 3 AM. The red phone is ringing. No-one is going to wake up the President.

Iran, North Korea... "these countries are tiny, they are not a threat to us..."

Blood flows through the streets of Tehran. The people are chanting death to the theocracy. The President has been silent, on the fence and then spoke weasel words in public while wheeling and dealing with brutal dictatorships.

Its 3AM.

Who is your President, really?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama inches toward right position, ever so slowly

Obama is slowly working his way over to the proper position like a 4-year old in roller skates, holding onto the partition the entire way.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Taliban Rule: Invade Afghan homes

The US has a new rule for the Afghan war against the Taliban and AL Qaeda... not to fight near civilian homes. The enemy will certainly be fighting from inside civilian homes now.

Hello Vietnam!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can we meddle yet?

The Iranian people are pleading with the whole world to support their plight for real democracy but also for real liberty. Leaders from the around the world have made it clear they stand with the demonstrators. Leftist icons Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro have taken the side of the Mullahs, of course.

Obama hasn't taken a side.

The reason the signs and banners in Iran are in English. The reason the pleading is done, often, in English is because the US could change things with just words. President Obama doesn't give them those words.

Barack Obama's weaseling let the tyrants know they had a green light to be as brutal as they needed to be. Ronald Reagan said "Tear down this wall", Barak Obama says "Could you beat fewer people?"

The Iran hostages were freed when Reagan was to become President, they knew what kind of man he was. The Iranian tyrants also see what kind of weasel Obama is.

The world, the vast majority of it, stands with the people of Iran. President Obama has had 9 days and he is still thinking it over. He had time to be on Conan and to cook with Bobby Flay but he still hasn't given that inspiring speech that will bring the Mullahs to an understanding to end their brutal ways, ASAP.

A real leader of the free world could do that. The Iranian people needed that, they thought they could depend on the US for that. Meanwhile Obama's 2010 budget proposal calls for ending the pro-freedom radio broadcasts into Iran.

Not taking sides is the side of the status quo. Thats blood on the streets and bullets in heads and billyclubs flying. Gee, thanks Mr. President.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Ignorance opens its mouth at FR

A leftwing idiot opens its smelly maw at a website called Free Republic, the smell is on this thread starting at post #14!

Tomorrow’s events will probably bring bloodshed

Yes, the mad mullahs know Barack won't lift a finger to even speak out.

, so, get your political axe out. We know you’ll blame Obama for the deaths.

His lack of resolve has emboldened the mad mullahs. Thats plain as day.

Unfortunately your political attacks will eventually backfire.

The truth is a political attack in ObamaLand?

Cowboy diplomacy does not work

Yes, the largest coalition in world history is 'going it alone'. Where is Obama's coalition? Where is Obama's leadership? Sitting on the fence and seeing who wins before speaking is not leadership, its craven.

In fact, many of you sound really tough on this site but I’m sure in real life you are a bunch of pussies.

want my address?

Acting tough and being tough are 2 different things. In my neighborhood the toughest guys were always quiet and reserved, so as to not show their hand

LOL. I am the nicest, quitest guy on Earth.

The biggest punks were always the loudest. So, keep yelling GOP, it says a lot.

I am not a member of the GOP. Thats a spineless wussy stoopid party.

When this economy bounces back, it will be the end of the GOP.

No, it won't. Higher taxes, strict government regulation, uncertainty on basic things like contract law and theft of investments by government thugs are not conducive to investing and economic growth. A child can figure that out.

It’s the reason you want PBO to fail

I want him to fail because he wants to lower the standard of living in this country and take away our freedoms.

He will not, mark my words. See you in 2012, the pain will be great, for you guys.

Of that I have no doubt. I am sure the Black Panthers and ACORN will be at every polling place with billy clubs and the votes won't be counted. I am sure the government violence from the Civilian Army brown shirts will be in full swing.
You are a fascist.

Chrissy Mathews think reparations "make sense"

The Black Caucus wants reparations for slavery and government funded healthcare is part of that in their mind. Chrissy says "it makes sense".

The federal government should borrow trillions of dollars to pay for reparations, borrowed from the Chinese, to be paid back by children and grandchildren of all colors. Or people who never owned slaves will be made to pay people who never were slaves.

This will make racial problems worse by a magnitude, not solve them.

Of course it won't be the government sending checks to black people, thats far too simple. They will create programs and funds managed by the poverty and race pimps, to dole them out to their chosen people. Its a large industry and some people will get mighty wealthy, but the average black American will not get much. Except they will get to help pay it back to China.

Obama to cut funds for Iran democracy?

The budget proposal laid out by the administration zeroes out funds used to promote democracy in Iran in the fiscal 2010 budget, according to NewsMax. Meanwhile the President has still failed to support the protesters over the brutal regime, instead making a short statement about the 'tenor' of the rhetoric.

Meanwhile Obama spends more time for a Stephen Colbert spot than on the subject of Iran. Its now been a week and the world is waiting for some kind of actual statement on the issue. Countries like Germany, UK and others have been outspoken in support of the peaceful protesters while Obama sits on the fence.

Iranian Tenor

Barak Obama is concerned about the "tenor coming from Iranian leaders and warns that the "world is watching". It is simply not clear yet if Obama is ready to side with the peaceful protesters over the thugs beating and killing them in the streets. "The Hill" newspaper reports that the "administration is on the fence".

Its been a week and the President has still not taken a strong stand against this brutal tyranny and its bloody crackdown.

Congress Apologizes for Slavery (dumb)

Of course the usual suspects were very unhappy that it did not include 'reparations'.

Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., "I'm a reparations man -- how else do you
repair the damage?"

Oh sure, forcing people who never owned slaves to pay large amounts of money to people who never were slaves will definitely 'repair the damage' of slavery. How could it fail to heal the racial wounds that Jesse Jackson and others continue to inflict upon this country?

Actually it will cause more racial problems in this country and the "reparations" crowd will never be happy or satisfied with what they get. Something for nothing and the sanction of their victim to boot.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


It is inspiring and brings pangs to the heart to see a President stand up tall and speak to the world decrying oppression and brutality and calling for the fulfillment of democracy and liberty in an unfree country. Such as when Ronald Reagan said "Tear down this wall".

Sadly, we will not be getting that feeling from the Obamareich. As the Iranian suppresses the political opposition, using bullets against peaceful demonstrators we hear nothing but weasel words from the man in the Oval Office.

It has been nearly a week now. There has been plenty of time for the President to make a speech calling for the Iranian government to stop beating the peaceful demonstrators and to respect the true outcome of the elections.

Act of Political Cowardice

Inspector General Walpin caught a charity run by Mayor Kevin Johnson to have bilked the taxpayers by hundreds of thousands of dollars. He blew the whistle and was promptly fired for it. Kevin Johnson is a friend and supporter of the President and we know that in the Obamareich laws are only for suckers. So Walpin was not only fired but maligned and character assassinated, and now even slimed with the unanswerable charge of "racist".

Now the White House is saying that it is an act of political courage to fire a watchdog who blew the whistle on corruption? It is, of course, the exact opposite of courage.


Peruse leftist websites lately? You know, the ones that consider Barack Hussein Obama to be a God. Know what you will find?

Fear. Unmitigated fear. Where is the hope and change? After 5 months of Utopia it seems as if they think everything is falling apart.

From Democrat__Underground


LongTomH (963 posts) Tue Jun-16-09 11:02
PMResponse to Reply #1 3. Both suicides and episodes of violence will
occur! And that's a terrible and unnecessary

roguevalley (1000+ posts)
Wed Jun-17-09 04:35 PMResponse to Reply #1 30. alzheimers daycares are
going under. this is awful.

NC_Nurse (1000+ posts)
Tue Jun-16-09 11:01 PMResponse to Original message 2.
Mental health services are always the first to be cut. It absolutely sucks. The
mental health system in most states is already insufficient bordering on
shameful. I agree that this will cause untold pain and heartache to
Californians, not just those who need services, but also friends and families.
It's sad that people put so little value on helping those who need it so

madrchsod (1000+ posts) Tue
Jun-16-09 11:06 PMResponse to Original message 4. same thing is happening
here in illinoisl the social services will be cut starting july first. trillions
to the banks and the rest can eat shit and diemy wife works with the mentally
disabled adults.[/quote]

Liberal Utopia has arrived in all of its glory. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Protests are terrorism?

Sure let the terrorists in Gitmo go to Bermuda and open a restaurant and crack down hard on dissidents in this country who wave US flags. That makes a lot of sense. Why does the DoD train its troops to think of protests as 'low-level' terrorism?


I am baaackk.

Poor liberal cowards!

You are so much fodder for the truth weilding I am going to smack you around with.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

20 years

It has been 20 years. We have learned nothing about the yearning to be free and we are set about demolishing the pillars of freedom in this country.

Not Katrina again

The federal government will now sell the trailers they have 'victims' of Katrina living in for $5 or less to those same tenants. This is just nuts. What about those queens still living in hotels at taxpayer expense and complaining about the food they didn't pay for? Will the government take the hotel and give it to them?

This is just nuts from the nuttiest administration ever.

Say what??

The FHA is bringing back no money down mortgages? Isn't that what got us the bursting of the housing bubble in the first place? If you can't make a down payment how will you make a payment every month? How will you pay your annual property taxes?

People who need these loans should just rent.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Obama is 'open' to mandating that "everyone" buy health insurance and that employers pay for some of it. Right. The taxpayers, meanwhile, will then cover all those who decide they can't, right?

Everyone would have health insurance but no one would have healthcare

532,000 more jobs vanish

More than a half million jobs vanished last month, a trend going back several months. Despite this the media and government are trying to spread a meme that things are getting better and looking up. 532,000 is more than they had expected, so it should be hard to dismiss this.

Sotomayor the racist judge is a tramp

Thats right, I'm not scared to use the right words.
Sweetness & Light

We have a radical leftist activist who views the world and cases in her court through race. This is exactly the kind of judge Obama wanted, someone who will ignore the very oath the SCOTUS takes at swearing in.

Health & Crap

I am still astounded that there is no outcry from the public over the Obama and Democrat plans to ration medical care in this country. They said they will cover tens of millions more people and spend less. Right. Does anyone really believe that? Do you still think Obie's Grandmother is a Christian too?

Its called rationing. There will be bureaucrats deciding whether or not you are worth giving a lifesaving procedure or medicine. Just look at Canada where a person can wait months and months to see a specialist and could literally die during the wait. This is what the Democrats want for America.

Its only your money

The war funding measure will provide a $100 billion credit line to the IMF, increase the U.S. member contribution to the IMF by $8 billion and authorize the United States to back the IMF's plan to sell 400 tons (12.97 million ounces) of gold, said the aides, who declined further ....

Its only your money.

Obama Muslim Tour

During the campaign we told not to use Barack Obama's middle name, today he proudly trumpets it. During the campaign the Obama campaign told us that his father was an agnostic and his grandmother was a Christian. Today we are told his father was a muslim and his grandmother is going on pilgrimage to Mecca, she has always been muslim.

Have they ever told us the truth?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Terrorism in Little Rock

As the President makes a grave speech about the dead, the media is highighting the facts that a conspiracy might have existed. AG Holder orders US Marshals to protect recruiting.... I mean babykilling mills.

Oh thats right, a lone nutcase with a history of mental problems is somehow a rightwing conspiracy. But a muslim convert who somehow flew to Yemen on a Somali passport could never be a terrorist or part of any group?

Obama Lama Flim Flam Man

I hope the jewish community wakes up and begin to see this President for what he really is, and that is a chameleon who is not even friendly toward 'his' own country. The Obama administration is not a friend of Israel, the Obama administration is the exact opposite.

Car Care

So while the federal hyenas chop up GM and Chrysler and spend untold billions on companies that are not worth a fraction of that amount, Ford plans to expand production 10% later this year. Ford did not get a bailout. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Meanwhile GM and Chrysler are now under control of the government and union. The UAW workers who retain jobs will not face cuts in their base pay. Not as long as taxpayers continue to pour their money into the black hole at any rate.

Monetizing the Debt

Timmy Geithner is a liar, that Rick guy over at CNBC hit the nail on the head. Why wouldn't the Chinese audience laugh at his ridiculous statement?

The sad news is that the vast majority of Americans have absolutely no idea what 'monetizing' the debt means. *sigh*