Friday, June 19, 2009

Chrissy Mathews think reparations "make sense"

The Black Caucus wants reparations for slavery and government funded healthcare is part of that in their mind. Chrissy says "it makes sense".

The federal government should borrow trillions of dollars to pay for reparations, borrowed from the Chinese, to be paid back by children and grandchildren of all colors. Or people who never owned slaves will be made to pay people who never were slaves.

This will make racial problems worse by a magnitude, not solve them.

Of course it won't be the government sending checks to black people, thats far too simple. They will create programs and funds managed by the poverty and race pimps, to dole them out to their chosen people. Its a large industry and some people will get mighty wealthy, but the average black American will not get much. Except they will get to help pay it back to China.

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