Monday, May 31, 2010

Close-Up Footage of Mavi Marmara Passengers Attacking IDF Soldiers

Freaking Animals were ready and waiting for those soldiers, this whole thing was planned from the beginning.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Constitutional Amendment proposal...

The language needs work but the idea is that government should only fund itself and not take from you and give to others.

The federal government shall expend all revenue raised on only its Constitutionally prescribed duties and shall not spend on, subsidies, loan, give or grant to any other agency, organization, entity or person(s).

I think it is an idea whose time as come!

Friday, May 28, 2010

What, No Flags?

Harvard Business School discovers common sense, is shocked

Even Harvard Business School has come to the stunning, to them anyway, conclusion that the more government grows the worse off the private sector economy gets. They had thought it would turn out to be the opposite (for some reason). Apparently ignorant of history and common sense the three professors had to prove it to themselves before they would believe it.

Funny, they never had to prove it to themselves to believe the opposite, in infantile socialism.

All you have to do is look at Europe, Japan or even Venezuela to see that the economy suffers when the government gets too big. El Universal newspaper in Venezuela ran this story just today "The State Grows and the Private Sector Suffers Biggest Drop Since 1999".

Of course to anyone with two braincells to rub together this is only common sense. You would have to be an "intellectual" to think otherwise. Of course you would think otherwise without any proof whatsoever, this is called a bias class.

The media is the same way, but they will never put it to the test.

California ignores real problem

California legislators are still ignoring the real problems, as the high speed train approaches they refuse to even concede they are lying on the rails.

Now they want to ban plastic grocery bags.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Truth or Dare (shutting down California)

California Assembly member Alberto Toricco has had a flash of genius, if only very briefly. His idea to have the Democrat-controlled state legislature shut down the California government is oh so original (snicker). Torrico knows very well that the compliant leftist media will do their bidding and try to pin the blame on Republicans.

So to get this out of the way let us be very clear, the GOP does not have the power to shut down the California government.

State Senate: 25 Democrats, 13 Republicans, 2 vacant.
State Assembly: 49 Democrats, 29 Republicans, 1 Independent and 1 vacancy.

In other words, the Democrat Party has complete control of the state legislature and there is nothing the Republican Party can do about it. The Republicans cannot shut down the government even if they wanted to, even if they took hostages.

The only nominal Republican with any power is the Governator and he has not governed as a conservative. The state of California can not seriously think it can raise taxes when it has already driven businesses and jobs out of the state as it is. The Captain America film will be made in London? London?

Doing business in California is not economical.

The only choice is to cut spending and the Democrats have been unwilling to do that. The state is on a collision course with reality and trying to use political fear-mongering is asinine. The GOP is not the bad guy here, the trainwreck ahead was not caused by the minority party.

Of course Alberto Torrico knows that the leftist media will do everything they can to help spread the meme that the GOP is at fault if the Democrats allow the state government to shut down. All the Democrat majority has to do is precisely nothing to allow the fiscal crash to happen. Alberto Torrico also knows that the sheeple of California are more than willing to fall for such shenanigans.

The problem of course is reality, not Republicans. Trying to avoid reality and attempting to stick it to Republicans is the last thing the state of California needs at this time. The Democrat majority must get on with writing a budget that is in line with reality, anything else is criminal.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does Kagan Really Think This Stuff?

The idea of putting an anti-free speech advocate on the Supreme Court is bad enough but it may just turn out that she doesn't think much of the Constitution she would be interpreting.

This woman doesn't deserve to be a municipal judge much less a Supreme Court justice.

It is hard to believe that the left has turned so far against the freedom of speech.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gotta find a white Christian terrorist...

Well, four of the Hutaree "militia" members have been freed after an incredible lack of evidence was rejected by a federal judge. (Judge's decision) The government appealed the bail and now it seems they still can't prove that these people are any sort of danger at all.

Burning a UN flag is hardly "seditious", and that charge coming from a government that approves the burning of the US flag is ludicrous in the extreme. This was all about creating news. This was all about deflecting attention from Muslim terrorists in the mind of the news viewers.

The arrests also were well timed to coincide with TEA Party events with the idea that they would be linked somehow in peoples minds. Eric Holder won't even say the words "Islamic Terrorism" but they go out of their way to call TEA Partiers "terrorists" and "Un-American".

So, do I believe the Hutaree arrests were purely politics? You bet I do.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don't run Newt.

Newt Gingrich is talking about running for President at a time when the GOP base is looking for real conservatives who are seen as outsiders. Newt is neither of those things and he is not what this country or his party needs right now.

Newt is too busy making commercials with Nancy Pelosi and attacking man-made global warming to have noticed that anthropomorphic global warming has been largely debunked. He is too busy supporting RINO's to know the difference between a leftist with an R next to their name and a real conservative.

Dede Scozzafava is "exactly what we need right now", remember that? She dropped out and supported the very liberal Democrat over the conservative Doug Hoffman. Some loyal Republican she turned out to be, huh?

Newt is an idea man. Whether that idea is giving taxfunded laptops to all the poor kids or weaning America off of entitlements ends up being the luck of the draw at any particular moment. Newt's instincts are not reliable. His instincts are to support the candidate annointed by the party elite every time. People like Charlie Crist, Dede Scozzafava, Arlen Specter etc.

This is not what the country or the party grassroots want. They don't want a scatterbrained "idea man" running for the White House. They definitely do not want someone with the instincts of the country club snobby elites.

The party faithful have less and less faith in the party when the bigwigs give us candidates like John McCain and his ilk. For the 2012 White House race this country needs a solid conservative who has shown they can lead from the executive side of the equation. Newt is not that candidate.

Whether that candidate turns out to be Mike Pence, Mitch Daniels, Sarah Palin or even Governor Christie of NJ, he or she needs to run from the heartland, not from the polls or as a party puppet. This person must connect with the average grassroots Republican TEA Partier and must stand by their convictions and not apologize in the face of media pressure.

Newt should continue writing articles and books, doing commentary suits him better than an elected position. He was great at rallying the base in 1994 but ultimately he failed to lead after taking office.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A thought on terrorism

Imagine container ships waiting at major American ports for inspection and off-loading. This is going on every day all day. Nothing suspicious about a container ship.

Then some of those containers swivel and out pops missiles aimed at buildings, bridges and other targets of terrorism. Several cities attacked like this simultaneously would put the hurt to America big time. Would we close our ports to shipping? Of course not. We cannot long survive without international trade and expect to have any kind of acceptable standard of living.

We can't treat terrorism as if it is a crime, it is war. We cannot pretend that there is no such thing as Radical Islamists, hear me Holder? If we do not stop them before they come to America then we likely be victims of many more attacks to come.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Blue Dogs are Pelosi Lapdogs!

Vote them out this year.
Send them home.
Turn them into statistics.
No More fakes in the Congress. You can be one thing or the other, you can't be a little bit this and a little bit that when there are two sides.

The Tyrant Gene

I propose that some people are born with a predilection to wanting to control other people. This belief that people are too stupid to live their own lives and make their own decisions and must be guided and controlled by other (less stupid?) people.

This feeling of false superiority is the cause of much suffering throughout human history. How many hundreds of millions have died and been enslaved because of this "tyrant gene"?

I should probably apply for a massive federal grant to study, isolate and cure this genetic defect. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MSM must all be racists

The state of Arizona has passed a new law that is bound to be popular with the average America while making leftists and their media wild-eyed furious. The new law bans classes in public school that advocate hatred for a race or class of people, advocate overthrowing the government or is designed primarily for students of a particular race or ethnic group.

They did not ban all ethnic studies program, only those meeting the above crtieria.

Then again the "Main Stream Media", you know them they call themselves the "real journalists" and they are special because they have "gate keepers" to keep out crazy stuff and misinformation. (haha)

Well that MSM has decided that it does indeed ban all ethnic studies courses because, dang it, they can't figure out what else those classes would do besides engender hatred for white people, rich people and advocate overthrowing the government.

Apparently they simply think that is what "ethnic studies" is suppose to do.

No, but that's not racist at all. Right?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Patton Oswalt nominated for SCOTUS

President Obama is expected to announce actor Patton Oswalt to the Supreme Court as early as today.
Mr. Oswalt who has had roles in a string of television programs from "King of Queens" to "Reno 911" and "Caprica". As well as films such as the animated movie "Ratatouille" is expected to join the liberal wing of the court, keeping the balance where Justice John Paul Stevens left off.

"I will get my decisions straight from the White House, that was the only litmus test they had. This will be my greatest acting role." He is reported to have said to an obscure blog, although its authenticity has not been confirmed.

Patton Oswalt, 41, will don pearl necklace and earrings and call himself "Elena Kagan" so that he can play the third female Justice and the first openly, somewhat, homosexual on the SCOTUS. He is young enough that he/she might sit on the bench for decades. At least until his weight problem clogs his arteries so much his heart explodes.

"Well, we knew it was all about identity politics and diversity" said a source close to the White House (literally on the sidewalk in front of it) told this blog.
(humor, obviously)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Will Obama hand the terrorists nukes?

I ask that question because the Obama administration has warned Pakistan that if there is a successful attack the US will act. Any large response by the US inside of Pakistan will collapse the government and bring the radical islamics into power.

Oh Pakistan has nukes.

As a matter of fact this threat encourages the terrorists to attack the US. They want those nukes to use against us, and they might even get Obama's help if they manage to get a car bomb to work.

Does anyone in this government know what 2+2 is?

Friday, May 7, 2010

California becoming Greece?

Remember all of the revenue enhancing California passed last year? Well it's fruits are apparently not edible.

In April alone the revenues to the state have fallen $3.6 billion short.

The state of California, barring a federal bailout, simply must reduce its public employment and trim entitlement spending. There is very little else that it can do at this point. Raising taxes farther will simply harm the economy and lose more revenue.

On June 30 they have $8.8 billion in "revenue anticipatory notes" that must be paid back. I wonder if the leaders of California have seen any coverage of what is happening in Greece? It should tell them that governments can indeed go bankrupt.

It is time to pay the piper, as much as the politicians and public employees unions want to live in denial.

Are they kidding?

"Why a rising unemployment rate is good news" - Yahoo Finance

These people are so in the tank for Barry that they will explain away anything.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Government FAIL

You were warned. You were warned that runaway spending on entitlements and government projects would destroy the economy. Nobody listened, nobody that could do something about it anyway.

Do you think Greece is the only country with this problem? Most of Europe in heavily in debt, they are now in the process of devaluing the Euro, its either that or boot out the most irresponsible countries. The biggest problem is finding one that is not irresponsible.

They cannot afford to bailout Spain, Portugal, Ireland and possibly Italy, then who will bail out the UK, France and Germany?

We know for sure that its going to be impossible to "bail out" the US. It is coming though. I call it the Great Fall and I think even the dimmest of bulbs are starting to have reality flicker in their minds.

'Something is happening here!'

The entitlement zombies will riot and throw fits because they refuse to accept that the money can run out. They refuse to accept that spending more than you make is unsustainable. They refuse to accept that its not the politicians who are going to pay, its them and they are the ones who elected those politicians, after all.

Those in denial will go through different stages. One of the main ones is they will try to claim this is caused by capitalism. Government spending too much money is NOT in any way part of free market capitalism. It was government that raised taxes so high it encumbered the economy, it was government that gave out over-generous welfare and pension benefits that it could never have thought made sense.

This was a government failure, period, end of story.

Times Square Bomber: MSM blames Bush

If it were not so pathetic it would actually be funny to see the media scramble to explain away the motives of a Muslim terrorist attempting to explode a bomb in New York City. They have already told us that they were disappointed it turned out to be a Pakistani Muslim instead of a "white male in his 40's" as they tried to have us believe all weekend.

Today they even go farther down this dhimmi road by blaming it all on his financial problems. Maybe if he hadn't quit his job he wouldn't have had such money problems? Then again, maybe he needed the extra time to prepare his bombing.

The New York Times published a loving portrait of the life of the terror bomber, just leaving out his radical religious views and stuff. They want the readers to think he was just another normal guy turned to violence by the Bush recession.

No really!

This is an amazing article on so many levels. It shows the lengths that the left will go through to explain away terrorism. They want to blame it on anything but Islamic radicalism, there has to be a white man in there somewhere, BUSH!!

The recession has hit everyone and I don't see millions of Americans out there planting bombs. Do you? Of course not, the key ingredient here is not the recession but the Islam. Bombings are a daily thing in some parts of the world, places like Pakistan.

The New York Times is a pathetic excuse for a newspaper and has been for decades, does anyone really trust it for straight news anymore?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lone White Male Syndrome affects media, left

After days of liberals trying to link the failed NY Times Square bomber to "white" America, a Pakistani immigrant is arrested in the case. Tens of millions Americans saw on their TV their local and national newscasters describing the suspect as a "white man in his 40's" based on a grainy, short video clip.

You had Bob Beckel and Mayor Bloomberg and all the nuts at the Democrat Underground and other websites cheering on the hunt for the suspect white TEA partier. Anyone who suggested it could be a Muslim Jihadi was quickly dismissed as crazy.

Of course they were wrong. They are leftists, they are nearly always wrong.

It turns out a Pakistani immigrant, given citizenship through our lenient laws (hear that Mexico? It's easy to get citizenship!) apparently a registered Democrat to boot. Instead of it being a lone nut, it turns out the suspect was connected to an international plot of Al Qeada and had even been to a terror training camp.

That is all good, that he was arrested, and funny, that liberals keep lying to themselves and saying these things out loud.

What is not good or funny is that our government wanted the same thing, they wanted to pin this on whitey. If this man had blown himself up and taken out a bunch of bystanders the federal government would have sent SWAT teams into trailer parks and suburbs all over America.

Case in point; the "Hutaree Militia". They had no evidence whatsoever and the Clinton-appointed judge let them out on bail. This is what we can expect to see in the future of this government. UPDATE: The government prosecutors have gotten a judge to put their release on hold pending a decision on an appeal of the bail decision.

Now many in the left media are feeling sorry, not they have maligned an innocent group of people, but because they are sorry it was a Muslim. Like MSNBC's Contessa Brewer. Or CNN wondering if maybe just maybe the attempted car bomber was upset over the loss of his house.

How much sympathy can these leftists have for the devil anyway?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Entitlement Zombies

America (for now)

Washington DC


Socialism is an unsustainable economic system, it cannot exist without a large and vibrant private sector on which to suck the bloody funds from. When you have countries in which the blood suckers, the public sector and welfare recipients become too large and the private sector too small and weak, then your economic system will fail.

President and Obama has declared war on capitalism and the middle class and the unlimited immigration into this country are combining to drive this country into bankruptcy. Greece is a small enough country that a "bailout" from Europe might prop it up for a few years, at the risk of bringing down European countries along with it.

The United States on the other hand is too big to bail.

Obama opens mouth, removes all doubt

Barack Hussein Obama is a communist.

"Spread the wealth around"

"We cant drive as much as we want, eat as much as we want and turn the thermostat down as low as we want"

"Under my plan, electric rates will necessarily skyrocket"

and now Today, speaking in Ann Arbor MI, a state wracked by socialism and poverty he opens his mouth again.

"We've also clearly seen the dangers of too little government, like when a lack of accountability on Wall Street nearly leads to the collapse of our entire economy"

No, Mr. Obama. The financial sector is the heaviest regulated portion of the economy. The blame for the economic problems can clearly be laid at the feet of government policies. From the Community Reinvestment Act to the way Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were operated, giving mortgage loans to those who could never dream of paying them back.

He also tried to attack th TEA Party movement by claiming the "government is us".

No Mr. Obama, the government is, most assuredly, not us. We do not dramatically increase spending when we hit hard times. We can't afford to continue to hire when the money runs out, we do not have pay and benefits higher than the private sector can dream of.

No, the government is most definitely not us.

The President then went on to criticize talk radio and suggested we read some columns at the Huffington Post. The Huffington Post? Why would we want to even visit a website that requires new kneepads every hour on the hour from their "giving fellatio to Obama" position? Why is the President of the United States pimping a blog launched by an insane woman anyways?