Thursday, May 6, 2010

Government FAIL

You were warned. You were warned that runaway spending on entitlements and government projects would destroy the economy. Nobody listened, nobody that could do something about it anyway.

Do you think Greece is the only country with this problem? Most of Europe in heavily in debt, they are now in the process of devaluing the Euro, its either that or boot out the most irresponsible countries. The biggest problem is finding one that is not irresponsible.

They cannot afford to bailout Spain, Portugal, Ireland and possibly Italy, then who will bail out the UK, France and Germany?

We know for sure that its going to be impossible to "bail out" the US. It is coming though. I call it the Great Fall and I think even the dimmest of bulbs are starting to have reality flicker in their minds.

'Something is happening here!'

The entitlement zombies will riot and throw fits because they refuse to accept that the money can run out. They refuse to accept that spending more than you make is unsustainable. They refuse to accept that its not the politicians who are going to pay, its them and they are the ones who elected those politicians, after all.

Those in denial will go through different stages. One of the main ones is they will try to claim this is caused by capitalism. Government spending too much money is NOT in any way part of free market capitalism. It was government that raised taxes so high it encumbered the economy, it was government that gave out over-generous welfare and pension benefits that it could never have thought made sense.

This was a government failure, period, end of story.

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