Friday, April 13, 2012

No Dog in this Fight

With Santorum out I would have to say people should vote for Newt over Mitt Romney any day. Mitt Romney is not even close to being conservative enough. Even with the status of a has-been, and with more baggage than Southwest Airlines, Gingrich is better than Romney.

There is absolutely nothing from his record as Governor of Massataxes that recommends Mitt Romney for President. Nothing. There is not one major issue where he has shown himself to be even right of center.

He is simply a liberal. He is pretending otherwise during the primary because that is what he thinks he has to do. His own campaign manager said he was an etch-a-sketch candidate and that he would rewrite his stands on the issue after the nomination was secure.

It is amazingly sad to see how many conservatives and conservative organizations will throw all principles out the window to endorse someone who loathes them. Mitt Romney loathes conservatives. He told Planned Parenthood and gay rights groups in 2002 he wanted to be their guy in Washington, that his only connection to the GOP was party affiliation and he wanted to moderate the party if he won.

He is also anti-gun. Everyone knows he authored RomneyCare and the individual mandates. "I like mandates, mandates work". He even encouraged Obama to create a national healthcare system with individual mandates in a USA Today column way back in 2009 I think. He still stands by RomneyCare which is highly expensive and inefficient.

You can look and look all you want and you will fail to find anything in his record that shows him to be a conservative. His current campaign slogans are backed by nothing but hot air.

So why would pro-life groups endorse a pro-abortion candidate? Why would gun rights groups endorse an anti-gun candidate? Why would those calling for repeal of ObamaCare support the man who provided the model and encouragement that came to become ObamaCare?

Who really knows. Politics is a very slimy business where principles are thrown out the window in exchange for expediency. There is nothing about Mitt Romney that would attract a single conservative vote.

Having said that Romney has a problem attracting his own party base, do you think he can attract enough moderates and independents to beat Obama?

Not likely. He is not going to be able to out-liberal and out-pander Barack Obama in the general election. Many of those voting for Mitt Romney in the primaries are going to abandon him in the general election.

He will be portrayed by the MSM/Dem media as a caricature of a right-wing Wall Street fat cat. He says things like "I like firing people" and "I'm not concerned about the very poor". Forget the context, do you think attack ads will provide context? He left a dog on the roof rack for a long trip? He is building a $40 million mansion while he is running for President?

It was no accident that the Obama campaign and left-wing groups created 'Occupy Wall Street' as their foot soldiers. While Wall Street is really providing Obama and the Democrats with massive campaign contributions, they will be portrayed as greedy stooges of Mitt Romney. The left and the media will keep that narrative alive, they will never provide context.

Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee is tailor made for the Democrats and their media to exploit. It is as if Hollywood leftists wrote the script for this campaign in advance and the Republican Party is following it. It would take a miracle of epic proportions for Mitt Romney to win and even if he does, what do we have?

Another leftwing President.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Lone Knight Don Quixote Gingrich

It was impossible to take the midnight ride of Don Quixote Gingrich seriously, the lone knight on his trusty steed followed by the longest caravan of baggage carts in the history of the round table.

"Oy, there be a windmill" he would say "I should tippeth thee, and I shall tippeth thee verily. Then I shall tippeth the same windmill day after day until I have tippeth all of them!"

Months later, tired and haggard he continues his quest nontheless.

"Yes, I have lost 28 of 30 battles but I shall never fail. I will be victorious in the end"

A massive crowd of four listened to his speech, when upon completion a child asks "So, this isn't a circus then?"

"Onward to victory!"

As the lone knight Don Quixote Gingrich vanishes over the horizon into the sunset and the long long long caravan of baggage carts continues to pass the village the little girl looks up at her father "I don't get it?"

"Nobody does any more, sweetheart" he answers

A neighbor takes off his hat and scratches his head and comments "I heard he was once the leader of men, but kept getting swamped in trivial details"

"Ah, yes." the father answers "He once won a great victory, long ago, but little came of it but fanfare"

The baggage carts continued to roll by.

"Now he goes, leader of donkey carts" the little girl says

"That is sad" her father says

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Punishment is Mandated

The USA now has the highest corporate taxes on the face of the Earth, and the Democrats aren't finished yet. Already investment is leaving the country as corporations prefer to build their factories in China and other places. Punishing success at this level will simply make the problem worse and worse as companies move to greener pastures. You can expect corporate tax revenue to keep shrinking.

Obama and Democrats don't care that tax revenues will drop because of high taxes, to them it is about punishing those who work hard not about tax revenue.

Who needs taxes when you can simply mandate that people buy what you want them to buy?

Passed in 2010- unanimously in the Senate, 264-157 in the House the Healthy Hungry Kids Act will now require all students buying lunch to buy fresh fruits or veggies. If they do not want them, they will pay a HIGHER price. A fine, if you will. This will help get the kids use to being told how to spend their own money.

Soon, the government will write your shoppng list. Maybe they will force people to buy birth control and condoms for their kids? Who knows where this would end? Some idiot on NPR was talking about how thee government should decide where the wealthy donate their charity.

It's insane.