Friday, May 1, 2009

Defining Dunces Down

Now that the US is closing down the terror prison it built at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba it has dawned on Defense Secretary Gates that the US might need a place to put terrorists, until Obama can drop all charges, pardon them, give them welfare and free houses and all that. He complains that he fully expects all 535 members of Congress to say "Not in my backyard".

I would suggest an existing facility in the Carrib... oh who are these idiots kidding??


Now that Barack Obama has defied all decency and common sense, and truth telling on national TV, whats next?

What I mean by that is this... If you take billions of dollars in private investments and simply have the federal government take it and give it to the UAW, what effect do you think thats going to have on the private investment markets? Is anyone going to invest in something the government might want to take ovcer?

Who will invest in banks, insurance companies, healthcare companies, energy companies if it looks like their investment might be nationalized by El Presidente Obama? What rational person would now invest millions or billions in any of them? How hard will this hit the economy?

Oh and one of the ways they will punish Ford, just think that most of their employees are now part-owners of UAW Motors, a competitor. How interesting!