Thursday, December 22, 2011

He's still dead?

It is very rare or maybe even never that I would have something good to say about a murderous communist dictator. In the case of Kim Jon-il, I now have one:

He's dead!!

That is worth celebrating.

Now the slave state of North Korea is being led by a Macy's Christmas Parade balloon... a really big round one.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pause of Death?

It seemed to start with little things: not reporting that Obama was a smoker, refusing to mention his middle name, refusing to mention he grew up in a Muslim country, refusing to report his campaign promise of skyrocketing electricity prices, then they attacked Joe the Plumber for daring to ask Obama a question that unmasked their chosen candidate as a Marxist, bought a house from crooked realtor and slum lord Tony Rezko in a sweetheart deal, they downplayed his 20-year membership in a hate church, poo-poohed his friendship and working relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers and his terrorist wife. The Obamas even spoke against the American dream, calling it "Middle-Classism".

He was never vetted during the campaign, the media even chose not to report certain things and even attacked and maligned anyone who dared question him. (remember Joe the Plumber) Since getting in the White House Obama has literally given away a trillion dollars to friends and allies (so-called "stimulus") and expects to get a billion dollars back for his campaign coffers. This is probably the biggest crime in history and its apparently not newsworthy. His administration has given guns to Mexican druglords, people have literally died-including Americans from those very guns. His "Obamacare" threatens to bankrupt the country while rationing out less but ever-more expensive healthcare to the people. He decries those who "don't pay their fair share" while his top corporate allies, like GE, pay no taxes at all. He decries CEO's "excessive salaries" while ignoring the salaries of top union officials, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who walked away with millions as those institutions crashed to the ground and demanded bailouts.

But hey if a Republican pauses for 20 seconds to think about a question from a hostile reporter, that must be condemned as the end of his campaign.

This is not about Herman Cain. Any Republican will be treated the same way.

Last week the candidates had a 2-hour debate and the only thing the media reported was Rick Perry momentarily forgetting something. They never reported ANYTHING else about the debate, no substance, no issues. No, it was nothing more than reports of Perrys' "gaffe" as if no-one else on Earth ever forgot anything before.

The MSM will focus on phony things to avoid discussing real issues. Meanwhile studiously avoiding any scandals involving Obama and trying to make him look more Presidential compared to reporting nothing but Republican "gaffes". That is how the 2012 campaign will be covered.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Headlines without a story

Forget this, we're still waiting for any kind of story to be attached to one of the headlines. The Politico website alone has had more than 90 articles on the "Cain scandal" (10,000+ Google returns) and yet refuses to inform its readers exactly what was "scandalous". Are we supposed to just take the media's word that something terrible, horrible no-good happened to an unnamed woman because they said so?

Forget that. The time for trusting the media is long past. The MSM is nothing less than the propaganda arm of the vast leftwing conspiracy and it is joined at the hip to the Democrat Party. It has led the top of the news, even local newscasts across the country for more than a week now and yet nobody knows what exactly Herman Cain is being accused of doing.

Is this what passes for journalism?

At one point, after a few thousand headlines and news reports, the media informs us that the woman demands that the confideniality clause be waived so she can 'tell her side of the story". As if this whole onslaught has come solely from Herman Cain's side of the story. Well the National Restaurant Association has agreed to waive the confidentiality clause but the anonymous accuser has changed her mind apparently. Heck, tell us what happened in a text message and leave the name out, something.

How many thousands of breathless reports on this "scandal" can there be without the scandal? I guess only time will tell.

Meanwhile the liberal propaganda machine is getting a bit upset that it hasn't had the impact they had hoped. Herman Cain's polling numbers and fundraising has increased. The Washington Post published a bitter, satirical article which underscores how upset they are that this has not sunk the Cain campaign.

This is the same media that pretty much ignores every Democrat sex scandal from Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Ted Kennedy & Chris Dodd and Barney Frank and on into infinity.

The longer it takes to actually put a story with these 10,000+ of headlines (not to mention TV reports), the more it looks like there isn't a story. The MSM will now move on to report on how Republicans don't to seem to care about it. You might notice the lack of details doesn't bother the reporters and press, it just allows them to make everything up. It's a blank canvas they can propagandize on to their audiences. They'd rather not have to report the overblown details because then this story would end. Can't have that.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupied Stupidity

“It’s weird protesting on Bay Street. You get there at 9 a.m. and the rich bankers who you want to hurl insults at and change their worldview have been at work for two hours already. And then when it’s time to go, they’re still there. I guess that’s why they call them the one per cent. I mean, who wants to work those kinds of hours? That’s the power of greed.” – Jeremy, 38

That is the mentality of some of these freaks. Working your butt off is "greed". What else do we really need to know about them?


Back on Wall Street I hear that the "kitchen staff" are tired of working like House Elves (a little Harry Potter lingo there) to feed freeloaders and professional homeless people. Maybe they will get a clue? Irony is lost on these folks who are demanding that you pay for their free stuff.

Free stuff like electricity for their protests in Muncie Indiana. "Free Power for the People" I guess.

You would think that some of these people would see the irony. Protesting against capitalism while demanding their capitalist products for free.

Hey, Jeremy, you should think about trying to get a job!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A good man, a bad plan

I like Herman Cain

I think Cain is the best candidate in the race for the nomination.

I do see that he is inexperienced with politics and he can talk too much when asked a simple question. The "journalists" will let him ramble, he'll say something sooner or later than can be twisted and taken out of context. That is what leftist journalists do to conservatives.

His 999/909 plan is stupid though and his "opportunity zones" is un-American as far as I am concerned, I will explain that.

First, let me restate, I like Herman Cain. I think I was the first one to use the slogan "Cain Vs Unable", for instance.

Let me explain why I don't like the tax plan he put forward.

Somebody call 999!

This plan requires the creation of a brand new tax, a national sales tax. This will give the federal government yet another revenue stream to tap into. As a conservative that alone bugs me to no end. Plus he says the plan is "revenue neutral", which is not a positive if you ask me, the government takes far too much money out of the economy as it is.

A simple flat tax would be preferable. Would President Cain sign a true flat tax should it pass Congress? I think so.

Opportunity Zone comes knocking

Why should the federal government give special regulatory breaks to "zones"? If it good enough to help depressed areas, then it is good to help the whole freaking country! If he proposed eliminating harmful regulations permanently for the entire country we could see the economy boom. Why propose a plan that would simply encourage your job to be moved to places like Detroit? Pretty much because that is where the African-Americans are, this is known as "pandering". If you want to pander for votes, pander to the whole country!

Who will decide where "zones" will be? A new bureaucracy.

Who decides the criteria? Who will process the applications from cities and states wanting to be declared or keep their status as "zones"? Will they have to fall on their knees before the federal emperor? A new bureaucracy.

Why is Herman Cain, a conservative, proposing a new federal bureaucracy that will literally enforce discriminatory regulatory policies??

If his idea is good enough for Detroit, then it is good enough for every single square inch of this country!

I still like Herman Cain, though.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Fix for the Economy

Solyndra is just a single example of what is wrong with government. It is not the biggest example nor is it likely the most egregious, it simply has gotten the most attention because of the transparency of the problem.


The problem is that government is trying to rig the economy. The politicians are trying to pick winners and losers, depending on whatever criteria or whoever scratches their backs. As Solyndra and countless other examples show, this is insidious and stupid. It is not only wasting taxpayer dollars and capital around from where it will do the most good to where it will not: failing companies. It is not only corrupt politics, with recievers of government largesse donating large amounts of it back to the politicians who got them the cash. Make no mistake, it is those things. But the absolute worst thing is that it corrupts all of us.

It corrupts the government that is supposed to represent all of us equally. It corrupts those who recieve the largesse and those that greedily want to get theirs. It corrupts the "free economy", turning it into a plaything of micromanaging bureaucrats and politicians. It corrupts the public who become conditioned to think that government handouts will improve the economy or "create jobs", they do not. Government jobs produce nothing, they are a drain on the economy. Government funded, subsidized jobs are not an improvement.

For an economy to function properly businesses must earn their keep, not have it handed to them. Having it handed to them makes them lazy, listless and wanting more handouts. They no longer have an incentive to produce a tangible, useful or efficient product. Worse when government policies are changed to favor those lazy, listless and efficient businesses over their unfavored, unsubsidized rivals. Not only does a bad company get rewards but a good company gets punished by favor-seeking politicians and bureaucrats.

Politicians will say their plan will create jobs but they will never say they are fake, subsidized jobs that could never exist in a real economy. They never tell the voters that these jobs will require them to be robbed to have. Of course not, to say "I'm robbing you to create these fake, potemkin jobs for temporary political gain" would be far too truthful for the politicians to ever utter. They will even have the gall to call for taxes to be raised on the good, unsubsidized businesses and the good unsubsidized jobs in order to fund their "utopian jobs plans".

In fact doing nothing would be far better for job creation that passing the "jobs plan" as proposed by President Obama just as doing nothing would have been far better than passing TARP under President George W Bush. Doing nothing is the best thing the government could do if they really wanted to create real jobs in this country, jobs that pay taxes instead of jobs that require taxes on others. Both parties are guilty of this, spanning decades. Using false ideas of "job creation" in order to convince the public to give them their votes. Today, though, this is the very centerpiece of government economic policy instead of one of the side dishes. This is simply economic insanity.

If you want to see real jobs that pay taxes instead of jobs that raise taxes then we need to cut government regulation and taxes. Taxes and regulation are a burden on the economy. When this burden becomes untenable we get economic slowdowns, recessions, or even economic reversals, depression. Today the burden is too heavy, the engine is overburdened and the car will never get up that hill without lessening the weight on it.

A good balanced plan would lower taxes on business and everyone else. We would stop punishing investment, which is required for a growing economy. We must also end all forms of subsidies and handouts for corporations and non-government organizations. There is simply no good reason for the government to be funding anything other than government.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A seminar caller to the Rush Limbaugh Show said we needed another stimulus program to fix potholes.

Here is what I would have said in reponse:

The last trillion dollar stimulus program didn't fix those potholes did they? What reason do we have to believe another trillion would do the job? It won't.

The first "stimulus" was pure patronage, it was a political slush fund. Do you really think it costs $20 million to weatherize 13 homes in Seattle? The numbers were just as bad all across the country. That money went into someone's pockets, you can bet they were the friends and allies of the party in power and even some Republicans probably because have they investigated this at all? Not that I've heard.

The government can't fix potholes because they are not important enough, you are not important enough, to get on their radar because you can't scratch their back. How much of that first stimulus slush fund is making its way back into the coffers of the Democrats? Barack Obama himself said he'll raise a BILLION dollars for re-election, who knows about the party itself, there aren't as many limits on "soft" money.

The big government gives millions annually in grants to left-wing Pacifica Radio, tens of millions to George Soros' Open Society Institute-a billionaire by the way. The government bankrolls General Electric to the tune of billions a year, now why can't a big profitable corporation pay taxes instead of get handouts of your money? Oh excuse me, your money and your childrens future income. General Motors cost us how many billions, fifty? Plus they get out of paying taxes for a decade or so? Democrats rail against the rich who supposedly don't pay their "fair share" yet they hand out your cash to the same kind of people.

Is Pacifica Radio, GM, GE, ADM, Planned Parenthood or anything else they subsidize part of the government? No, they are not. The federal government should be funding the federal government. That is all it should be funding. If they did this, they just might have some money left to build some public roads and fill in some pot holes. Maybe the government shouldn't be spending millions to help profitable corporations like McDonalds advertise overseas with the Market Promotion Program? These companies can afford it themselves.

Down to your state level. Texas. Your state has spent nearly $7 billion building up wind power and this past summer they found out that wind doesn't blow in Texas when the hottest days arrive. The amount of power generated on the hottest days was almost nil. With coal power plants being shut down now, you can truly expect blackouts next summer. Thank you big government stupidity. For half the price you could have built natural gas power plants, lots of that in Texas, you could have had reliable energy when its needed most. Then you could spend the rest fixing pot holes.

How much money does your state and even your city of Houston spend every year taking care of illegal aliens? How many idiotic ethnic community centers, gay libraries and other crapola do your tax dollars support that could have benefitted everyone by fixing pot holes? How many local government bureaucrats are sitting there and do nothing productive when they could grab a shovel and fill in those pot holes?

Finally, let me break it down to you. You and your pot holes are unimportant. You are the least important part of the big government-liberal agenda. You are collateral damage, you are the cracked eggs for the omelet. Sorry, your plight is simply not important enough for them to be bothered with. The left tells us we cannot compare the millions murdered by Hitler because he was mean to the millions killed by the Soviet Union, because they had "good intentions". So those people who were slaughtered, mass graves, oppressed, sent to gulags, starved to death; those are just collateral damage, broken eggs for the omelet.

We all know how that turned out, of course, but it'll be better this time, because they'll do it right this time. As for you and your potholes, see the big picture comrade!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Rick Perry not only disagrees with common sense conservatives on immigration, he uses leftwing attacks on them. In two different debates he has called us "heartless" and even said we don't like immigrants because their last names sound different. In other words we are "racists". Not surprisingly all signs point to the groundswell of support he had been enjoying being in total freefall. He lobbied and outspent the field to win the Florida straw poll and even lambasted other candidates for not showing up. He didn't even come close to winning, with less than half the support of Herman Cain.

So those who tell us this is a two-man between liberal Romney and whatever he is Perry (pretty much the RINOstablishment) have it all wrong. Romney does not seem to benefit from the Perry implosion. The voters who are abandoning Perry don't like Romney either and they want something better in their candidate. So unless Sarah Palin enters the race these heartless racists, it appears, will support the black man Herman Cain.

This was not "one mistake" by Perry as some of his hard core supporters are trying to justify themselves, this is part and parcel of who Rick Perry is. No serious politician would have struck out and smacked the people whose votes they seek this way unless it came from their heart. Perry really believes that the illegal children of illegals (they weren't born here) are more deserving of discounted tuition than hard working Americans from other states. We are also told this costs taxpayers nothing, although the difference from full-freight and discount rates are certainly covered by someone.

Rick Perry is his own worst enemy. He isn't good at debating, he has had little experience with debates while running for Governor twice, about 4 debates total, including the primaries. He ideas on parents rights, property rights and illegals are from the mainstream in the conservative movement. When Perry says he is for "states rights" he seems to means the state, not the individual will have those rights.

Attacking and name-calling the core conservative base of the Republican Party was a bonehead move and the Perry collapse will likely continue.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Emperor's New Clothes

So, the MSM is reporting that Obama will propose a $300 billion spending binge on Thursday. Well, if a trillion did squat what is this going to do?

This is politics, not economics. You can count on that.

Just like when the debt ceiling thing happened and the MSM and left declared it a "TEA party victory" even though the TEA Party opposed the deal more than any other group, it was for the sole purpose of blaming them for the debt rating being cut because they knew it was going to happen. All those letters to the editors attacking the TEA party for the debt rating were well prepared too.

This $300 Billion is not their "real" proposal, you have to know that by now.

Watch for members of Congress to start complaining that it might not be enough (this is planned too, they already know what he is going to say) and Obama will keep announcing "new ideas" to stimulate the economy all fall.

The MSM will probably do everything they can to make it look like Obama is the "idea man" and Congressional Republicans are simply a "roadblock". Meanwhile the Democrats will have doubled or tripled this $300 billion by the end of October as it "moves through" Congress. It will be built up as another emergency measure that has to be done or we are doomed. (Like TARP and Stimulus)

Meanwhile Obama will be on tour meeting with "business people" and "workers" and announcing new spending programs and "jobs tax credits" and other useless and worthless things. Finally he will make the big push for the Infrastructure Bank that will be "independent" of "political interference" that will have the authority to spend every dime on God's green Earth that will ever exist in the next century without oversight. It will be the biggest slush fund ever. If you think the "weatherization" program that spends $20 million in Seattle and weatherizes 3 houses is criminally wasteful (and that is just one city, btw, where is the money really going? Why have their been no House Committee investgations about these things?) you ain't seen nothing yet. Multiply that by 100 and think about whose piggy banks that money is funneled into.

So by Christmas the GOP will have thoroughly been painted, tarred and feathered by the MSM and Democrats as standing in the way of a better economy.

That is their plan I would bet. It's not like its not pretty much the same old playbook. It's easy to see this coming, just like the debt ceiling deal when they started crediting it to the group that opposed it the most, I knew exactly that we'd been had.

The left is very predictable.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Insanity in Washington

We must remember that with baseline budgeting even a $1 trillion cut in a decade means an $8.5 trillion increase in spending during that decade. "draconian cut" indeed.

Back to the Shire?

The doddering senile old fool doesn't realize that hobbits were the heroes of that story? Figures. Insult us by calling us heroes why don't ya.

Does Arizona have a recall?


The fact is that with baseline budgeting any trillion dollar "cut" is actually an $8.5 trillion increase. How insane is calling that a "cut"? Only inside the beltway would an $8.5 trillion spending increase be labeled as a deep, draconian cut!


Testing, testing

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Surrender in the face of assured victory

Just when it looked like victory is assured for the Republicans who found themselves in a win-win situation on the debt ceiling debate along comes the RINO's to offer total capitulation. There can be no more pretending that the RINO's are on the side of the people, they are simply there as saboteurs to ensure the GOP always loses.

On a day when the House failed to get a 2/3rds vote to bring the light bulb unbanning bill to the floor, GOP Sen Leader Mitch McConnell wants to empower Obama and the Dems to raise the debt ceiling with only 1/3rd of the vote. We can no longer pretend that McConnell and other RINO's are anything other than Democrat in sheeps clothing.

The proposal doesn't make any sense in any other light.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hideous victory dance

Yes Obama is a liar. No, the US cannot default unless the President chooses to, we have enough revenue coming in to pay our obligations. No we should not raise taxes.

But it looks like we will see the debt ceiling raised in exchange for $2 trillion in "cuts" over "10 years" that will never happen. Those spending cuts will NOT happen. They do not and cannot bind future Congresses, period.

If the GOP declares victory it will be a phyrric one at best.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Obamaconomy loses to Canada? Israel under the bus again

If the GOP caves on tax hikes they lose, if they hold firm then Obama loses. It is that simple. If the Republicans think that Obama's proposed "deficit reduction" is serious then they need to find other jobs and probably will have to after the next election.


Canada with its small population created more jobs in June than the US did after they cut their taxes.


Looks like Obama has once again thrown Israel under the bus. It seems the US will agree not to share missile defense tracking data with Israel in order to get a new radar built in Turkey.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blondes and Redistribution of Pies

Obama announcing that his administration will investigate oil prices is a huge joke, his policies were meant to give us high oil and gas prices. This is pure deflection of the most preposterous kind.


Some on the far left have gone so far off the cliff they believe that wealth is not created or destroyed (consumed), only distributed (by the market or by government). In other words they believe existing wealth is moved around, never created or destroyed.

This logical fallacy (lunacy) is not at all hard to follow. Let us say the economy is made up of pies. Since now wealth is "pie" these... let us call them "blondes" believe that pies are not actually created or consumed.

Therefor the bakeries are exploiting the working class by theft of pies value by producing more pies. So they want to shut down the bakeries and redistribute the existing pies "fairly" making sure that everyone has "their fair slice" whether they actually earned it or not.

Well, of course, pies are always being eaten in reality. Citizen A has to feed his kids but if he has a job he now has to feed his kids and feed Citizen B too.

Sooner or later you start running out of pies to redistribute and the desperate tyrant will have to find enemies to deflect the blame for their own policies (capitalists, imperialists, foreign enemies, domestic enemies, "price gougers"). They will make announcements to the people that pie hoarders and pie gougers will be made accountable, set up "Blue Ribbon Panels", investigations in order to distract the populace from the rumbling in their bellies.

All of this comes from the logical lunacy that pies are wealth in and of themselves, instead of the bakery (production).

Then there are blondes who think that labor in and of itself is the measure of value. Under this scenario cutting the lawn for 2 weeks with a pair of scissors is more valuable than mowing it in a half an hour with a mower.

Digging and filling in holes in the ground is worth what? In reality: nothing. To these blondes it's apparently more wealth-creating than the man who starts a business working at a desk.

There are many variations of blondes, one as dumb and insane as the other. All live in deep denial of reality.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I don't believe Donald Trump

I don’t believe Donald Trump. 10 years ago he flirted with the Reform Party, was in favor of partial birth abortions and apparently “gay marriage” and a big one-time wealth tax. It is an amazing conversion he had somewhere between then and now.

Or maybe he doesn’t mean what he is saying, maybe he is trying to be as extreme and clownish as he can to discredit conservatives.

Glenn Beck has shut up about a lot of things in an attempt to keep his job. Even Fox News is only a RINO network at best and the talk of getting his own channel is ludicrous, no cable system will carry it.

I don’t think we conservatives should be trusting anyone who doesn’t have conservative instincts or has to think about or research their position on an issue to have an opinion.

In 2012 we need a candidate who is not a go-along to get-along type (tons of those), or has to be pushed into a conservative position (Rick Perry) or is a “compassionate” conservative like George W Bush. We need someone who already knows what they believe and will not compromise on the basic, key tenets of conservatism.

Donald Trump doesn’t even come close.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Genocide in the Ivory Coast!

The Muslim slaughter of Christians in the Ivory Coast has been stepped up as more than a thousand bodies pile up in the streets. Tens of thousands sought refuge at a Catholic Compound and are now trapped there by the forces of Jihad, running low on food, water and medicine.

The dead, scattered across the town of Duekoue are mainly civilian men who were shot as they fled from the advancing Muslim forces. If these Muslims are following the script they will kill the men, rape the women and force the survivors to join Islam.

The reaction from the west? from Obama?

Well, they are supporting the Muslims. Of course.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Recovery.... not so much

As was predicted, because it's so preictable, the short term wave produced by "quantative easing" (inflation) has moved the unemployment number down a nudge.

That is a very expensive nudge.

Check the grocery shelves, the prices are rising. This is happening because the dollar is worth less than it had been. When the wave settles down we will find that QE 1, 2 or even 3 is nothing but a political gimmick. Your savings in the bank or under the mattress is now worth less, prices are higher and when it finally subsides unemployment will again be more than 10% if not more.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking for Conservative News Forum

I am looking for a Conservative News Forum to join. I always seem to find myself leaving a news forum because of a clash of values. If the news forum has a dedicated pornography section/thread then count me out. If you know of any good ones please leave a link the comments section.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Current Craziness

The Keystone Cops Coalition takes the high road today when France decides to suggest political assassinations could be used. Say what? Are we not supposed to be the "good guys" around here?

France, which has been at the forefront of the international campaign against Gadhafi in Libya, struck a more forceful tone, however, with the defense minister suggesting the strikes could go beyond their mandate of just protecting civilians.

"We, the French and English, we consider that we must obtain more'' than the end of shooting at civilians, said Gerard Longuet on France-Inter radio. He also said Libyan politicians could be targeted since they gave orders to the military.

Meanwhile on Libyan Rebel Radio they are busy praising the fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq as "brothers". Um, those are the ones killing American soldiers. Why are we helping these people again??

Obama Doctrine?

The Obama Doctrine: "Let me be clear. I want everyone to know, that at uncertain times and uncertain places, known to no-one, not even me, that Kinetic Military Action may or may not take place, on a whim, possibly in concert with our staunch allies or not, just do not expect consistency 'cause we'll not be attacking other countries that do the same thing, I think, probably not. It is imperative that the American people understand this"

Reqium for Detroit

Forget the lousy, mousy Scott Martelle article in the LA Times yesterday check out the Wall Street Journal site today for a much better and to the point article by William McGurn.

A Reqium for Detroit hits all the right marks.

My blog post was just a little bit faster than him, but he is much more professional than I am.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Collapse of Detroit (how could you not mention politics?)

Scott Martelle writes about the collapse of Detroit in the Los Angeles Times without ever mentioning a politician. The fact is that the collapse of Detroit has been the Atlas Shrugged effect: People and jobs abandoning a high crime and high taxed area for greener pastures. Who can really blame them for leaving?

Well, Scott Martel can I guess. He bemoans the fact that other cities and states have lower taxes and lower barriers to competition. What would his solution be, turn every part of America into Detroit? Build a wall around Detroit with razor wire and sniper towers to keep businesses and people from leaving? He also blames racism for the outmigration of white and black families fleeing high crime and urban blight. Fleeing crime and other ills is racism? Or is it just logic and common sense?

As I wrote at the start, nowhere in the article does the writer mention Coleman Young and the Utopian leftists that run the city as their own personal one-party fiefdom for the last several decades. This is the inevitable result of socialism, behold its failed glories, and of course foist it upon the rest of the country too.

The high-tax, heavy-handed regulation and cronyism of the city has pushed companies (jobs) to flee as well. Who can blame them? Nobody with a half a brain can say that a company whose future is threatened by such an environment should stick around. Except leftist politicians and their friends like Scott Martelle.

The people who live in Detroit don't seem to see the problem because they keep electing the same people, same party and same ideology over and over again. If the people of Detroit are fine with third-world living, who are we to judge?

People are free to leave and they have been leaving, there isn't anything wrong with that. It is part of living in this country that if your town starts to smell, you can pull up stakes and leave. Leave it to Scott Martelle and his friends on the left to find fault with this basic freedom. Come on Scott, you need not worry, it looks like the whole state if California is ready to join Detroit!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Operation HEM N HAW (Part Duh)

HEM N HAW becomes NATO op!

"Wait... what?" Germany asked "Oh crap!"

Turkey said "Are you guys sure you want to do this?"

"So who is in charge?" France asked "Not me"

"Definitely not us" the UK said

"Where is Canada?"

"Bathroom" someone muttered

"Canada is in charge, then. Lets vote, all in favor of putting Canada in command?"

Everyone raises their hands and small flags are put in front of the nameplate at the empty CANADA chair.

Canada returns "What is this aboot, eh?"

"We have voted to put you in charge"

"Oh crap!" Canada says "Dang, it... you know what... I just lost a "No Confidence Vote' in Parliament. Someone else might have to take over after we call new elections or something"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Operation HEM N HAW

Political Steering Committee runs a war.

US member: "Wait we can't call it a war, someone inform NPR that this is not, in fact, a war but a Humanitarian Enforcement Mission."

French member: "We must make it plain that this is not under the banner of the UN, at least not yet"

Germans "Or NATO or we are out and you get Nuzzing!"

Arab League "What, you mean like its a Neutral thing?"

"Humanitarian Enforcement Mission - Neutral" says the person typing the transcript "Got it"

"Something is still missing. We aren't under a UN banner but we are operating under a UN resolution?" asks India

"This is all about humanitarian assistance in a warzone" said the Italian member "Should that be in the title?"

"Of course" said France as he waves goodbye to Germany and India who were leaving.

"Wait, a minute, this is not right, why are you taking sides? You said this was to stop a civil war not deposing Khadaffi" Arab League said angrily storming out and slamming the door.

"Oh, did I do that?" the UK said

"We did kind of promise not to target the guy" the US said

"So we just announce that we are taking charge?" France asked "I haven't done anything like this before"

"Yes, a triumphant press conference announcing Operation..." the US stopped and looked at the transcriptionist "What is it called now?"


"Operation Hem N' Haw" the US said "It will convey the power and resolve of our coalition and this Political Steering Committee".

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amnesty for Whom? (Modest Proposal)

Obama, in El Salvador, again promised to press for "amnesty" for those foreigners who break and enter the United States illegally. It seems to me that this is bad politics in a country where these foreigners don't (legally) vote (we can hope).

No, instead Obama and the Democrat Party should announce with as much fanfare as they can a brand new proposal:

Amnesty for Americans!

That is right. This is a PATRIOTIC proposal that doesn't promise anything to foreigners but to the American criminals instead. Imagine how much money the United States can save when the jails and prisons are emptied and probations are abrogated.

You can bet that millions of new permanent Democrat voters and their families will be true believers. The PATRIOTIC fervor will sweep the Democrat Party into permanent majority status as "the party that freed the people"!

The day it happens will be beautful. The birds will chirp louder, the bees will buzz louder and America will be a better place. Yes, this is the perfect proposal that will relegate the Republican Party to the ashpile of history!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keystone Cops Diplomacy

The leaderless Keystone Cops Diplomacy that is going on is actually kind of amusing. With Germany and now India looking to keep themselves out of any long war the Coalition of Weenies shrinks and might shrink by the day.

-France suggests a political Steering Committee take up the leadership of the coalition.

-Germany pulls back worried that it might become a NATO operation, forcing them into a long war.

-India's Parliament said "Hell No" although their government had already joined in, and is now starting to pull back out.

-The Arab League doesn't sound like their hearts are in it and I bet China could be making noise against the Libya operation any day now.

We still don't know what the goal is, the exit strategy or the leader of this coalition mission in Libya. We don't even know who the rebels are that we are helping, or if they want anything like "democracy".

We went from "Cowboy Diplomacy" to "Keystone Cops Diplomacy".

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The No Context Attack Against Sarah Palin

The Reverend Van Ens has written an attack column against Sarah Palin in the Vail Daily newspaper. Of course being a good leftist the "Reverend" left a few things out, like any sort of context.

So I had to respond:

I have rarely seen an article so bereft of context as the one written by Rev. Van Ens.

Of course he was trying to score political points against someone who is, at this point, a private citizen with a Facebook account. He accuses her of “slices” her opponents with “verbal stabs” and accuses her of the dirty trick of using the language of normal people. I remember when leftists accused Bush of the dirty trick of doing what he said he would do. Notice all the civility.

The biggest problem with this article is that it excoriates Sarah Palin for answering attacks on her without even mentioning the attacks on her. Thereby purposefully leaving out context for the reader. This is no accident of course, for his point could never survive any exposure to context. His main theme seems to be that she responds to attacks on her, I mean why shouldn’t she? She should just lie there and accept being raped by leftists?

Palin excels at class warfare between the haves and the have-nots.” - Yes, how dare she try to do what the leftists and Democrats have been doing for a century. It is so horrible and disgusting that only leftist Democrats can be allowed to do it. Again, the point does not survive any contact with context, which party was it that talked of “two America’s?”.

Listeners detected a quality of love in Jesus’ teaching that’s missing in Palin’s malice” - That sounds like a personal thing. I detect a great love for this country and the ideals of independent and free people. You can have no greater love for man as a human being than to set them free from the shackles of the mighty state.

Trying to compare her to Jesus is silly. No one claims she is the immortal daughter of God or a new Savior. Jesus was not a politician, Jesus was not a “community organizer” and Jesus was not a “populist”. Jesus was the Son of God who died for our sins. You lower yourself when you compare politics and politicians to Jesus. I suspect you really meant to replace Jesus with Barack Obama but knew that wouldn’t fly with anyone with half a functioning braincell.

Nothing in the article makes sense when it comes in contact with context.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Life comes before Liberty.

Without Life, then there is no liberty.

Life comes before Happiness.

Without life there can be no happiness.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Comes in the perfect order.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hostage negotiations...


Tyranny Sentinel has learned that parents all over Wisconsin have received anonymous phone calls from a shadowy group claiming to be holding their childrens' future hostage. The static-laced calls were impossible to trace but the demands were...

That taxpayers pay for their full retirement and benefits packages and that they [the callers] won't have to contribute a dime more for these benefits.

This startling situation comes amid heightened tensions in Wisconsin as some large group, with too little to do and a lot of free time, has shut down the Capitol amid demands that they get handouts.

How will this end? Bankruptcy?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Speakers' Boner

Let us suppose that the GOP actually manages to trim the deficit by $100 billion in the House and it actually passes. Do you think for a minute that the Senate is going to go along with it?

If the Senate does not go along with it then what will happen? The House GOP backs down and says "Well, we tried" or the government gets "shut down". While some of us would applaud that, let us point out how stupid it would be politically. Is that $100 billion trim a good enough reason to shut down the government?

Gee, we only wanted a $1.4 Trillion deficit and they wanted a $1.5 Trillion deficit so of course we had to shut down the government. Do you think the average American or even the average Republican would buy it for a second?

On Day One, Speaker Boner who wishes he was a TEA Partier should have stood up and proclaimed that budget writers would start off with the premise of a balanced budget for 2011. Then they would be forced to JUSTIFY every dollar of deficit.

Now that would have been something to shut down the government over.

Balanced budget vs $1.5 Trillion deficit.

See how much better that would play to the taxpayers and voters in this country? That would be a marked contrast, wouldn't it? You don't shut down the government over tiny revisions, but when it comes to adding no more debt against adding a trillion and a half of new debt, then you are showing the people of this country that there is a difference between the parties.

But no. Instead we get the same old, same old.

It's almost as if the GOP establishment didn't want to cut spending at all, because that is probably going to be the result.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Draining the ocean through a straw

We have a $1.5 TRILLION dollar deficit for this year alone and the House Republicans are playing games of “cutting” $100 billion. Seriously, they will probably find it hard to reach half of that. Then does anyone think it will come back from the House-Senate Conference that way?

The House leadership needs to announce that they will cut $1.5 trillion dollars from the budget, including entitlements, THIS YEAR. If you plan to play real hardball, then make a real statement and say it in a loud and clear voice.

“The negotiations on the deficit begin with a balanced budget” Boner “I’m a TEA Party guy too” should have said on day one “Every dollar of deficit has to be JUSTIFIED to get through”.

Throw down the gauntlet. The way it is now, we are heading fast at a brick wall and we are negotiating whether to slam into it at 200MPH or just 198MPH.

Rep. Chris Lee resigns

Representative Chris Lee sounds like a real scummy guy but trolling Craigslist for babes is tame compared to leading the KKK, or drowning a lover in the river or running a gay prostitution ring from your home.

Of course those 3 things could give you a lifetime job guarantee if you are a Democrat. Chris Lee was not, too bad for him I guess.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Obama's poodle

One of the digs at Sarah Palin is that she quit her job as Governor of Alaska, I hope those people aren't supporting John Huntsman. John Huntsman quit as Governor of Utah to work as Obama's Ambassador to China.

Now he is quitting that job to run for President.

The man is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination. It certainly looks like he is running at the behest of Obama. The left media will try to paint him as Obama's worst enemy, in an attempt to make him sound like the top threat.

I know the GOP is called "the stupid party" but I would certainly hope no-one would fall for this stunt. Huntsman is on Obama's leash.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tweeting Disaster

Egypt in flames.

Domino's are falling and there is a good chance that Islamic radicals will soon rule a much bigger portion of the world than ever before. Dictator (so Joe Bidem, he is) Mubarak may not last another day or two in power. The Islamic Muslim Brotherhood may very well be on the verge of taking over the country.

Another Iran?

Instead of announcing his retirement and handing off his job to someone else, hopefully nixing the revolt in the bud, he imposes curfews and sends in the army to beat them back. Opposition leader an incompetent boob (International Atomic Energy Agency dweeb) El Baradei is under house arrest.

The phone and internet systems are off.

So what does our esteemed Dear Reader say about all this?

He has his press secretary send out a tweet. Yes, thats right, a freaking tweet.

Very concerned about violence in Egypt - government must
respect rights of the Egyptian people & turn on social networking and


Thats it? Lets just try to ignore that this is the President who wants the power to shut off the internet in this country, hypocrite, but shouldn't he also ask the rioters to calm down? This is the same guy who didn't want to interfere in Iran when the government was repressing a peaceful protest.

The entire middle east is going to be run by crazy jihadi's and our President wants to phone it in, the twit.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Who does TIME magazine think they are kidding trying to compare Obama to President Reagan? They could not have chosen someone more opposite than the present shyster in the White House.

2 Years ago when "The Won" was elected NEWSWEAK declared that it meant "We Are All Socialists Now" and now the MSM want to compare him to Ronald Reagan. These people have no shame at all.

US should be inspired by Tunisia

With the fall of the Tunisian dictatorship now inspiring the opposition in places like Yemen and Egypt I wonder if it might inspire Americans too? Not a violent overthrow of the old order but a peaceful reordering, might the TEA Party be a tepid beginning of something much bigger?

There are basic premises in our society that haven't been touched but should be given a stern review. Everything from the idea that government should be able to do anything at all outside the bounds of the Constitution should be a major part of that.

Why should government own large swaths of undeveloped land? Why should the government own any land that is not used for the purpose of governing, say a police station or a city hall? Maybe government should be forbidden from this.

Why can't cities and states be responsible for raising their own revenue without interference from DC? Why do the states send gas taxes to DC and then get some of it back with strings attached? How about we end all forms of inter-governmental wealth redistribution so that every government has to collect its own funds?

Public servants should not be unionized, why should they become our masters?

Should public libraries be privatized? Why should the residents of a city or country subsidies the reading habits of 10% of the population? Let the members pay a monthly fee.

Why is government telling people what they can eat? Where did the Constitution give them that power? Why is the taxpayer subsidizing school dinners now, what ever happened to food stamps? Why are welfare recipients recieving free cell phones?

Since when is religious speech not speech? Why is it treated any different?

Why should churches file any paperwork at all with the government? Why should churches be prohibited from political activism? When did the freedom of religion end in this country?

So we have kiddie porn on Mtv using actors who haven't even reached the age of consent but government wants to restrict political comments on TV and radio?
These people all FAIL First Amendment 101, the whole point was to protect free political speech and not obscenity. Now it is totally backwards.

It should be amazing that the same people who want to card you to use the internet, have no problem with voting without ID.

There is a better chance that your kids will be molested in public school than in a Catholic Church (even a Baptist like me knows that). Yet, where is the outcry?

People are turning into sheep. They fail to question anything. They fail to see the problems that are staring this country in the face.

It is time to wake up and get that revolutionary zeal to turn the old order on its head and boot the bureaucrats and the petty tyrants back to the unemployment lines they belong in.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Deficit is Higher

$1.5 trillion deficit this year.

That is how much more the government will spend than it takes in.


That is more than $4,830 per person. Every man, woman and child, just the deficit.

The government needs to slash spending on everything and eliminate the non-essentials. NOW. Not little trimming of hedges over 10 years.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Small but growing forum

I have a found a conservative forum that I like. I'll probably stick with it for a while too.

It's called Stink-Eye (for some reason or other)

Just click and join

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adolph Obama?

So now the mein fuhrer will have the government setting up medical drug research facilities at a cost of a billion dollars. The state of the union will feature his calls for new government spending "to boost the economy" (because the stimulus program worked so well after all /s).

Merging big business into a partnership with government should work so well, not. Didn't we use to call that... er... national socialism??

By the way, the Mein Fuhrer has kicked off his re-election campaign, maybe you have noticed that?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rand Paul got something right

The Republican Study Committee is touting a plan to reduce the budget by $2.5 trillion over 10 years, mostly backloaded. This figure includes future spending on ObamaCare ($900 billion) not even accounted for in the projected deficit numbers.

While this plan would eliminate a number of leftist favorites such as public funding of campaigns and public broadcasting it would barely make a noticeable dent in the deficit. While it can be considered a start it is most definitely a small part of a good start.

Enter Senator Paul Rand, he has proposed a $500 billion spending cut for this year. This proposal is forthright and honest. The fact is that this Congress cannot bound future Congresses to any spending reduction deal, should it even pass.

I think the horrible truth is that entitlements will have to be trimmed, means tested and eligibility for things like food stamps need to be made tighter. I think government employees should have their salaries cut and have to pay more into their own retirement and healthcare plans.

Even the $500 billion proposal from Rand is not even half the projected deficit for this year, said to be around $1.4 trillion. For the first time since I can remember the Congress might actually debate and vote on real spending reductions. I hope they can use this historic moment to bring some fiscal sanity back to the federal government.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WH led post-shooting assault on TEA Party

According to the Spectator website the White House coordinated the leftwing assault on the TEA Party immediately after the shootings. The harsh tone and rhetoric in the media assault on Sarah Palin came directly at the behest of the administration?

All of that culminated in the campaign pep rally speech that was highly praised by the "Republican" pundits in the MSM.

The White House set it all up from the get-go and probably planned it within hours of the massacre. All of it fooling the so-called Republican pundits hook, line and sinker. The mendacity and the conniving is awe-inspiring.

Some new tone.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eric Fuller reportedly arrested

A week after getting shot by Jared Lee Loughner, er.. or possibly the Cross Hares Gang, Eric Fuller has been arrested for making terroristic threats against a TEA Party leader official at a Town Hall meeting. Eric Fuller who intends to pin the blame on Sarah Palin and her gang associates Glenn "Clyde" Beck and Sharron "Bonnie" Angle, is apparently crazier than Jared Lee Loughner.
Congresswoman Terri Proud (R) was apparently sitting next to the idiot.

All of this comes from a Fox News Alert, so it may or may not be true.

By the way...

...that last post is sarcastic parody.... just in case you missed it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

It is time for the real killer to be arrested!!

We now have an eyewitness account from one of the victims shot on Saturday that it was indeed Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Sharron Angle who are at fault.

The newly-dubbed 'Cross Hare Gang' was last seen splitting up, one heading toward Facebook and one toward talk radio. Sharron Angle was last seen heading to the border with Nevada, whose authorities should be alerted! She is said to have tried to defend herself from these charges. That was before we had the witness who was present at the Democrat meet n' greet, he can obviously be trusted to give us a fair accounting.

In fact, now that we know the truth it is time to free Jared Lee Loughner who has been falsely maligned and thrown into the klink. Eric Fuller, the witness who was wounded at the massacre, could be the best evidence for the defense in the case. The statements from Sheriff Buttlick will also be crucial to bringing light to the truth of the matter.

Jared Lee Loughner is innocent!! We have proof, its been all over the media that Palin was the big suspect and now we know she didn't act alone.

Free Jared Lee Loughner!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Libel Media Lies

The Washington Post has no qualms about printing lies for its dear leader. Repeating the words of a man with no fact checking, or rather knowingly printing propaganda lies as facts.

It is just inconvenient that the internet exists sometimes.

The Tucson Sentinel reported on January 9th that Rep Giffords was opening her eyes and responding to simple commands.

How to become President 101

They say Sarah Palin isn't Presidential enough. They recommend she attend memorial services and hand out logo'd t-shirts.

Because that is SO Presidential!

Reign of Terror

If you really want to understand the media of today you should read up on the French Reign of Terror led by Robespierre. Having toppled the ruling elite and chopped off the head of the King and Queen, the blood-thirsty mobs began hunting down anyone and anything different than themselves.

72% of them were peasants, not the nobility they had supposedly targeted. They also went on a rampage of burning churches and anything that suited their fancy. Many were beaten by mobs but some were given the benefit of a summary beheaded.

I am certain the media we have in this country would be cheering on Robespierre, who was by all accounts a madman. For nearly 13 months the bloodletting did not let down but they didn't just go after their fellow Frenchmen (Franternity and all that) they also launched wars against other countries.

Obama launches 2012 Campaign on Bloody Ground

The event is being branded, it will be a sea of blue. ( from the Michelle Malkin website) This is a campaign event, right? It is being flashed on buses and printed on t-shirts being handed out at the event.
And while we are at it let us launch the campaign event with a Native American blessing even though the victims were Catholic or Jewish. Where is the ACLU on this?

Media Empire Strikes Back

The media reaction to the Sarah Palin video today was swift and certain: "the b***h had it coming".

On MSNBC (or Idiots on LSD?) Chris Mathews was keeping hope alive by declaring that Sarah Palin is GUILTY until proven otherwise in the Arizona tragedy. "We can't exonerate Sarah Palin" he said "until we know the truth".

Meanwhile over at ABC they were wondering why Sarah Palin was injecting politics and herself into the story at such a somber time. No, really. Isn't this a bit incredible even for them?

NPR brought on a language expert who says the meaning of her use of the term "blood libel" was "unclear".


Attempted Assassination of Sarah Palin

After the tragic events in Tucson Arizona the "mainstream" liberal media went wild trying to connect Sarah Palin and the TEA Party to the shooting. Of course, there is absolutely no link whatsoever. We now know that the shooter was a deranged nutcase who has had a thing for Representative Giffords for years. Long before there was a TEA Party and before Sarah Palin was a household name outside of Alaska.

That did not stop the media from attempting to incite violence against conservatives, specifically Sarah Palin. The press went out of its way to libel, defame, slander and tar Sarah Palin with something that has absolutely nothing to do with her. Why?

Because the media wants her to be killed by the mob violence they are trying to incite. That is only explanation I can come up with.

Sheeple who believe the crap have even started a Facebook Page called "I hate it when I wake up and Sarah Palin is still alive". This is exactly the kind of thing the media want to see. A CBS poll showed that around 42% of Democrats think the killer (a leftwing, skitzy, atheist pothead) had political motivations in the shootings. (By the way a Republican federal judge was killed)

Sarah Palin is exactly right to call it a "Blood Libel", because that is what it is.

The media has targeted Sarah Palin for the purposes of having her killed, they are hoping that of that 42% of Democrats there is another Jared Lee Loughner.

Oh and before the media go nuts again over the use of the term "blood libel" let us point out that she isn't the first to notice. Professor Glenn Reynolds wrote about it for the Wall Street Journal. Bill Levinson wrote an article for the Israpundit website basically the same thing. Even Alan Dershowitz, who is very liberal, has defended her use of the term. Even a jewish blogger finds nothing inappropriate with the way she used the term.

Not that it will stop the attempted assassins in the press from trying to paint Sarah Palin as an anti-semite now. Of course the term "blood libel" is not anti-semitic, it is just a description of anti-semitic attacks of centuries past where-in jews were accused of heinous things for the purpose of inciting mobs to kill jews.

So it is completely appropriate and in context as used by Sarah Palin, because the media is trying to have her killed.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Lie Down and Take It" says Congressman

Representative Dan "Joe" Dirt along with Peter "the King" Piker have introduced a bill into the House that would require all Americans within 1,000 yards of a "high federal official" to lie prone and avert their gaze. They will be forced to lie face down in order to guarantee the safety of the federal official.

"In the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, where it has been shown that we are in danger of peasant uprisings, it is incumbant upon us to put our subjects in their place" said a member of the House RINO Party Cacas.

Other bills would deem the first and second amendments to the Constitution to be have been repealed. "This event proves beyond all doubt that the average person cannot be allowed the luxuries of free speech and possession of a firearm".

Members of the Democrat elite have applauded these RINO's proposals as a step in the right direction. "Keep this up we might even praise them on 'Face the Nation' but let them keep trying" said one leading Democrat.

"Just an approving glance from a member of the Liberal masters is thanks enough" one groveling House Speaker said, crying profusely.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jared Lee Laughner, Lone Nut?

If you see that video on his Youtube channel he certainly sounds like he should reside in an asylum somewhere.


Did the blue boy do it?

On Thursday, a koskiddie, boyblue, announced that since his Congresswoman voted against Pelosi she was dead to him. Her name was Gabrielle Giffords of Tucson.

Now she is dead for real, along with at least 6 others.

boyblue should be considered a real suspect! Along with Mexican drug cartels of course.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolution

1. Stop procrastinating. I plan on doing this first, in a few weeks.

2. Lose Weight. Hopefully.

3. Find a better job. Maybe one of those plush state jobs.

4. Keep writing in favor of freedom and liberty.

5. Get my eyes checked. Something I put off doing for years and now everything is blurry.

6. Don't waste money. After I start earning some.

7. Give myself some motivation to get this done. Win Lotto, buy an Island!

8. Sleep better.