Monday, April 4, 2011

I don't believe Donald Trump

I don’t believe Donald Trump. 10 years ago he flirted with the Reform Party, was in favor of partial birth abortions and apparently “gay marriage” and a big one-time wealth tax. It is an amazing conversion he had somewhere between then and now.

Or maybe he doesn’t mean what he is saying, maybe he is trying to be as extreme and clownish as he can to discredit conservatives.

Glenn Beck has shut up about a lot of things in an attempt to keep his job. Even Fox News is only a RINO network at best and the talk of getting his own channel is ludicrous, no cable system will carry it.

I don’t think we conservatives should be trusting anyone who doesn’t have conservative instincts or has to think about or research their position on an issue to have an opinion.

In 2012 we need a candidate who is not a go-along to get-along type (tons of those), or has to be pushed into a conservative position (Rick Perry) or is a “compassionate” conservative like George W Bush. We need someone who already knows what they believe and will not compromise on the basic, key tenets of conservatism.

Donald Trump doesn’t even come close.

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