Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Political War on Kids and Families

The province of Alberta in Canada, ruled overwhelmingly by the Progressive Conservative Party, has decided to ban home school families from teaching that homosexuality is a sin. That is correct this so-called ‘conservative’ government now wants to regulate conversations between parents and children in their own home.

This is just one of the latest assaults on freedoms. This follows a case where a man was detained and strip-searched because his 4-year old daughter drew a picture of a man with a gun. The school freaked out and defends their action, calling themselves “co-parents” of their students.


The march of tyranny continues to move onward, and not just in Canada either, but right here in the United States. In the US the far left plays hardball political warfare while the other side wants to be gentlemen and be nice. It has been a political slaughter with very few instances of victory for the lax conservative side.

One day Obama announces that insurance policies MUST cover contraception, without any exceptions it must be “free”. This was followed by new rules and definition from HHS Secretary Sebelius ruling that religious institutions and charities are not ‘religious’ (exempt) if they serve people other than members of their faith.

Since Christian and Catholic charities have long-since stopped discriminating against non-members this means they will be forced to violate their own religious beliefs by government decree. Muslim charities and schools are exempt since they exist to spread the faith and are only for other Muslims. Typical, the Muslims get a boost because they discriminate against non-Muslims.

Not only was this new “right to free contraception” announced, but it is the left who are now running campaigns bashing conservatives for trying to take away the ‘right’ to free birth control. The new meme is that it is the conservatives who are on the offensive against an established right or something when it is the leftists who are waging the assault from the beginning.

The left are not good people, as I have previously explained. They have an innate need to spread their guilt to you and everyone else. You think abortion is murder, fine then we’ll make you pay for abortions! You think children shouldn’t be having sex, fine we will have you fund condoms for kids.

Every leftwing radical organization receives funding from you, the taxpayers, while the leftist base is usually among those 47% who don’t pay any federal income tax. Whether it’s National Public Radio, Planned Parenthood, ACORN, La Raza or George Soros own Open Society Institute they are getting federal grants paid for by those they have declared to be enemies.

This is hardball political warfare and only one side has been fielding an army. The battlefield is littered with the corpses of a once free country. Religious freedom, freedom of association and others are all among their targets. We “normal” people have to open our eyes to the fact that the other side is playing for keeps and there is no end to this craziness: the end will be something like North Korea.

The radical left long ago infiltrated the press and schools and now they dominate them to the point where conservative opinions are either totally ignored or assaulted. Leftwing movies out of Hollywood are common as clouds but try to release a movie with a different viewpoint and it will be attacked as “propaganda”, see the recent “Act of Valor” as a prime example. None of the television networks or largest newspapers could even remotely be called ‘conservative’. Yet every survey of national opinion shows that conservative out-number liberals by wide margins.

They also control the public schools across the country. Don’t be under the illusion that your school district is different, it’s not. The curriculum was written and is pushed by the statist left. Their agenda is obvious.

Not only are schools encouraging minors (even in elementary schools) to have sex (shouldn’t that be a felony?), as much a topic that has been but it seems every class has been converted to indoctrinate them.

History is no longer teaching kids what happened. They are teaching kids to analyze and compartmentalize ‘episodes’ of history and leading them to think what the left wants them to think about it. There is no context taught, anything that doesn’t fit the narrative is erased, ignored or downplayed.

The events and topics that are highlighted in the course always serve to distort real history in favor of leftwing agitation. When discussing slavery and the Civil War how many students do you suppose ever learn who exactly the slaves were purchased from? How many students ever learn how slavery existed long before, everywhere, as well as after it existed in the United States?

Nah, teaching students those things would destroy the narrative. They want the student to come away thinking that slavery was unique to the US, that the US was alone in this evil thing. The whole point is to indoctrinate the student. The same thing happens in English classes. They’ll assign students to read novels like the Adventures of Huck Finn, the Great Gatsby and then give tests and assessments that lead them to conclusions about characters attitudes and motivations. Students come away never learning to appreciate literature but to analyze it from a leftwing perspective. This is brainwashing. They are never given a different perspective, they are never taught to think for themselves, and many never learn it outside of school either.

Political warfare has been going on for many decades and yet most Americans do not even now it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Party of Hate, Greed and Envy

Liberals, as they call themselves, are really better off being called leftist statists. They are socialists who are the most greedy, envious and hateful people that exist on this planet. Nothing they believe is based on actual facts it is all based on raw emotions and those emotions are greed, envy and hate.

They hate the honest businessman who worked hard his whole life, saved his money and invested wisely, creating a product or service that provide jobs to the community. They do not hate the crooked contractor who skims millions off the public trough. Why is this?

Beyond the façade of pretense, where they cover themselves by criticizing the “rich”, they -in fact- only hate the rich who actually came by it honestly. They do not hate the Hollywood bigwigs who read lines someone else wrote and make a bundle that is then blown on drugs and sex. Indeed, they see these people as role models. They do not hate the thug athlete who still acts like a gangbanger off the court; they see this as his proper role. If that same athlete was as well-disciplined off the court as he was on it, they would hate his guts. If that Hollywood actor was clean and sober and happily, loyally, married and only took part in family friendly movies, they would hate him.

Why is it that the same people who detest the present Queen of England, who hasn’t oppressed anyone lately, love and celebrate thug dictators like Fidel Castro who have made careers literally stealing billions from his own impoverished citizens who are treated like slaves?

Because he is one of them, he is seen as successful by those who wish to be like him. They see Hugo Chavez on television walking down a street and pointing at a building saying “expropriate!” (theft by government) and they see how open and brazen he is about it and they are emboldened and given hope that they too will have their day. Some day they won’t have to hide their hateful envious greed either. He is one of them.

To the hateful, envious left “success” is not measured by working hard, being productive, saving, investing wisely and living right. To them “success” means you get away with stealing it from those who do those things.

For most people the perfect America would be one where everyone has a job, a house, a car, gets up in the morning and is productive, goes home hugs the kids and eats dinner as a family before bed. If everyone lived like this, then the country would be prosperous and peaceful. The greedy, envious and hateful left does not share this dream. They do not want every American to be happy, prosperous and peaceful; to them this would be a total failure.

The rest of us have been blinded to this for too long. We have spent decades acting as if the left wanted the same things as the rest of us. We thought they simply wanted a different route to get to the same destination. We wrongly assumed that the statist left really wanted the things they say in their political speeches.

How wrong we were.

Instead the real left sees the Soviet Union gulag as the perfect utopia. They see North Korea, which is one big prison camp as the perfect way to organize a society.

The rest of us, the “normals”, must devise a new strategy to deal with them before it is too late. We can no longer go about business as normal and think there can be such a thing as a “democracy” when one of the major philosophies is that of theft, lies and subjugation.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Government Unlimited

It is all about tyranny and control. What are the limits to government power? Aren't those limits spelled out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Our government hasn't abided by those documents in a long time.

Do you really think that women need birth control "free" when you can get them at Wal-Mart for $9 a month? Of course not. This is about politics. This is about the socialist faction in this country that is practicing what is known as "political warfare". Political Warfare is all about the use of force to defeat your enemies. The socialists in this country practice political warfare by making their opponents fund the things they are morally opposed to.

There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the federal government the power to do most of the things it does, it stands in violation of the basic law of this nation. How did this happen? Political warfare.

Why does the federal government give money to any number of political organizations doing things that government has no constitutional business funding? Because it can. Because no one will stand up and say that it is unconstitutional. Do you really think that the other faction will ever go back and undo it? No they have their own pet programs being funded in the same exact way.

The statists will force Christians and other religious people to fund pornographic "art", they will force pro-lifers to fund abortions. They will force them to be guilty. Guilt is a great tool in political warfare. Once it becomes accepted that government can do anything it wants, the statists have won the biggest obstacle.

We passed that hurdle long ago.

Now we live in a country where half the people pay no income taxes and 20% of those on welfare live better than the average American who funds welfare with their taxes. There is no real movement or wave of outrage about the government doing this kind of thing. Why? Political warfare has been used for decades and that battle has largely been won by those who want an unlimited government.

What are the limits of government power? Do you think we still have the rights bestowed upon us by the Bill of Rights? Of course not. I can't think of a single right that hasn't come under assault and regulation by the government.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama Declares War on You!

February 10, 2012 is a day that will live in infamy. For it is the day that his Imperial Majesty Emperor Barack Obama I has issued a declaration of war against this (his, supposedly) country.

Make no mistake, before you accuse me of high hyperbole, Obama really means it. Barack Obama really thinks that the Bill of Rights is outmoded. Remember that to the radical left, if they like it - it must be mandated or government funded. One can think of a myriad things that the government funds that have nothing to do with governing and bear no resemblence to the powers of government as defined by the Constitution.

From PBS, NPR, Planned Parenthood, ACORN etc we should have learned that to leftists, the state and their beliefs are one and the same. They are the movement that cries "civil rights" while they impose tyranny bit by bit.

Do these leftists really think that there are no women in America who can buy their own birth control pills or condoms? Of course they don't think that. What this particular instance is about, to them, is a chance to stick it to those who do not agree with their perverted views. Leftists have to FORCE everyone else to conform to their beliefs and desires. The same people who claim to want "government out of the bedroom" are the same people who want the government right there.

Of course the radical left is hypocritical about everything. They claim to support "tolerance" yet they brook no dissent. Dissent from leftism must be crushed and ridiculed. Anyone who offends a leftist is labeled a hate crime offender while they take pure delight in offending everyone else's moral values. Laws and rules do not apply to leftists, just ask tax dodger Tim Geithner, just ask tax cheat Charlie Rangel. Just ask Ted Kennedy about the lover he left in the river.

Today is different.

Today, Barack Obama has given himself, deemed, the power to make law, change law on a whim and issue waivers to the law whenever and to whomever he likes. He doesn't like the freedom of religion, he doesn't believe that Christians and others should be able to live their lives as they see fit. He has decided that it is up to him to force his religion (worship of the almighty government) down the throats of every man, woman and child in America.

That is what is really at issue here.

This is pure tyranny.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have been away for a while but I have some comments and observations to make. Santorum should be the GOP nominee. Newt is unreliable and Romney is simply a leftwing Democrat in a blue shirt. Great wins by Santorum in 3 states in one night! ...