Friday, February 24, 2012

Party of Hate, Greed and Envy

Liberals, as they call themselves, are really better off being called leftist statists. They are socialists who are the most greedy, envious and hateful people that exist on this planet. Nothing they believe is based on actual facts it is all based on raw emotions and those emotions are greed, envy and hate.

They hate the honest businessman who worked hard his whole life, saved his money and invested wisely, creating a product or service that provide jobs to the community. They do not hate the crooked contractor who skims millions off the public trough. Why is this?

Beyond the façade of pretense, where they cover themselves by criticizing the “rich”, they -in fact- only hate the rich who actually came by it honestly. They do not hate the Hollywood bigwigs who read lines someone else wrote and make a bundle that is then blown on drugs and sex. Indeed, they see these people as role models. They do not hate the thug athlete who still acts like a gangbanger off the court; they see this as his proper role. If that same athlete was as well-disciplined off the court as he was on it, they would hate his guts. If that Hollywood actor was clean and sober and happily, loyally, married and only took part in family friendly movies, they would hate him.

Why is it that the same people who detest the present Queen of England, who hasn’t oppressed anyone lately, love and celebrate thug dictators like Fidel Castro who have made careers literally stealing billions from his own impoverished citizens who are treated like slaves?

Because he is one of them, he is seen as successful by those who wish to be like him. They see Hugo Chavez on television walking down a street and pointing at a building saying “expropriate!” (theft by government) and they see how open and brazen he is about it and they are emboldened and given hope that they too will have their day. Some day they won’t have to hide their hateful envious greed either. He is one of them.

To the hateful, envious left “success” is not measured by working hard, being productive, saving, investing wisely and living right. To them “success” means you get away with stealing it from those who do those things.

For most people the perfect America would be one where everyone has a job, a house, a car, gets up in the morning and is productive, goes home hugs the kids and eats dinner as a family before bed. If everyone lived like this, then the country would be prosperous and peaceful. The greedy, envious and hateful left does not share this dream. They do not want every American to be happy, prosperous and peaceful; to them this would be a total failure.

The rest of us have been blinded to this for too long. We have spent decades acting as if the left wanted the same things as the rest of us. We thought they simply wanted a different route to get to the same destination. We wrongly assumed that the statist left really wanted the things they say in their political speeches.

How wrong we were.

Instead the real left sees the Soviet Union gulag as the perfect utopia. They see North Korea, which is one big prison camp as the perfect way to organize a society.

The rest of us, the “normals”, must devise a new strategy to deal with them before it is too late. We can no longer go about business as normal and think there can be such a thing as a “democracy” when one of the major philosophies is that of theft, lies and subjugation.

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