Friday, March 11, 2016

White Rabbit and the Mad Hater

3-12-2016 The White Rabbit and the Mad Hater

Marco Rubio had a chance to bow out gracefully and retain some sort of political future for himself, possibly in a Ted Cruz administration. He seems to have blown that chance. Knowing that he had no chance at all to win in Ohio, Marco made the “magnanimous” gesture of telling his (few) Ohio supporters to cast a vote for Kasich instead.

Then Marco Rubio agents joined Ted Cruz rallies and passed out pamphlets announcing a deal between the candidates where Rubio would have Florida, Kasich would have Ohio and Ted Cruz would focus on the other states. Erick Erickson, a long-time Rubio supporter before conceding reality and backing Cruz was alerted to this “deal” and reported it online.

There was no deal. It was nothing but a dirty trick from the desperate Rubio campaign which look like it cannot win the Senators own state. As a matter of fact, a few days at a rally in Hialeah, Florida only a very few people showed up. They held it at a football field and barely needed the red zone. It was probably more of a family reunion than a rally.

Make no mistake, Hialeah is squarely in the midst of Marco Rubio's strongest territory and very close to his hometown of Miami. The fact that hardly anyone there showed up tells us that “Marcomentum” is dead and buried. Instead of accepting this reality (he has no chance to win in Florida), his campaign announces this bogus deal.

Not only did the Kasich campaign refute any deal, they said they did not need Rubio's help to win Ohio and Rubio did not need their help to lose Florida. Does he have any credibility left after this stunt?

Donald Trump has long encouraged his supporters to “rough up” protesters at his rallies. It has become a common thing for “disruptors” to be escorted out of Trump events. All too often the only disruption was from Trump supporters singling out people who didn't look right or wore the wrong t-shirt. Heaven help the curious Republican who might have leaned toward another candidate coming to give Trump a chance. They are seen as “traitors” by the mob.

Trump denies that he supports these violent acts committed by his followers, but that comes with a wink and a nod. He has been recorded more than a few times encouraging such violence, even recently in Missouri where at least one ambulance was called he exclaimed “There used to be consequences for protesting!”

Missouri, I can’t believe this. There used to be consequences to protesting. There are none anymore. These people are so bad for our country, you have no idea folks.” - Donald Trump

Whether he was thinking of the Tienanmen Square massacre by the Chinese, after which Trump praised the Chinese governments “strength” and resolve he said the US was lacking, or the peaceful Civil Rights marchers who were beaten with clubs, attacked by dogs and high pressure hoses is the question.

Trump has called for more controls on the media, the internet, government back-door access to all cellphones while commonly saying those who oppose him were “going to have problems.” This is not a man who believes in freedom of speech, to say the least.

Did anyone really think this would create more “unity” in this country?

Failure of the crowdfunded candidate


The Donald Trump pre-release beta received wide praise and caused excitement at the press conference where it was pitched to the potential customers. Since then the product has not exactly come along as it was originally promised. It had a catchy title and a slogan, re-purposed from the days of Ronald Reagan, but nothing much else.

It was promises and the dreams of what it might become that caused people to buy in and invest their heart and desires into Donald Trump. The new and improved Donald Trump would be “anti-establishment” and “conservative” and he would “Make America Great Again”. What could be better than that?

Sure there was Ted Cruz, who was all of these things, and had an actual record to prove it, but he was not as flashy and promoted as the Donald Trump pre-release beta. Since then there has been no real improvement in the Donald Trump beta, except it has gone from Trump 0.0.1 to 0.0.4. Meanwhile the Ted Cruz product has shown to be very polished and has been operating smoothly.

Last night Donald Trump version 0.0.5 was showed off at another televised debate. Even a niche product like Kasich ran rings around this flawed version. Trump version 0.0.5 is even more buggier than the first pre-release version. Violence breaking out at Trump rallies, which the candidate thinks is no big deal and even offered to pay for the defense of his violence-prone minions.

One of the biggest flaws in the whole Trump program is the lack of specs and a help file. In the past we have had sketchy candidates that went this way and that because they had “too many chefs in the kitchen” but with Trump the hemming and hawing probably comes from having no chefs in the kitchen.

The product is flashy and showy, but it is not as advertised. The product is not anti-establishment and has assailed Ted Cruz for having no friends in the Senate (not my job or purpose to make friends in the Senate, Ted Cruz responds.), he has attacked the Senator for not making deals and compromising his principles to “get things done” (you cannot get more establishment than that). The product is also not conservative, see the candidates adamant defense of Planned Parenthood, which the campaign now reluctantly admits (although they will no doubt switch back to their old ways).

Donald Trump version 0.0.5 has more bugs than features. In fact, all of the features are just promises of what will come in the future. It will be great, tremendous, it will be the best product ever imagined, you will love it, trust me on this they keep telling us. The candidate keep making the same promises and speeches while denying there is a problem. How do you fix a problem if you deny there is one?

Unfortunately, far too many opted to invest in the product. They pin their desires and their fervent hopes on its eventual final release version, despite the real doubts this can ever happen. Even the bloatware that is Senator Marco Rubio has a better product, even if they have to spend ten times its value advertising it and getting little return. Yet Rubio runs rings around the immobile Trump as he stands there haughtily staring out into space.

Far too many people refuse to believe that the promised product called Trump doesn't exist and will never exist. They have already invested and refuse to see the reality of the situation: Trump is not going to happen. Trump is not going to improve. Trump is more malware than anything else.

Thursday, March 10, 2016



It is good to see that some former candidates are starting to see the grim reality that is the Donald Trump candidacy. Although it's pretty late. Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham and Carly Fiorina have all come out and endorsed Ted Cruz for President. In the case of moderate Republican Graham, this was very reluctant indeed.

Most supporters of Ted Cruz like his uncompromising conservatism, but the “establishment” Republicans really hate a man that cannot be bribed or bought. Their instinct probably tells them to keep propping up Marco Rubio, but his dismal primary results will make it virtually impossible to even hand him the nomination at a brokered convention.

Donald Trump and his supporters are always talking about polls. They are obsessed with polls, except the ones that show Hillary squashing Trump like a bug in November. 64% of Americans have a negative view of Trump, according to polls. Democrat cross-overs playing “operation chaos” are the only reason he has won in most of the states he won.

Many Republicans will make a protest vote against Trump in November. There is nothing about Donald Trump that is Republican, much less conservative. A lot of conservatives just won't be able to bring themselves to vote for a man who shares none of their values or core beliefs.

A new NBC-Wall Street Journal shows Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump 51% to 38%, and this is before the media really start going after Donald Trump. If he wins the nomination, I think the media will savage him with stories that show his corruption and delusions as clear as day. I also think that Trump would drop out and blame the media for it.

There is no way this narcissist, who says he has never made a mistake, would sit there while his corrupt past is dragged through the mud. His liberal history is shown to the voters. While the children of mobsters go on TV to talk about having birthday parties on Donald's yacht. While retired politicians and others discuss the back-room deals they made with Trump. While his past business failures are highlighted day in and day out.

Trump cannot handle even the slightest criticism. He will produce bogus evidence, like the BBB fax, or the table full of fake Trump steaks, to back up his lies. The media laughs this off right now, but they will call him on it in the general election. He will double and triple-down on mistakes instead of moving on. He will continue to say stupid things about his hands and nether regions on national television.

I think, if he doesn't drop out in the middle of the campaign, he will be lucky to get that 38% that he polls right now against Hillary Clinton. Not only will that mean a dramatic loss for the Republican Party, in a race they should have easily won, they will face major losses in the House and Senate and state legislatures.

Not only would it be a banner year for the Democrats but for the Libertarian and Constitution Parties as conservatives and liberty-minded libertarians abandon the GOP. All of this because the Republican Party was stupid enough to allow open primaries. It was bad enough to let the liberal media influence the nomination, now we have millions of Democrats coming over to nominate the biggest loser.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016



Marco Rubio needs to drop out of the primary if his goal is to stop Donald Trump, and preserve any hope for a future elective office. Kasich is simply a regional candidate out of Ohio who has no hope to get the nomination but dreams that a brokered convention can be his coronation. That is ridiculous, Kasich and Rubio need to bow out gracefully before this whole thing gets really bad.

Marco Rubio spent more than a million dollars advertising in Michigan and had nothing to show for it. Kasich needed to come in second to be able to keep up the pretense of being a contender for the nomination. These big spenders lost out to Trump (open primary) and to Ted Cruz who spent nothing in the state.

Marco Rubio couldn't buy a state if he were as wealthy as Donald Trump. He didn't even reach 5% in Mississippi. Rubio and Kasich are nothing but spoilers in this primary election. They represent the malleable go-along, get-along country club Republicans who dislike conservatives a lot more than they dislike the left.

It should be obvious to anyone that this is now a two-man race. The Democrat Trump and a true conservative are the choices and the country clubbers need to make their choice, now. As much a they would like to take this to convention, it's a bad bad idea. They are already trying to change the convention rules to benefit candidates that won almost no delegates.

Donald Trump must be stopped. His whole goal is the destruction of the Republican Party, he hasn't kept that a secret. The man has so many skeletons in his closet and on his mantle and framed on his wall, he's proud of his flaws, he has no real hope of winning the general election. Not that I think he ever really intended to.

I said that Trump is like the love child of Lex Luthor and Gordon Geko with his philosophy of greed and destruction. At the moment, though, he reminds me of the possessed doll Chucky who wants to destroy and wreak havoc.

The way he throws around insults and lies about everything, it sometimes seems he is trying to lose and can't shake off the sycophantic supporters. When the Republican “leader” is dissing Nancy Reagan's looks and generally acting like that mouthy kid you hated back in school.

Trump also released a video of himself verbally attacking some of the former Trump U students that have filed suit. A stupid move, but Trump can't admit when he is wrong. He is a narcissist and it against his nature, instead he doubles and triples down. Imagine making a wrong turn an deciding that you should just keep driving forward defiantly. That is Trump.

A note: Six years ago Trump University was denied the ability to practice in the state of Texas due to “deceptive trade practices” by state Attorney General Greg Abbott who is now the Governor. Even in 2010, with a D from the BBB, it was already established that the thing wasn't above-board.

With a primary looming in Hawaii, Donald Trump -true to form- tweeted “I employ many people in Hawaii at my great hotel in Honolulu. I’ll be there very soon. Vote for me, Hawaii!”.

It's not his hotel. He didn't develop it, run it or own it. All he did was license the hotel to use his famous name. (and no, not Drumpf) This is something Trump does a lot, and many of the outfits using his name have been little more than scams.

It is harder and harder to imagine this buffoon as President. Then again, as Ted Cruz said, Trump might be the only person on Earth who couldn't beat Hillary in November.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Frauds love their fraudster-in-chief


Donald Trump is a rude and arrogant narcissistic con-man. Donald Trump is many bad things, he is the embodiment of every stereotype of a Hollywood bad guy, villain and heel. Yet, as bad as he is Trump is not the biggest problem this country has.

It is the dumb and ignorant people who support him that are the bigger problem. You see, when Trumpismo finally crashes and burns to cinders, the slavishly loyal sycophants will still be around. They won't suddenly get a clue and become normal again. No, once riled up the masses of stupid people will stay riled up. Blame inertia.

Donald Trump lies and casts false aspersions like he breathes. So do his worst followers who think nothing of making up and happily spreading the most base of lies about anyone who dares raise a concern about their new lord and master. Truth, facts, history, logic, common sense... none of these things are very important in their battle against reality.

Once upon a time they pretended they liked Ted Cruz, he was swell guy. Often they pretended they could support either for President. Knowing their guy had no legitimacy in conservative politics (for good reason) they commonly used them together “Go Trump! Go Cruz!”. They did not mean it, of course, it was just politically expedient.

Of course when anyone else threatened to get good poll ratings the knives came out. Carly Fiorina was called “ugly” (she is a cancer survivor and she is proud of her scars), then Ben Carson became “psycho like a child molester) when he pulled up to Trump in polls. You might remember the 9-minute ranting of the madman Trump as he drove the stake into the Carson campaign. Ben Carson would never recover.

Jeb was always a useful punching bag.

Now finally we have Ted Cruz coming into the cross-hairs of Trump. The same Trump that declared Ted eligible to run for President during a nationally televised debate, saying that he had his lawyers vet the Senator and all was good. Suddenly, Ted Cruz is not eligible, he barely walked over the border from Canada from the slanders thrown at him. These eligibility suits are being thrown out now.

His sycophantic followers picked up his torch. They basically accused Cruz of being a supporter of the New World Order. Actually, Ted Cruz had fought against the world court and for US sovereignty and won at the Supreme Court. Medellin v Texas is the reason that the Hague is not extraditing Americans.

Then they attacked Heidi Cruz for being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and that she supported a North American Union. Actually she wrote the dissenting opinion, opposing the North American Union. Meanwhile their guy has tapped the head of the CFR as his foreign policy guy, and not a peep from the Trumpistas.

They took a loan from Goldman Sachs, secured with their own money, to partially finance Ted's original run for Senate. Which was promptly repaid. Their guy owes billions to banks and even owes tens of millions to business partner George Soros. The truth does not matter to these people, not one bit.

Then they try to accuse Ted Cruz of wanting federal regulation of home schools. They know this is a lie from the start. They just do not care. Telling lies is all they have. They know Senator Cruz wants no federal involvement in education, not even in government schools. Senator Cruz has been endorsed by many home school groups because they know he is one of their biggest supporters and defenders.

Lately they try to claim that the Senator tried to block aid to Flint, Michigan. Whether or not this is a matter for the federal government, this accusation is just as untrue as all the rest. A slight delay in order to read the bill is not an attempt to block it.

It should bother them, well or at least sane people, that bills are passing unread!

Of course to sane people, not the Trump tribes, truth-facts-honor-decency and other good things still matter! Just because they are supporting a sleazy con artist who waves around fake faxes from the BBB to pretend his lie is fact, doesn't mean it's fact.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

PRIMARIANS (No Trump Junk Edition)


I found it funny. With all of the parallels to Hitler the last thing the Trump campaign needed was a very photographic moment of exhorting the crowd to pledge their loyalty to him with their right hands in the air. Almost nobody had their right hand straight up, if you know where I'm going. They all mimicked the 70-year old Trump who probably couldn't hold his hand up straight, he was probably very tired by then.

The imagery though. Wow.

Donald Trump got his rear handed to him at CPAC and in the vote in Maine and Kansas. In Kansas he lost to Ted Cruz so bad, that he had half the vote or less of his opponent. Donald Trump barely eked out wins in Louisiana and Kentucky. It is very clear he would not be winning primaries like these with candidates like Marco Rubio and liberal Kasich splitting up the vote.

This did not stop Trump from demanding they drop out and allow him to face Ted Cruz one on one, something he had declined not too long ago. Maybe he was drunk. Trump might have the upper-hand in the March 15 states, with or without the additional candidates. Polls have showed Senator Marco Rubio second in his home state of Florida and polls show that Governor Kasich does well in his home state of Ohio (and Michigan)

Even if Trump wins these states and 165 additional delegates, he will be far from having the nomination in the bag. In fact the establishment which doesn't like Trump or Cruz seems to want a brokered convention more than anything. Possibly the establishment promised Rubio-Kasich spots on the ticket to stay in the race?

I suppose we will now find out whether Rubio is really more anti-Trump or establishment. If his main goal is to stop Donald Trump, he should drop out now. Without making any deal with the Cruz campaign. Personally, I don't think he would make a good Vice President choice for Ted Cruz with his support for amnesty and sugar subsidies and his general squishiness. He doesn't appear very popular in Florida, so he would add nothing and might even hurt Cruz as VP.

Meanwhile we learn that Trump was waving around a fake fax to support his lie that the BBB gave Trump University an 'A' rating. The BBB doesn't have current rating for defunct enterprises, did not send the fax and the last known rating for Trump U was a 'D'. In other words Donald Trump was parading a fraud as if it were the most natural thing in the world to him.

I think that says a lot about Trump. Even when he wrong he will double-down, triple-down and produce fraudulent evidence of his lie being true. No wonder he doesn't think he has ever done anything wrong in his life. He has no concept of being wrong, as if it is not possible for him to do wrong. He is too God-like to be wrong, in his own mind.

Trump, a lifelong self-promoting funder of liberal causes, continues a campaign without substance, without ideology and without any principles. The only campaign theme that has surfaced is Trump's call for America to become more greedy. “Take, take, take and grab, grab, grab.” This is the Trump manifesto if there is one.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Trump, the National Vulgarian


So, Donald Trump doesn't want to keep associating with those horrible, pesky, icky conservatives at the CPAC convention. I am sure there will be some lame excuse. Some kind of conspiracy theory no doubt to explain that shadowy forces are at work for nefarious purposes. Balderdash!

At the last debate Donald Trump expressed a softer line on immigration, only to retract it the next day.

At the last debate Donald Trump stridently and unapologetically supported torture of our enemies and of slaughtering the innocent wives and children of terrorists. This is not just plain evil, it is in violation of the Geneva Convention, an actual war crime. When told that some soldiers might refuse such unlawful and horrifyingly evil orders he responded with a veiled threat saying they will definitely obey him.

So Donald Trump left us reeling and wondering if our soldiers were going to commit atrocities for the greater glory of Trumpland for the new emperor. Would we someday have to watch New Nuremberg trials? Okay many of us were also having nightmare of him expressing confidence in the size of his hands and private parts. Hardly something any serious candidate for President would say, but totally in character for third world dictators.

Invading foreign countries for the sole purpose of taking their oil (and other resources) is also a part of Trump's nationalistic rhetoric. His governing philosophy that the government must be greedy, that it must take, take, take, grab, grab, grab comes clearly into play. Insanely and shockingly this all starts to sound like an actual cohesive world view, with parts that fit together. Not that it is something we would want to hear from one of the leading Presidential candidates.

Donald J Trump, most assuredly not a conservative and most obviously not an outsider, probably has good reason for not wanting to explain his whole political philosophy in one sitting. I am starting to think it would be one of the more repulsive manifesto's ever put into one place.

At the last debate Trump also explained that he'd likely get his foreign policy chops from the Council n Foreign Relations. Which is kind of funny. Many of his supporters have weaved fabulous conspiracy theories involving a CFR that wants to dominate the world and that Ted Cruz is one of their puppets. The same Ted Cruz that helped argue the case of Medellin v Texas which stopped any jurisdiction the World Court would have in the US without our government saying so.

So, the Trumpnauts have decided that the only candidate in the race that has defeated the New World Order is somehow part of the New World Order conspiracy through the CFR. Meanwhile their candidate, Lord Trump, is praising the CFR and talking about making it part of his team. This, of course, does not phase his insane supporters one bit. It doesn't bother them. Lord Trump is strong and he can associate with the CFR without the stench clinging to his ties!

Just like the many lies he tells doesn't bother them. Lord Trump is not only above decency and ethics, but he is also above truth. If Lord Trump tells a lie, it becomes truth! This is how strong Lord Trump is.

Meanwhile the Trump that claims not to know who David Duke is, has apparently given media credentials to a white supremacist radio program and Trump Jr gave them a 20-minute interview, airing sometime Saturday. I would love to see a transcript of that.

The Short-Fingered Vulgarian Nationalist ditches CPAC and moves onward, ever onward, in his campaign to destroy the Republican Party.

Thursday, March 3, 2016



Donald Trump cannot tell you what a conservative is. Trump cannot properly define conservatism in a political context. He cannot explain the philosophical underpinnings of conservatism, the why conservatives believe what they do. This is because, Donald Trump is not, by any measure, a conservative.

He now pretends that he opposed the invasion of Iraq, but the facts and tapes prove otherwise. That is not the point of this article though.

When asked to define conservatism, Trump had this to say:

TRUMP: “Well, I think it’s a person that doesn’t want to take risks. I think that’s a good thing. A person that wants to in terms of government I’m talking about. Person that wants to conserve, a person that wants to in financial sense balance budgets. A person that feels strongly about the military and I feel very strong low about the military. And you have some of these Amy they don’t even want to focus on the military. Our military is falling apart I feel very — I have always felt very strongly about the military. By the way, if you look at vision, the word vision, I was the one that said, take the oil, I’ve been saying that for years, take the oil, let’s take the oil.

There is nothing conservative about invading other countries and looting their oil. This is something that evil regimes do. The philosophy of Trump is one that praises “strong” tyrants like Putin and red China's massacre at Tienanmen Square. The man who has glowing words for Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

In short, he believes might makes right. His philosophy of greedy government (not conservative) take, take, take, grab, grab, grab, comes into play again. Donald Trump is not interested in individual rights, those are not as important to him as a large glorious imperial America.

An America where electronics companies are forced to give government a back-door to software to spy on the American people. An America where you had better get off of federal land, contract or no contract, lease or no lease because, by Gawd, Great Big Government said so.

An America where dissent is punished. Again, this is not conservative in the least. The freedom of the press, the freedom of online speech et al, must be surrendered for the greater glory of government. Dissidents and protesters might be threatened with being roughed up and thrown into snow without their coats, before he is in power, but afterwards it will be met with worse punishment.

Donald J Trump in no way espouses conservatism. At best he is a big government Nationalist who is hiding his socialist core tendencies. If this man somehow becomes President, not at all a likely thing, there will be nothing holding back those tendencies. National socialism, although not the kind Hitler pursued as dictator, is exactly the philosophy of Trump.

Nothing good can come of it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trump's Schizoid Campaign

3-3-2016 Trump's Schizoid Campaign

“This why we lose. You want a pure candidate who cannot win.”

This is the consensus opinion from Trump supporters. The image that Trump supporters want to convey is one of a strong dedicated leader who will beat back the RINO hordes. The truth, in fact, is quite the opposite. The supporters of Donald Trump have concluded that Romney, McCain and Dole lost because they were too conservative.

Donald Trump even blamed the 2012 Republican loss on the right-wing “too conservative” views of the Vice Presidential candidate of Paul Ryan. Yes, that Paul Ryan. The establishment choice for Speaker of the House who immediately pushed through funding for Obamacare.

Their strategy is to back the liberal Democrat in the Republican primary who won't express any solid opinions, in fact they are all over the map, while blaming radical conservatives like Paul Ryan, McCain and Bob Dole for past losses.

The reason they hate Ted Cruz is the same reason that the establishment hates him, he is too conservative and he cannot be bought. He refuses to make deals with the Democrats. While promoting rhetoric as a backlash against the establishment liberal deal-makers, they promote their liberal deal-maker candidate. Remember “everything is negotiable”.

They claim to oppose corrupt deals in government while promoting someone who boasts about the politicians he has bought. A guy who gave socialist Rahm Emmanuel $50,000 while he ran for mayor of Chicago, and in return his company received millions in tax breaks, which ordinary taxpayers will have to cover.

It is as if their whole 'movement' is some kind of social mental disease. They pretend to oppose the very kind of politician they are celebrating. Apparently we aren't supposed to know what kind of person Trump really is. Our memories aren't suppose to go back more than a few months. No wonder this guy wants to scour the internet and sue the media, he has to hide his life story to be electable.

Trump is a man who thinks greed is good. As if he is trying to portray a stereotypical Hollywood villain he says this kind of stuff:

You know, I get greedy. I want money, money. Now, I’m going to — I’ll tell you what we’re going to do, right? We get greedy, right? Now we’re going to get greedy for the United States. We’re going to grab and grab and grab,” Trump said.

What kind of person wants an activist greedy government? Democrat liberals.

Conservatives do not want the government to be more greedy than it already is. Conservatives also do not think that the job of government is to tax the people in order to give it to major (favored) corporations. These are not conservative values.

There is nothing conservative about Donald Trump and his campaign. The vast majority of his endorsements bear this out. Does anyone really think Chris Christie is anywhere close to conservative?

The conservatism of Trump is as fake as his tan.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Principles of Things

3-2-2016        Principles of Things

The voting center was not very crowded but I did have to wait a few minutes for a booth to open up before I could vote. My brother-in-law's aunt is working the precinct, she said she has been doing this for more than 5 days now. The Democrat table was very quiet although a few came in before I left, giving the poor volunteer something to do. There are no local or county contested races in their party.

I voted for Ted Cruz, of course. In some of the other races my mind went blank, lol. I guess I have been too focused on the Presidential contest. I really doubt I'm the only one.

Cruz has been a constant and consistent conservative warrior. He does not cave or compromise our freedom for political deal-making. The establishment truly does not like an honest man in Congress, he often stands alone in doing the right thing. Mike Lee was his only real support during his 21 hour vigil against funding for Obamacare, for example. He has principles and he does not violate them.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has no principles. This is a man who can lie to your face one day and deny he said it the next, with a straight orange face. “Everything is negotiable” with Trump, and I do mean everything. Your Bill of Rights is not important if it gets in the way of his making a deal. He thinks the Patriot Act doesn't go far enough. He thinks government should have access to your cellphones and computers at all times, without a warrant.

Those who trade liberty for security deserve neither” is a phrase that comes to mind.

Whether he actually believes that or not is debatable. Whether he actually believes any of the promises and phrases he makes on the campaign trail is also in doubt. Even his signature theme of building a wall and sending illegal aliens home is negotiable. He stands firm and absolute for nothing. In 2013 he was calling for amnesty for illegals, and even just last year did the same. Last September his first instinct was to let in the Syrian refugees.

How can people vote for the ever-changing platform of quicksand? It is all an act, an illusion, a hoax. The entire Trump campaign is nothing more or less than trolling the Republican Party, and his only real goal seems to be to make Hillary Clinton electable again. Trump has been good friends with the Clintons, they golf together travel to similar places, like Epstein's Island of orgies.

What are his firm convictions? What are his principles? Besides donating money to liberal politicians, and buying corrupt favors, he appears to have none. He is, as Jimmy Carter and others have said, malleable. He can be shaped and bent as the liberals need him.

The other day he said he is rich because he is greedy. He thinks that is a virtue that the country as a whole needs more of. He wants America to be greedy, he thinks the government should “grab, grab, grab”. He wondered why Iran was buying missiles from Russia instead of from the US, as if that was something that would be good for the economy.

Anger at the liberal deal-makers and compromisers in the Republican Congress in understandable but the idea that a liberal deal-maker is the answer to that is insanely ridiculous.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Trump The Wreck

3-1-2016    Trump The Wreck

Trump says the US “looks weak” to the rest of the world, so his prescription...

"When the students poured into Tienanmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak … as being spit on by the rest of the world" – Donald J. Trump

This is coming from a man promising that Republicans who don't vote for him will face some kind of reprisals. The thin-skinned narcissist has already made it known he wants to “open up” libel laws to make it easier to sue people for saying mean things on the internet.

This comes after he vow to shut down parts of the internet to “fight ISIS”. His comments on Apple shows he also believes the government needs to be able to spy on smart phones, all of them.

Now he complains that Iran is buying their missiles from Russia and not from the US.

“They (Iran) just ordered missiles. I didn't know they could buy missiles with their $150 billion. They just ordered missiles from Russia, nothing from the United States...”
Trump has also advocated a policy on terrorism of finding the wives and children of the terrorists and killing them. This is not just evil and immoral, it is an internationally recognized war crime.

Donald Trump is a liberal fascist dictator wanna-be.

If Trump is nominated to lead the Republican Party, there will be irrevocable damage to the party that can never be undone. The conservatives, Christians and others have always maintained an uneasy alliance within the party. His pro-big government interventionist, pro-union, protectionist, vulgar politics will be the new face of the party.

That will be a bridge too far to many people.

A Trump nomination will split the Republican Party. The best scenario for the GOP is that these groups simply sit out the election and Trump loses bad. The worst case scenario is that millions of conservatives and Christians leave he party for good, joining one or more third parties or staying independent instead.

The Constitution Party looks like it would be the best option for disaffected conservatives and Christians. Its platform is similar to the one the GOP pretends to follow. Except that the Constitution Party actually means it.

Right now the Constitution Party is like a small club, controlled by a few people without much money. But the mechanics are in place for a real party to rise up should millions of people flood in. Watching or taking part in a new party rise up to replace the dying Whig Party, I mean Republican Party, would be exciting.

Hopefully Trump is not the nominee and none of this need happen. People should consider what all of this really means when they vote.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Homeless Conservatives...


If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”
-- Alexander Hamilton

Donald J Trump represents values directly opposite to that of conservatism and I am not along in being one who would never vote for this man. Not only would I never vote for this person should he be the Republican nominee, I will disavow the party altogether. I can not, in good conscience, belong to the same party that Trump belongs to.

The Republican Party has never been comfortable with conservatives and Christians within its ranks, and have always sought to sideline people like us. 2016 is shaping up to be a watershed year, a year where little light bulbs go on inside a lot of peoples heads. The total awareness that the Republican Party is not the proper home of the conservative movement will hit a lot of people.

The conservative movement has had a lot of pretenders asking for our support, our money and our votes. They mouth the right words on the campaign trail and forget all about their supposed principles once they reach the state or federal capital. The fact that Marco Rubio seriously campaigns as a “conservative” after trying to foist an amnesty bill on the country is a blatant example.

He is far from the only one. We could count on one hand the number of tried and true conservative warriors who fight for us in Washington. Often, though, even the good ones succumb to the temptations of power and corruption over the principles they started with.

Donald Trump started on the left, and is on the left and would “govern” on the left if he somehow becomes President. Only those wishing to be fooled are fooled by this charlatan. Only those blinded by their desires for him to be a whiter, “more electable”, Ted Cruz can fail to see the enormous and horrible baggage the man carries with and within him.

Many of them are so, properly, fed up with Washington DC and the Republican Party that they have put scales over their eyes. They fail to see that a true Constitutional conservative is also running. Instead they ridicule him call him a Cuban or a Canadian an lie about his record. Such people have abandoned any honor or principles they might have had.

But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.
  • James 1:14-15

If Donald J Trump is chosen as the nominee of the Republican Party, I vow here and now that he will never receive my support nor my vote. I think I can safely assume, due to the many #NeverTrump tags being posted on Facebook and Twitter than I am far from alone in this. The Republican Party was not a good fit in the best of times, today it seems that the Republican is a downright hostile place for any real conservatives. For those of us not blissfully ignorant, not comfortably dumb and not blind to the truth, we must look for a new political home.

For myself, I am taking a good look at the Constitution Party. So far I like what I am seeing.

Ted Cruz vs Donald Trump (No Contest)

February 28, 2016

Since 2008, and even long before, the conservative movement has been longing for another Ronald Reagan. Someone who can represent the best elements that conservatism has, all in one package, and can unite voters from across the right-leaning spectrum.

The conservative movement has not been very successful in breaking through the left-wing media monopoly in this country, or its control of much of the culture, to elect conservative politicians. Instead the Republican Party has tended to discount conservatives and placate them with nothing but talk through election campaigns. We have seen this time and again.

Ted Cruz is the real outsider. Even as a Senator he was far outside the Republican leadership. He had defeated a sitting moderate Republican Senator David Dewhurst, a friend of the establishment.

In 2012, and the election of Ted Cruz, brought a full-spectrum conservative warrior to the United States Senate. His battles and victories in front of the Supreme Court such as his taking a part in the Heller case on gun rights, he helped win a case involving the 10 Commandments (Thomas Van Orden) and also along with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott beat back the World Court and protected American sovereignty while keeping heinous killers locked up in Medellin vs Texas.

This reputation got Ted Cruz past the vicious attacks of Dewhurst and his Texas Conservatives Fund PAC. If only Dewhurst had fought the left as hard as he battled Ted, maybe something different would have happened.

While in the Senate Ted Cruz fought against Barack Obama, the left and even the Republican establishment. He fought lonely battles against ObamaCare and other outrages while the rest f his own party did nothing. Most Republican members of the US Senate do nothing but talk about opposing the left while doing nothing of substance.

He led the charge for tough new immigration laws and battled Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8 that tried to position itself as a “centrist”, middle of the road alternative. Although only a few conservative Senators exist they managed to fight long enough for the American people to see and hear what the Gang of 8 was peddling, otherwise it would have passed before we knew what was really in it.

In fact, the Republican establishment truly hates Ted Cruz more than they hate Barack Obama. The GOP establishment wants to get along with the left, making DC into one big club. It is those few pesky conservatives that keep getting in the way. It is no surprise that establishment Republicans would flock to candidates like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, who get along with Democrats.

Enter Donald J Trump. The billionaire has been a longtime supporter of the left. In fact he has donated to many of the most liberal Democrats. He claims to donate to “both sides” but the facts show he has only donated to liberal Republicans, some of whom have since become Democrats like Charlie Crist in Florida. In fact he only seems to donate to people like McConnell and Boehner when they are challenged from the right in primaries. He is no outsider.

Donald Trump has boasted about buying political favors from politicians. In 2014 he donated to Rahm Emmanuel's mayoral bid who had served as Barack Obama's Chief of Staff, and later received millions in tax breaks from the city.

Donald Trump has boasted about his numerous affairs. After her death he claimed he could have “banged” Princess Diana. In truth, she had found his advances to be quite disturbing. He also once told a journalist he could take his wife away. His present and fourth wife is a former porn model.

On political issues Donald Trump has been all over the map, often changing positions completely in a single day. Even his signature, ever-morphing, proposal to expel illegal immigrants and build a wall along the southern border rings hollow when one reads the fine print where he promises to let the “good ones” back in. his first position on Syrian refugees was to let them come to America but within a short time this had changed to being a very anti-refugee position.

Donald Trump is clearly still a liberal. His first instinct on every issue has been liberal. What comes afterward is all political expediency. Even his rallying cry of being an outsider has morphed to being a deal-maker who can negotiate with the Democrats and “get things done”.

This is exactly the attitude of the establishment.