Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Principles of Things

3-2-2016        Principles of Things

The voting center was not very crowded but I did have to wait a few minutes for a booth to open up before I could vote. My brother-in-law's aunt is working the precinct, she said she has been doing this for more than 5 days now. The Democrat table was very quiet although a few came in before I left, giving the poor volunteer something to do. There are no local or county contested races in their party.

I voted for Ted Cruz, of course. In some of the other races my mind went blank, lol. I guess I have been too focused on the Presidential contest. I really doubt I'm the only one.

Cruz has been a constant and consistent conservative warrior. He does not cave or compromise our freedom for political deal-making. The establishment truly does not like an honest man in Congress, he often stands alone in doing the right thing. Mike Lee was his only real support during his 21 hour vigil against funding for Obamacare, for example. He has principles and he does not violate them.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has no principles. This is a man who can lie to your face one day and deny he said it the next, with a straight orange face. “Everything is negotiable” with Trump, and I do mean everything. Your Bill of Rights is not important if it gets in the way of his making a deal. He thinks the Patriot Act doesn't go far enough. He thinks government should have access to your cellphones and computers at all times, without a warrant.

Those who trade liberty for security deserve neither” is a phrase that comes to mind.

Whether he actually believes that or not is debatable. Whether he actually believes any of the promises and phrases he makes on the campaign trail is also in doubt. Even his signature theme of building a wall and sending illegal aliens home is negotiable. He stands firm and absolute for nothing. In 2013 he was calling for amnesty for illegals, and even just last year did the same. Last September his first instinct was to let in the Syrian refugees.

How can people vote for the ever-changing platform of quicksand? It is all an act, an illusion, a hoax. The entire Trump campaign is nothing more or less than trolling the Republican Party, and his only real goal seems to be to make Hillary Clinton electable again. Trump has been good friends with the Clintons, they golf together travel to similar places, like Epstein's Island of orgies.

What are his firm convictions? What are his principles? Besides donating money to liberal politicians, and buying corrupt favors, he appears to have none. He is, as Jimmy Carter and others have said, malleable. He can be shaped and bent as the liberals need him.

The other day he said he is rich because he is greedy. He thinks that is a virtue that the country as a whole needs more of. He wants America to be greedy, he thinks the government should “grab, grab, grab”. He wondered why Iran was buying missiles from Russia instead of from the US, as if that was something that would be good for the economy.

Anger at the liberal deal-makers and compromisers in the Republican Congress in understandable but the idea that a liberal deal-maker is the answer to that is insanely ridiculous.

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