Tuesday, March 8, 2016



Marco Rubio needs to drop out of the primary if his goal is to stop Donald Trump, and preserve any hope for a future elective office. Kasich is simply a regional candidate out of Ohio who has no hope to get the nomination but dreams that a brokered convention can be his coronation. That is ridiculous, Kasich and Rubio need to bow out gracefully before this whole thing gets really bad.

Marco Rubio spent more than a million dollars advertising in Michigan and had nothing to show for it. Kasich needed to come in second to be able to keep up the pretense of being a contender for the nomination. These big spenders lost out to Trump (open primary) and to Ted Cruz who spent nothing in the state.

Marco Rubio couldn't buy a state if he were as wealthy as Donald Trump. He didn't even reach 5% in Mississippi. Rubio and Kasich are nothing but spoilers in this primary election. They represent the malleable go-along, get-along country club Republicans who dislike conservatives a lot more than they dislike the left.

It should be obvious to anyone that this is now a two-man race. The Democrat Trump and a true conservative are the choices and the country clubbers need to make their choice, now. As much a they would like to take this to convention, it's a bad bad idea. They are already trying to change the convention rules to benefit candidates that won almost no delegates.

Donald Trump must be stopped. His whole goal is the destruction of the Republican Party, he hasn't kept that a secret. The man has so many skeletons in his closet and on his mantle and framed on his wall, he's proud of his flaws, he has no real hope of winning the general election. Not that I think he ever really intended to.

I said that Trump is like the love child of Lex Luthor and Gordon Geko with his philosophy of greed and destruction. At the moment, though, he reminds me of the possessed doll Chucky who wants to destroy and wreak havoc.

The way he throws around insults and lies about everything, it sometimes seems he is trying to lose and can't shake off the sycophantic supporters. When the Republican “leader” is dissing Nancy Reagan's looks and generally acting like that mouthy kid you hated back in school.

Trump also released a video of himself verbally attacking some of the former Trump U students that have filed suit. A stupid move, but Trump can't admit when he is wrong. He is a narcissist and it against his nature, instead he doubles and triples down. Imagine making a wrong turn an deciding that you should just keep driving forward defiantly. That is Trump.

A note: Six years ago Trump University was denied the ability to practice in the state of Texas due to “deceptive trade practices” by state Attorney General Greg Abbott who is now the Governor. Even in 2010, with a D from the BBB, it was already established that the thing wasn't above-board.

With a primary looming in Hawaii, Donald Trump -true to form- tweeted “I employ many people in Hawaii at my great hotel in Honolulu. I’ll be there very soon. Vote for me, Hawaii!”.

It's not his hotel. He didn't develop it, run it or own it. All he did was license the hotel to use his famous name. (and no, not Drumpf) This is something Trump does a lot, and many of the outfits using his name have been little more than scams.

It is harder and harder to imagine this buffoon as President. Then again, as Ted Cruz said, Trump might be the only person on Earth who couldn't beat Hillary in November.

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