Friday, March 11, 2016

White Rabbit and the Mad Hater

3-12-2016 The White Rabbit and the Mad Hater

Marco Rubio had a chance to bow out gracefully and retain some sort of political future for himself, possibly in a Ted Cruz administration. He seems to have blown that chance. Knowing that he had no chance at all to win in Ohio, Marco made the “magnanimous” gesture of telling his (few) Ohio supporters to cast a vote for Kasich instead.

Then Marco Rubio agents joined Ted Cruz rallies and passed out pamphlets announcing a deal between the candidates where Rubio would have Florida, Kasich would have Ohio and Ted Cruz would focus on the other states. Erick Erickson, a long-time Rubio supporter before conceding reality and backing Cruz was alerted to this “deal” and reported it online.

There was no deal. It was nothing but a dirty trick from the desperate Rubio campaign which look like it cannot win the Senators own state. As a matter of fact, a few days at a rally in Hialeah, Florida only a very few people showed up. They held it at a football field and barely needed the red zone. It was probably more of a family reunion than a rally.

Make no mistake, Hialeah is squarely in the midst of Marco Rubio's strongest territory and very close to his hometown of Miami. The fact that hardly anyone there showed up tells us that “Marcomentum” is dead and buried. Instead of accepting this reality (he has no chance to win in Florida), his campaign announces this bogus deal.

Not only did the Kasich campaign refute any deal, they said they did not need Rubio's help to win Ohio and Rubio did not need their help to lose Florida. Does he have any credibility left after this stunt?

Donald Trump has long encouraged his supporters to “rough up” protesters at his rallies. It has become a common thing for “disruptors” to be escorted out of Trump events. All too often the only disruption was from Trump supporters singling out people who didn't look right or wore the wrong t-shirt. Heaven help the curious Republican who might have leaned toward another candidate coming to give Trump a chance. They are seen as “traitors” by the mob.

Trump denies that he supports these violent acts committed by his followers, but that comes with a wink and a nod. He has been recorded more than a few times encouraging such violence, even recently in Missouri where at least one ambulance was called he exclaimed “There used to be consequences for protesting!”

Missouri, I can’t believe this. There used to be consequences to protesting. There are none anymore. These people are so bad for our country, you have no idea folks.” - Donald Trump

Whether he was thinking of the Tienanmen Square massacre by the Chinese, after which Trump praised the Chinese governments “strength” and resolve he said the US was lacking, or the peaceful Civil Rights marchers who were beaten with clubs, attacked by dogs and high pressure hoses is the question.

Trump has called for more controls on the media, the internet, government back-door access to all cellphones while commonly saying those who oppose him were “going to have problems.” This is not a man who believes in freedom of speech, to say the least.

Did anyone really think this would create more “unity” in this country?

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