Friday, January 28, 2011

Tweeting Disaster

Egypt in flames.

Domino's are falling and there is a good chance that Islamic radicals will soon rule a much bigger portion of the world than ever before. Dictator (so Joe Bidem, he is) Mubarak may not last another day or two in power. The Islamic Muslim Brotherhood may very well be on the verge of taking over the country.

Another Iran?

Instead of announcing his retirement and handing off his job to someone else, hopefully nixing the revolt in the bud, he imposes curfews and sends in the army to beat them back. Opposition leader an incompetent boob (International Atomic Energy Agency dweeb) El Baradei is under house arrest.

The phone and internet systems are off.

So what does our esteemed Dear Reader say about all this?

He has his press secretary send out a tweet. Yes, thats right, a freaking tweet.

Very concerned about violence in Egypt - government must
respect rights of the Egyptian people & turn on social networking and


Thats it? Lets just try to ignore that this is the President who wants the power to shut off the internet in this country, hypocrite, but shouldn't he also ask the rioters to calm down? This is the same guy who didn't want to interfere in Iran when the government was repressing a peaceful protest.

The entire middle east is going to be run by crazy jihadi's and our President wants to phone it in, the twit.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Who does TIME magazine think they are kidding trying to compare Obama to President Reagan? They could not have chosen someone more opposite than the present shyster in the White House.

2 Years ago when "The Won" was elected NEWSWEAK declared that it meant "We Are All Socialists Now" and now the MSM want to compare him to Ronald Reagan. These people have no shame at all.

US should be inspired by Tunisia

With the fall of the Tunisian dictatorship now inspiring the opposition in places like Yemen and Egypt I wonder if it might inspire Americans too? Not a violent overthrow of the old order but a peaceful reordering, might the TEA Party be a tepid beginning of something much bigger?

There are basic premises in our society that haven't been touched but should be given a stern review. Everything from the idea that government should be able to do anything at all outside the bounds of the Constitution should be a major part of that.

Why should government own large swaths of undeveloped land? Why should the government own any land that is not used for the purpose of governing, say a police station or a city hall? Maybe government should be forbidden from this.

Why can't cities and states be responsible for raising their own revenue without interference from DC? Why do the states send gas taxes to DC and then get some of it back with strings attached? How about we end all forms of inter-governmental wealth redistribution so that every government has to collect its own funds?

Public servants should not be unionized, why should they become our masters?

Should public libraries be privatized? Why should the residents of a city or country subsidies the reading habits of 10% of the population? Let the members pay a monthly fee.

Why is government telling people what they can eat? Where did the Constitution give them that power? Why is the taxpayer subsidizing school dinners now, what ever happened to food stamps? Why are welfare recipients recieving free cell phones?

Since when is religious speech not speech? Why is it treated any different?

Why should churches file any paperwork at all with the government? Why should churches be prohibited from political activism? When did the freedom of religion end in this country?

So we have kiddie porn on Mtv using actors who haven't even reached the age of consent but government wants to restrict political comments on TV and radio?
These people all FAIL First Amendment 101, the whole point was to protect free political speech and not obscenity. Now it is totally backwards.

It should be amazing that the same people who want to card you to use the internet, have no problem with voting without ID.

There is a better chance that your kids will be molested in public school than in a Catholic Church (even a Baptist like me knows that). Yet, where is the outcry?

People are turning into sheep. They fail to question anything. They fail to see the problems that are staring this country in the face.

It is time to wake up and get that revolutionary zeal to turn the old order on its head and boot the bureaucrats and the petty tyrants back to the unemployment lines they belong in.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Deficit is Higher

$1.5 trillion deficit this year.

That is how much more the government will spend than it takes in.


That is more than $4,830 per person. Every man, woman and child, just the deficit.

The government needs to slash spending on everything and eliminate the non-essentials. NOW. Not little trimming of hedges over 10 years.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Small but growing forum

I have a found a conservative forum that I like. I'll probably stick with it for a while too.

It's called Stink-Eye (for some reason or other)

Just click and join

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adolph Obama?

So now the mein fuhrer will have the government setting up medical drug research facilities at a cost of a billion dollars. The state of the union will feature his calls for new government spending "to boost the economy" (because the stimulus program worked so well after all /s).

Merging big business into a partnership with government should work so well, not. Didn't we use to call that... er... national socialism??

By the way, the Mein Fuhrer has kicked off his re-election campaign, maybe you have noticed that?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rand Paul got something right

The Republican Study Committee is touting a plan to reduce the budget by $2.5 trillion over 10 years, mostly backloaded. This figure includes future spending on ObamaCare ($900 billion) not even accounted for in the projected deficit numbers.

While this plan would eliminate a number of leftist favorites such as public funding of campaigns and public broadcasting it would barely make a noticeable dent in the deficit. While it can be considered a start it is most definitely a small part of a good start.

Enter Senator Paul Rand, he has proposed a $500 billion spending cut for this year. This proposal is forthright and honest. The fact is that this Congress cannot bound future Congresses to any spending reduction deal, should it even pass.

I think the horrible truth is that entitlements will have to be trimmed, means tested and eligibility for things like food stamps need to be made tighter. I think government employees should have their salaries cut and have to pay more into their own retirement and healthcare plans.

Even the $500 billion proposal from Rand is not even half the projected deficit for this year, said to be around $1.4 trillion. For the first time since I can remember the Congress might actually debate and vote on real spending reductions. I hope they can use this historic moment to bring some fiscal sanity back to the federal government.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WH led post-shooting assault on TEA Party

According to the Spectator website the White House coordinated the leftwing assault on the TEA Party immediately after the shootings. The harsh tone and rhetoric in the media assault on Sarah Palin came directly at the behest of the administration?

All of that culminated in the campaign pep rally speech that was highly praised by the "Republican" pundits in the MSM.

The White House set it all up from the get-go and probably planned it within hours of the massacre. All of it fooling the so-called Republican pundits hook, line and sinker. The mendacity and the conniving is awe-inspiring.

Some new tone.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eric Fuller reportedly arrested

A week after getting shot by Jared Lee Loughner, er.. or possibly the Cross Hares Gang, Eric Fuller has been arrested for making terroristic threats against a TEA Party leader official at a Town Hall meeting. Eric Fuller who intends to pin the blame on Sarah Palin and her gang associates Glenn "Clyde" Beck and Sharron "Bonnie" Angle, is apparently crazier than Jared Lee Loughner.
Congresswoman Terri Proud (R) was apparently sitting next to the idiot.

All of this comes from a Fox News Alert, so it may or may not be true.

By the way...

...that last post is sarcastic parody.... just in case you missed it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

It is time for the real killer to be arrested!!

We now have an eyewitness account from one of the victims shot on Saturday that it was indeed Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Sharron Angle who are at fault.

The newly-dubbed 'Cross Hare Gang' was last seen splitting up, one heading toward Facebook and one toward talk radio. Sharron Angle was last seen heading to the border with Nevada, whose authorities should be alerted! She is said to have tried to defend herself from these charges. That was before we had the witness who was present at the Democrat meet n' greet, he can obviously be trusted to give us a fair accounting.

In fact, now that we know the truth it is time to free Jared Lee Loughner who has been falsely maligned and thrown into the klink. Eric Fuller, the witness who was wounded at the massacre, could be the best evidence for the defense in the case. The statements from Sheriff Buttlick will also be crucial to bringing light to the truth of the matter.

Jared Lee Loughner is innocent!! We have proof, its been all over the media that Palin was the big suspect and now we know she didn't act alone.

Free Jared Lee Loughner!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Libel Media Lies

The Washington Post has no qualms about printing lies for its dear leader. Repeating the words of a man with no fact checking, or rather knowingly printing propaganda lies as facts.

It is just inconvenient that the internet exists sometimes.

The Tucson Sentinel reported on January 9th that Rep Giffords was opening her eyes and responding to simple commands.

How to become President 101

They say Sarah Palin isn't Presidential enough. They recommend she attend memorial services and hand out logo'd t-shirts.

Because that is SO Presidential!

Reign of Terror

If you really want to understand the media of today you should read up on the French Reign of Terror led by Robespierre. Having toppled the ruling elite and chopped off the head of the King and Queen, the blood-thirsty mobs began hunting down anyone and anything different than themselves.

72% of them were peasants, not the nobility they had supposedly targeted. They also went on a rampage of burning churches and anything that suited their fancy. Many were beaten by mobs but some were given the benefit of a summary beheaded.

I am certain the media we have in this country would be cheering on Robespierre, who was by all accounts a madman. For nearly 13 months the bloodletting did not let down but they didn't just go after their fellow Frenchmen (Franternity and all that) they also launched wars against other countries.

Obama launches 2012 Campaign on Bloody Ground

The event is being branded, it will be a sea of blue. ( from the Michelle Malkin website) This is a campaign event, right? It is being flashed on buses and printed on t-shirts being handed out at the event.
And while we are at it let us launch the campaign event with a Native American blessing even though the victims were Catholic or Jewish. Where is the ACLU on this?

Media Empire Strikes Back

The media reaction to the Sarah Palin video today was swift and certain: "the b***h had it coming".

On MSNBC (or Idiots on LSD?) Chris Mathews was keeping hope alive by declaring that Sarah Palin is GUILTY until proven otherwise in the Arizona tragedy. "We can't exonerate Sarah Palin" he said "until we know the truth".

Meanwhile over at ABC they were wondering why Sarah Palin was injecting politics and herself into the story at such a somber time. No, really. Isn't this a bit incredible even for them?

NPR brought on a language expert who says the meaning of her use of the term "blood libel" was "unclear".


Attempted Assassination of Sarah Palin

After the tragic events in Tucson Arizona the "mainstream" liberal media went wild trying to connect Sarah Palin and the TEA Party to the shooting. Of course, there is absolutely no link whatsoever. We now know that the shooter was a deranged nutcase who has had a thing for Representative Giffords for years. Long before there was a TEA Party and before Sarah Palin was a household name outside of Alaska.

That did not stop the media from attempting to incite violence against conservatives, specifically Sarah Palin. The press went out of its way to libel, defame, slander and tar Sarah Palin with something that has absolutely nothing to do with her. Why?

Because the media wants her to be killed by the mob violence they are trying to incite. That is only explanation I can come up with.

Sheeple who believe the crap have even started a Facebook Page called "I hate it when I wake up and Sarah Palin is still alive". This is exactly the kind of thing the media want to see. A CBS poll showed that around 42% of Democrats think the killer (a leftwing, skitzy, atheist pothead) had political motivations in the shootings. (By the way a Republican federal judge was killed)

Sarah Palin is exactly right to call it a "Blood Libel", because that is what it is.

The media has targeted Sarah Palin for the purposes of having her killed, they are hoping that of that 42% of Democrats there is another Jared Lee Loughner.

Oh and before the media go nuts again over the use of the term "blood libel" let us point out that she isn't the first to notice. Professor Glenn Reynolds wrote about it for the Wall Street Journal. Bill Levinson wrote an article for the Israpundit website basically the same thing. Even Alan Dershowitz, who is very liberal, has defended her use of the term. Even a jewish blogger finds nothing inappropriate with the way she used the term.

Not that it will stop the attempted assassins in the press from trying to paint Sarah Palin as an anti-semite now. Of course the term "blood libel" is not anti-semitic, it is just a description of anti-semitic attacks of centuries past where-in jews were accused of heinous things for the purpose of inciting mobs to kill jews.

So it is completely appropriate and in context as used by Sarah Palin, because the media is trying to have her killed.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Lie Down and Take It" says Congressman

Representative Dan "Joe" Dirt along with Peter "the King" Piker have introduced a bill into the House that would require all Americans within 1,000 yards of a "high federal official" to lie prone and avert their gaze. They will be forced to lie face down in order to guarantee the safety of the federal official.

"In the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, where it has been shown that we are in danger of peasant uprisings, it is incumbant upon us to put our subjects in their place" said a member of the House RINO Party Cacas.

Other bills would deem the first and second amendments to the Constitution to be have been repealed. "This event proves beyond all doubt that the average person cannot be allowed the luxuries of free speech and possession of a firearm".

Members of the Democrat elite have applauded these RINO's proposals as a step in the right direction. "Keep this up we might even praise them on 'Face the Nation' but let them keep trying" said one leading Democrat.

"Just an approving glance from a member of the Liberal masters is thanks enough" one groveling House Speaker said, crying profusely.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jared Lee Laughner, Lone Nut?

If you see that video on his Youtube channel he certainly sounds like he should reside in an asylum somewhere.


Did the blue boy do it?

On Thursday, a koskiddie, boyblue, announced that since his Congresswoman voted against Pelosi she was dead to him. Her name was Gabrielle Giffords of Tucson.

Now she is dead for real, along with at least 6 others.

boyblue should be considered a real suspect! Along with Mexican drug cartels of course.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolution

1. Stop procrastinating. I plan on doing this first, in a few weeks.

2. Lose Weight. Hopefully.

3. Find a better job. Maybe one of those plush state jobs.

4. Keep writing in favor of freedom and liberty.

5. Get my eyes checked. Something I put off doing for years and now everything is blurry.

6. Don't waste money. After I start earning some.

7. Give myself some motivation to get this done. Win Lotto, buy an Island!

8. Sleep better.