Thursday, January 27, 2011

US should be inspired by Tunisia

With the fall of the Tunisian dictatorship now inspiring the opposition in places like Yemen and Egypt I wonder if it might inspire Americans too? Not a violent overthrow of the old order but a peaceful reordering, might the TEA Party be a tepid beginning of something much bigger?

There are basic premises in our society that haven't been touched but should be given a stern review. Everything from the idea that government should be able to do anything at all outside the bounds of the Constitution should be a major part of that.

Why should government own large swaths of undeveloped land? Why should the government own any land that is not used for the purpose of governing, say a police station or a city hall? Maybe government should be forbidden from this.

Why can't cities and states be responsible for raising their own revenue without interference from DC? Why do the states send gas taxes to DC and then get some of it back with strings attached? How about we end all forms of inter-governmental wealth redistribution so that every government has to collect its own funds?

Public servants should not be unionized, why should they become our masters?

Should public libraries be privatized? Why should the residents of a city or country subsidies the reading habits of 10% of the population? Let the members pay a monthly fee.

Why is government telling people what they can eat? Where did the Constitution give them that power? Why is the taxpayer subsidizing school dinners now, what ever happened to food stamps? Why are welfare recipients recieving free cell phones?

Since when is religious speech not speech? Why is it treated any different?

Why should churches file any paperwork at all with the government? Why should churches be prohibited from political activism? When did the freedom of religion end in this country?

So we have kiddie porn on Mtv using actors who haven't even reached the age of consent but government wants to restrict political comments on TV and radio?
These people all FAIL First Amendment 101, the whole point was to protect free political speech and not obscenity. Now it is totally backwards.

It should be amazing that the same people who want to card you to use the internet, have no problem with voting without ID.

There is a better chance that your kids will be molested in public school than in a Catholic Church (even a Baptist like me knows that). Yet, where is the outcry?

People are turning into sheep. They fail to question anything. They fail to see the problems that are staring this country in the face.

It is time to wake up and get that revolutionary zeal to turn the old order on its head and boot the bureaucrats and the petty tyrants back to the unemployment lines they belong in.

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