Friday, January 21, 2011

Rand Paul got something right

The Republican Study Committee is touting a plan to reduce the budget by $2.5 trillion over 10 years, mostly backloaded. This figure includes future spending on ObamaCare ($900 billion) not even accounted for in the projected deficit numbers.

While this plan would eliminate a number of leftist favorites such as public funding of campaigns and public broadcasting it would barely make a noticeable dent in the deficit. While it can be considered a start it is most definitely a small part of a good start.

Enter Senator Paul Rand, he has proposed a $500 billion spending cut for this year. This proposal is forthright and honest. The fact is that this Congress cannot bound future Congresses to any spending reduction deal, should it even pass.

I think the horrible truth is that entitlements will have to be trimmed, means tested and eligibility for things like food stamps need to be made tighter. I think government employees should have their salaries cut and have to pay more into their own retirement and healthcare plans.

Even the $500 billion proposal from Rand is not even half the projected deficit for this year, said to be around $1.4 trillion. For the first time since I can remember the Congress might actually debate and vote on real spending reductions. I hope they can use this historic moment to bring some fiscal sanity back to the federal government.

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