Saturday, May 19, 2012

Anti-Freepers or Glue Sniffers?

Over at Free Republic, one of the largest conservative web forums, there has been a recent spate of disruptors from the smaller anti-FReeper website called "TrueBlueLiberty". They are anti-FReeper in that they spend an inordinate amount of their time and resources monitoring, disparaging and mocking what happens on Free Republic, including a lot of name calling against individual FReepers.

Just picking through some recent threads tells you a lot about TBL (or True Glue Sniffers, as I think of them). They continue to claim to be more civil than FR yet you can't tell that by visiting the forum itself. Recently a group of them who were also members of FR descended upon a thread to disparage Jim Robinson, the owner of Free Republic. Known by various epithets, including "JimRobber".

...and another contingent heard from at Westboro Republic

Yes, they would never call names, they are far more serious and civil than Free Republic.

little jeremiah is literally having an orgasm ... the only sexual excitement that old hag has had in the last 30 years

Attacking an individual poster would never happen on TBL, except every other post I suppose. Besides that, they are civil... maybe... or at least that is the claim.

I believe that the moral absolutists were the beginning of the end for FreeRepublic's membership, not the religion forum.

Conservatives who want to transform America into a right wing nanny state are just as dangerous as liberals who wish to do the same.

So, it's that morality thing they object to over at TBL. Wow, that really clears things up doesn't it? How can TBL be morally superior when they reject the very notion of morality?

Its just another issue for the out of touch, old, crank FR folk to yell and scream about how much more moral they are.

Out of touch with who? The majority of Americans are against gay marriage and its failed in every state where it has been put up for a referendum, including California.

Wolfstar: Libby, the dregs and knuckle-draggers remaining at not-so-Free Republic are not in any way representative of all Republicans any more than the far Left fringe is representative of all Democrats. Those people are an embarrassment to the human race, let alone to our mainstream political parties.

Please do not call us "anti-FReepers" though.

So, now us look at some of the comments on two TBL threads that are monitoring FR fundraiser threads. Time to show those that wish us gone that we are FR and we are here to stay also from I'll make a(nother) donation to FR tonight. How about you?

restornu: I could careless if they stay or go FR should be up front who they really are they are not a true Free Republic they are just another version of a KLAN!

Yes, but please do not call them anti-FReepers, they don't like that.

I would no more want to see FR shut down than I would want to see Demolition Derby or Nudes On Ice shut down.  It's kitsch, the potential for high comedy is always there, and nobody takes it seriously except some of the participants.  Without FR, I fear I'd have to turn to raising sea monkeys or watching "My Three Sons" re-runs for my mindless entertainment

Feeling the love, yet?

Well, I hope you are all proud of yourselves. By getting yourselves banned, flamed mercilessly, or otherwise run off, you're destroying FR... or at least cutting into the Fresno Olive Garden's revenue stream. And now you've got Jim's legions all up in your face

Yes, we feel your love.

GraceO'Malley:FR is definitely a hate site with more vitriol than any Klan site I've ever seen quoted there. JR's hatred for Gays and Mormons on FR leads to  the type of invective that encourages the weak-minded and well-armed ninnies at his site to go out and do violence.

Despite the fact that this has never, ever happened doesn't change anything. This person should not be called Grace, more like Malice.

Westboro Republic is here to stay!

They are above all that squabbling and rabble rousing that happens at FR, don't you know?

Stinkfoot: To hell with RimJob and his toothless Free Republic.  That mean-spirited, petulant TBL:Bleep! has run off so many good people over the years - he's getting exactly what he deserves with his now-endless GriftAThons. I will celebrate the day "the lights get turned out" at that racist, Klan-loving, Mormon-hating hellhole of a site.

Speaking of hindu homosexuals ... looks like little jeremiah has made good on her promise to depart from FR, at least for the time being.

Monitoring individual posters isn't creepy or stalker-like at all....

I noticed that too. On top of enjoying JR's Looney Toons, I click on the "moralabsolutes" link from time to time, as that is where the thumpiest of the Bible-thumpers (KJV ONLY! thank-you-very-much) cavort, and saw that the pings were coming only from wagglebee these days. (Everytime I see that username--wagglebee--I picture a very dour Honey Bunches of Oats bee wagging his finger at me, like the Church Lady of the apiary.)

Still not feeling that love.

I wish there was a way to donate an amount like $0.17.   Or a $3.00 Olive Garden gift card.

Ah, such good intentions I am sure.

Sending him a personal check drawn on a long-closed account is likely to rack up bank fees on his end, and help cancel out some other sucker's donation. For bonus points, print up a couple of money orders on your inkjet.  Mail them in from different cities, a few days apart.

Amazingly the others mostly actually bashed this suggestion.

So as you can see the denizens of TrueBlueLiberty, the GlueSniffers, are so much better behaved than the louts on Free Republic. lol.