Sunday, June 13, 2010


I do not intend to continue posting to this blog, but I guess one never knows. I intend to use its blogroll though.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stupid pro-abortion arguments

Of all the arguments for abortion used by the babycide crowd the ones that are the dumbest are things like...

"Don't be so judgemental" You know, like whats a few million dead babies between friends and neighbors? I guess as a society we are much too judgemental about murder, rape and theft too. I am sure we can all come together in peace and harmony, if we just didn't let a little baby butchering come between us.

Your just being "morally superior". I guess, once again, the same can be said of murder, rape and armed robbery. Who are we to judge? Are we really holier than thou?

Or the ever popular "You aren't personally invested", like why do you care?

As if the same argument can't be made about almost every other crime on the books. It doesn't affect you, you should mind your own business. So what if 7-Eleven is getting robbed, how will that effect you?

But of course, as a society, it does affect us. That is why we have laws, because its not okay and it does affect everyone whether we feel it immediately or not.

California: The end

California passes proposition 14.

It's over for them.



There are internet reports going around saying that the Taliban have hanged a 7-year old boy they accused of spying.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Reuters and fake pics

The anti-Israeli slant in the so-called "mainstream" media is that pronounced. As a matter of fact the media is very willing to accept Palestinian propaganda as actual news, even doctored photographs.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Those squalid "refugee camps" of Gaza

Business is booming in Gaza because apparently those squalid, desperately poor refugees seemed to have turned things around overnight. Olympic-sized swimming pools, fancy restaurants like "The Club" where all of the UN officials, reporters and activists who tell us how terrible things are can no doubt be found.

Oh the horror.

So obviously they are lying to us about conditions in Gaza, why do you think they didn't want the stuff off the flotilla ships? Do you really think they want second-hand scooters and outdated medicine?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Korea and Israel and the UN

After Israel moved to defend itself from a blockade running flotilla, the UN was quick to denounce Israel without caring to examine any evidence. Israel is in a state of war with Hamas, which runs Gaza, and has every right to defend itself.

On the other hand we have North Korea sinking the South Korean warship and in the process murder 46 of its crewmen. In response to this the United Nations will spend $170 million in aid to the North.

The next thing you'll tell me they will build mosques at Ground Zero.... oh wait.

The whole world is upside down these days.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Government-controlled media?

It could be coming, the argument used by Elena Kagan on the Obama administrations behalf was not a fluke. Not only do they want to be able to control and regulate political speech but they want government to even subsidize newspapers etc. In other words the government would own them.

The newest "potential" policy recommendation from the FTC should scare everyone who believes in the freedom of speech and the right to dissent and "the right to disagree with any administration" as Hillary might put it.

This administration is no friend of freedom of any type.