Friday, February 26, 2010

Epic FAIL Obama

Interesting. The EPIC FAIL of the Democrats at the so-called "healthcare summit" is a fascinating case of self-deceit. They really thought that all they needed to do was tell sob stories, many obviously bogus and they would win?

The Republicans came armed to actually discuss health care reform, they had page numbers and actual parts of the Democrat bill they wanted to talk about. President Obama casually dismissed the actual bill as a "prop" and thought his rhetorical slurs could win the day.

The Democrats gave themselves twice as much talking time and still managed to say nothing at all significant.

Did you hear that the GDP was revisd "upward"? The bad news is this is all represented by government spending, the actual economy is down. We are all worse off while the Democrat Media will proclaim this as good economic news. Government spending on government actually hurts the real economy of course.

Monday, February 22, 2010

WND lies to smear Glenn Beck

Yet another attack from "conservatives" launched against Glenn Beck, this time more delusional and off-base than ever. The WorldNetDaily website broadside gets its "facts" from an article in the USA Weekend section of USA Today, a left-wing newspaper.

Has the World Nut Daily ever heard of "fact checking"? Do they even care that Glenn Beck has already laid the leftwing article to rest on his radio show and on his website? Did they even care?

One of the things they accused Glenn Beck is buying CFL's for his house, when he has specifically said he removed them from the house he rented. One of his first TV programs mockingly lambasted CFL's as a health hazard, he even had a hazmat suit.

The conservative offensive of lies against Glenn Beck will likely continue unabated, I can only wonder why it is happening. Are they jealous of his TV audience? How does it happen that these attacks are coming around the same time? Are the RINO's striking back?

Time to kiss off 'HOT AIR' blog??

Renew America thinks it is time for conservatives to dump Hot Air and its new owners.

It might be a little early but they make some good points.

Glenn Beck under attack?

Glenn Beck has stated that he does NOT support a third party movement.

Somehow that has not stopped others from attacking Beck for um... supporting a third party movement? Mark Levin dug up Bill Bennett, a really old has been, to justify his own attacks on Beck. I guess we could say the RINO's are striking back.

Apparently, Mark Levin who has bashed RINO's incessantly in the past is now accusing Glenn Beck of trying to divide the party by... attacking RINO's incessantly. Glenn Beck simply points out that when the GOP has controlled the government they do not cut spending, they do not balance the budget, they do not trim entitlements, they do not defund leftwing radical groups like ACORN or Planned Parenthood.

Criticizing the GOP for its failings is a good thing, they need to be encouraged to change their behavior should they be put into a position of power again. The GOP wants and needs the conservative vote, it is right to make them earn it. They should not get it by default. That is one of the problems with the GOP, they like to stamp out conservative voices of dissent.

Mark Levin isn't exactly demure and shy when he criticizes Republicans, why should he expect obediance from others? Sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC jumps shark.

CPAC conference was marred by a speaker being shouted down by homosexual activists who are co-sponsors of the Conference and now Ron Paul wins their straw poll. Its too bad that 75% of those who attended did not even bother to vote. They could have had a chance to save the reputation of CPAC.

Come on idiots. Ron Paul is the Lyndon LaRouche of the "Republican Party" which he only joined because the Libertarian Party had no chance to win. CPAC has lost all credibility, it should change its name out of shame. I doubt they feel shame any more than Barack Obama declaring himself a deficit fighter.

The Ronbots and Mittbots were out in full force. What a spectacle they made of themselves and of the conference.

WINNER: Sarah Palin, for skipping it altogether.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big Bowl of Unexpected-O's for breakfast

Unemployment is up again..... unexpectedly

I cannot believe even the leftist media in this country will let Barry Obama get away with acting as if he and the Democrats in Congress have nothing to do with the out of control spending. Now he is appointing a Commission to "study" how they are spending more than they take in?

You guys wrote the budget.

Then in the same speech he talks about he signed a "Paygo" bill last week and will freeze "discretionary" spending next year. Right. If you guys did do "Paygo" you wouldn't have a $1.6 trillion deficit, you wouldn't have increased the debt ceiling by $2 trillion. You wouldn't pretend to need a Commission to "study" what you did.

You guys wrote the budget.

You don't need a Commission to study that.

On second thought I just heard a news report on ABC Radio that started off with "It's kind of like hiring a credit counselor..."

Still covering for the bankrupter of America.

Welcome back, Carter!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mt Vernon Statement is Vague and Disappointing

Some conservative "leaders" have gathered and produced a document they believe might ignite some passion and engineer a conservative renewal. It is called the Mount Vernon Statement, as in the home of George Washington.

I find it to be a weak, vague "can we change back now?" kind of statement. It is a weak and disappointing read. It will not energize the conservative movement nor bring aboard independents and apolitical people. It is too vague and watered down to mean anything.

The points it makes are vague. It should have included some specific policy initiatives such as an end to corporate welfare and cronyism where government favors with regulations and even funds favored businesses. This is an idea that rank and file Democrat voters would agree with as well as Republicans, yet politicians and bureaucrats continue to sell out time and time again.

How do you carry it out?

Does the Republican Party of today believe in these prinicples? How can voting for the GOP as it stands today further conservatism?

There a number of conservative ideas that will find general agreement with rank and file Democrat voters, but getting politicians on either side to actually pursue them has proven impossible time and time again.

The Mount Vernon Statement will be about as effective as a limp noodle used to flog a rock.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

House passes Big Brother Act 422-5

Why am I not surprised?

The government will now require every ISP to log every website everyone visits, so the government will know where you have been online.

This isn't new but why don't these Congressman ever read these things?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Jihad?

Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth Freeway shut down due to Bomb Scare. Possible Terror incident.

Happy Valentines Day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tracking, Tracking....

Does it concern anyone but me that the government wants to track every website you visit and now track your cellphones?

These same people went nuts when Bush wanted to track terrorists and now they want to track every single American instead?

Who's side is this government on?


DoJ pushes for warrantless cellphone taps!

FBI wants to know what websites everyone visits

I support the Iranian Protesters

The people who brave the batons and the religious police to make their voices heard despite the threats by the government. They face being spray-painted by the governments forces for later indentification. They face having their vehicles bashed in, they face tear gas and rubber bullets to make their opposition known.

The government of Iran can try to shut down twitter and internet access, it can try to control the images seen around the world. The word still leaks out, online with Facebook and blogs and sometimes even on the governments own TV feed.

The crowds you see on TV are the "pro"-regime crowds who were promised food to attend. They face no violence to be there, they dare not make their voices heard. They are the compliant ones.

You can see the same kind of thing shaping up in Venezuela with its own groups of "pro-Chavez" marchers. Many of them ordered to be there at risk of losing their jobs. Carrying the same signs, wearing the same t-shirts.

This is how the far-left will organize every country they take full control of.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Green Police


You are driving your Audi into Maryland from a neighboring state and find yourself at a border checkpoint with heavily armed soldiers and guard dogs. You see dogs sniffing the cars in line in front of you and people holding hand held sensors following along.

They must be looking for illegal narcotics, you think to yourself.

Soon the dogs reach your vehicle and start barking at pulling at their leashes. Three armed officers run to your car and open your door.

"Get out of the car, sir"

"What's wrong?" You ask as you comply. They motion for you to move away from the car, and you comply. The men with the hand held sensors have arrived, one of the armed officers stands next to you. You feel very nervous, something is amiss here.

Then you look closer at the badge next to you, Environmental Protection Agency. Now you are really worried. You wish it was the DEA instead.

"Sir your vehicle is emitting an illegal amount of carbon and other particulates. Under the federal and state statutes here in Maryland we have to impound the car and have it destroyed" the woman in the white shirt tells you. You start to respond that the car had passed inspection just months ago but then you see the logo on her shirt: Climate Response Unit.

People have been disappeared by the CRU. Everyone hears the stories, everyone knows someone who just vanished one day or night. Illegal light bulbs could get you fined and multiple violations could mean serious jailtime. Fireplaces had been torn down for most people, a few of the high and mighty still kept and used theirs, without hassle.

Some pigs are more equal than others.

"I complied with all regulations" you plead, "I don't see how it is out of line now",

You think about the daughter who expected to see you, the grandchilds fourth birthday party you will probably miss. Where is grandpa? Jail? Missing?

"This is a serious offense sir"

"But I complied, I always comply"

Your head drops to your chest as they pull your arms behind you.

"You are guilty until proven otherwise. You have a right to admit guilt. You have a right to pleadge loyalty and compliance to the state and its regulations...."

"I always comply" you whisper to no-one in particular.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flies to meet Spider in his Parlor

"The flies don't like my beautiful web." said the Spider to his Chief Aide " I do not understand this, it is such a beautiful and attractive web. The location is ideal. We must attract those pesky flies"

"We shall send them invitations" The Chief Aide said, "This time we will offer to actually listen to their ideas and consider compromise"

Both laughed.

The gilded invitations were sent to the fly leaders, the chorus of flies laughed and sang "No way are we that stupid." None of the flies thought their leaders would agree to the meeting.

But they did.

The Spider was ecstatic.

Lunch was coming.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rep. John Murtha dead

They say if you can say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.

So I won't say that Murtha is a hateful, corrupt, evil little worm of a man who slandered our Marines to make political hay out of war.

No, I won't say that.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fudging the books, Pawning America

Does anyone really believe the unemployment rate is down? The number of unemployed went up but the rate drops?

The government is manipulating numbers again, as it always does. How many people quit looking for work out of frustration? How many stopped getting benefits? These people no longer get counted as unemployed?

The real rate is probably between 16-19%.

Don't expect the government to ever use the real numbers, not even the GOP administrations will do that. The fact is there has been no recovery these past 6 months that we have been told there were. Only the media keeps being stunned by the economic numbers, especially when they are revised to the worst. Somehow they never have to be revised better, probably a good reason for that.

Last years "stimulus" bill is still only 20% spent and much of that will be spent this year, giving the country a fake recovery. It's actually a bubble that will burst sometime in 2011 if not after the elections this year.

Then there is the National Debt being grown at an extraordinary rate, half of this years budget-if not more- is debt. Assuming Congress passes what President Obama is asking for, a really big "IF", they could actually make it worse.

I am not sure if the United States can get out of this mess short of heavily inflating its currency so as to cause a lot of pain to the poor and middle class. Imagine prices skyrocketing, which do we pay this month the electric bill or the water bill? Do why beans or rice for dinner?

The leftist dreams for this country are shanty towns connected by high-speed rail and government control of everything. This country has been hawked in the pawn shop of the world and there is no way we can afford to make the payments.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Federal Budget

1. No Corporate subsidies or bail outs of any type. Government should not be taking sides in business, like favoring GM over Ford or Toyota. Neither should it try to influence the way business is done by offering incentives here and there. If you think businesses are too heavily taxed (passed on to consumers) and their customers refuse to buy, then give them an across the board tax cut.

2. Most agricultural subsidies and "price supports" need to be done away with. Things that limit competition or dictate prices should be scrapped. You should not need a federal license to grow a peanut or sugar cane.

3. Welfare benefits should not be given to illegal aliens. Free education and healthcare? Let us get their home countries to pay for them, before we give it. There is no reason for the people of this country to be taxed to give away benefits to foreigners who violate our laws.

4. Government should not be funding "community organizations" like ACORN, it should not be funding any non-government organizations. It should also end funding of NPR and PBS.

5. Government needs to get out of the banking, home loan and student loan businesses.

6. We can merge many of the welfare bureaucracies into a single agency, meaning many fewer federal and state employees. We can end things like Section 8, AFDC and Food Stamps and simply send the truly poor a monthly cash "gift". We could actually increase the amount they get and still save massive amounts of tax dollars with less bureaucracy.

7. End automatic foreign aid. Make massive cuts to the money we spend on "international" agencies like the United Nations.

8. Cut Congressional staffs, cut perks, limit their travel budgets and stop allowing Pelosi's kids and grandkids get free rides on military aircraft and thousand dollar-a-week liquor tabs. This is nothing but one of the many slush funds that rich members of Congress use at taxpayer expense. We should find them and shut them down.

These are just some of the ideas I have. I bet others can come up with a lot of things in the federal budget that could be eliminated or cut. The taxpayers of this country should not have to continue to fund the massive greedy apetite of the leviathan.