Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mt Vernon Statement is Vague and Disappointing

Some conservative "leaders" have gathered and produced a document they believe might ignite some passion and engineer a conservative renewal. It is called the Mount Vernon Statement, as in the home of George Washington.

I find it to be a weak, vague "can we change back now?" kind of statement. It is a weak and disappointing read. It will not energize the conservative movement nor bring aboard independents and apolitical people. It is too vague and watered down to mean anything.

The points it makes are vague. It should have included some specific policy initiatives such as an end to corporate welfare and cronyism where government favors with regulations and even funds favored businesses. This is an idea that rank and file Democrat voters would agree with as well as Republicans, yet politicians and bureaucrats continue to sell out time and time again.

How do you carry it out?

Does the Republican Party of today believe in these prinicples? How can voting for the GOP as it stands today further conservatism?

There a number of conservative ideas that will find general agreement with rank and file Democrat voters, but getting politicians on either side to actually pursue them has proven impossible time and time again.

The Mount Vernon Statement will be about as effective as a limp noodle used to flog a rock.

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