Monday, February 22, 2010

WND lies to smear Glenn Beck

Yet another attack from "conservatives" launched against Glenn Beck, this time more delusional and off-base than ever. The WorldNetDaily website broadside gets its "facts" from an article in the USA Weekend section of USA Today, a left-wing newspaper.

Has the World Nut Daily ever heard of "fact checking"? Do they even care that Glenn Beck has already laid the leftwing article to rest on his radio show and on his website? Did they even care?

One of the things they accused Glenn Beck is buying CFL's for his house, when he has specifically said he removed them from the house he rented. One of his first TV programs mockingly lambasted CFL's as a health hazard, he even had a hazmat suit.

The conservative offensive of lies against Glenn Beck will likely continue unabated, I can only wonder why it is happening. Are they jealous of his TV audience? How does it happen that these attacks are coming around the same time? Are the RINO's striking back?

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