Thursday, February 11, 2010

I support the Iranian Protesters

The people who brave the batons and the religious police to make their voices heard despite the threats by the government. They face being spray-painted by the governments forces for later indentification. They face having their vehicles bashed in, they face tear gas and rubber bullets to make their opposition known.

The government of Iran can try to shut down twitter and internet access, it can try to control the images seen around the world. The word still leaks out, online with Facebook and blogs and sometimes even on the governments own TV feed.

The crowds you see on TV are the "pro"-regime crowds who were promised food to attend. They face no violence to be there, they dare not make their voices heard. They are the compliant ones.

You can see the same kind of thing shaping up in Venezuela with its own groups of "pro-Chavez" marchers. Many of them ordered to be there at risk of losing their jobs. Carrying the same signs, wearing the same t-shirts.

This is how the far-left will organize every country they take full control of.

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