Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Federal Budget

1. No Corporate subsidies or bail outs of any type. Government should not be taking sides in business, like favoring GM over Ford or Toyota. Neither should it try to influence the way business is done by offering incentives here and there. If you think businesses are too heavily taxed (passed on to consumers) and their customers refuse to buy, then give them an across the board tax cut.

2. Most agricultural subsidies and "price supports" need to be done away with. Things that limit competition or dictate prices should be scrapped. You should not need a federal license to grow a peanut or sugar cane.

3. Welfare benefits should not be given to illegal aliens. Free education and healthcare? Let us get their home countries to pay for them, before we give it. There is no reason for the people of this country to be taxed to give away benefits to foreigners who violate our laws.

4. Government should not be funding "community organizations" like ACORN, it should not be funding any non-government organizations. It should also end funding of NPR and PBS.

5. Government needs to get out of the banking, home loan and student loan businesses.

6. We can merge many of the welfare bureaucracies into a single agency, meaning many fewer federal and state employees. We can end things like Section 8, AFDC and Food Stamps and simply send the truly poor a monthly cash "gift". We could actually increase the amount they get and still save massive amounts of tax dollars with less bureaucracy.

7. End automatic foreign aid. Make massive cuts to the money we spend on "international" agencies like the United Nations.

8. Cut Congressional staffs, cut perks, limit their travel budgets and stop allowing Pelosi's kids and grandkids get free rides on military aircraft and thousand dollar-a-week liquor tabs. This is nothing but one of the many slush funds that rich members of Congress use at taxpayer expense. We should find them and shut them down.

These are just some of the ideas I have. I bet others can come up with a lot of things in the federal budget that could be eliminated or cut. The taxpayers of this country should not have to continue to fund the massive greedy apetite of the leviathan.

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