Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big Bowl of Unexpected-O's for breakfast

Unemployment is up again..... unexpectedly

I cannot believe even the leftist media in this country will let Barry Obama get away with acting as if he and the Democrats in Congress have nothing to do with the out of control spending. Now he is appointing a Commission to "study" how they are spending more than they take in?

You guys wrote the budget.

Then in the same speech he talks about he signed a "Paygo" bill last week and will freeze "discretionary" spending next year. Right. If you guys did do "Paygo" you wouldn't have a $1.6 trillion deficit, you wouldn't have increased the debt ceiling by $2 trillion. You wouldn't pretend to need a Commission to "study" what you did.

You guys wrote the budget.

You don't need a Commission to study that.

On second thought I just heard a news report on ABC Radio that started off with "It's kind of like hiring a credit counselor..."

Still covering for the bankrupter of America.

Welcome back, Carter!

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