Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Freedom Dies


The US is no longer a free country



Romney gets 296 Electoral Votes

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Politics Caused Benghazi Tragedy and its Cover-Up

It was Obama himself who denied additional security to the embassy in Benghazi, Libya not Hillary Clinton as many had suspected. New emails and documents have shown that not only did the President and the administration know that this was a terrorist – while it was still happening – bit that absolutely nothing was done about it. The security was denied only because it would be admitting that the world was a more dangerous place. There was an election coming up and if they admitted this, it might hurt his re-election chances.

The State Department had even issued a traveled advisory warning people that Benghazi was dangerous with real threats of political violence and assassinations in August. Yet the White House continued to allow the Benghazi mission to be almost completely undefended. Intelligence e-mails before and after the attack have surfaced that show that the situation was well known.

When Barack Obama was informed of the violence at the Benghazi mission he went to bed. The attack lasted between 6 and 8 hours. During that time, an unarmed drone was reportedly launched, allowing real-time images and video to be seen by intelligence officials and the White House. Still, nothing was done through the assault and murder of 4 Americans including Ambassador Stevens.

The next morning challenger Mitt Romney openly wondered why the administration was silent on the attack and condemned the terrorism in Benghazi Libya and why the Cairo embassy seemed to apologize to the attackers. The White House went after Romney, saying he didn't know what he was talking about. This was the first instance where the administration seemingly denied that an attack took place.

For days the Obama administration kept the attention of a compliant press on the Romney “gaffe” as they worked on their next distraction. They could not politically allow the issue to become a foreign policy disaster.

The President then boarded Air Force One for a trip to Las Vegas for a multi-million dollar fund-raiser, giving the President hours to review the information on Benghazi. If the reports of the drone over Benghazi are true, then he likely had access to that aerial video as well.

Within days the administration would be openly castigating the Youtube video “Innocence of Muslims” and blaming it for causing a large protest that turned violent in Benghazi. We now know that there was no protest in Benghazi before the attack.

On September 16, five days later, UN Secretary Susan Rice on CBS saying …

“But based on the best information we have to date, what our assessment is as of the present is in fact what began spontaneously in Benghazi as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in Cairo where, of course, as you know, there was a violent protest outside of our embassy–


SUSAN RICE: –sparked by this hateful video. But soon after that spontaneous protest began outside of our consulate in Benghazi, we believe that it looks like extremist elements, individuals, joined in that– in that effort with heavy weapons of the sort that are, unfortunately, readily now available in Libya post-revolution. And that it spun from there into something much, much more violent.”

Two days later Jay Carney said “MR. CARNEY: No, I’m saying that based on information that we — our initial information, and that includes all information — we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this was a preplanned or premeditated attack; that we saw evidence that it was sparked by the reaction to this video. And that is what we know thus far based on the evidence, concrete evidence — not supposition — concrete evidence that we have thus far”

“Based on the information that we have now, it was — there was a reaction to the video — there was protests in Cairo, then followed by protests elsewhere, including Benghazi, and that that was what led to the original unrest. The other factors here — all factors — but the other factors here, including participants in the unrest, participants in the violence, are under investigation”

The President himself, in front of the United Nations, continued the theme almost two weeks after the attack. “The future does not belong to those who blaspheme the prophet of Islam” - a clear reference to the Youtube video.

So why did the administration continue to go down that road when they clearly knew it was not true? Their actions and accusations about the video likely sparked deadly riots in other countries, like Pakistan. 23 people reportedly died in Pakistan riots while a paid TV ad by Obama and Hillary Clinton apologized to them for the offensive video.

So the admin had to keep downplaying the events and the impact. The four deaths were simply “bumps in the road” or it was “not optimal”. Anything to keep from having to answer the hard questions of why it had spiraled out of control.

Was it all a cover-up of their failure to provide more security to the embassy, which might affect his chances at being re-elected?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It was not optimal, it was OPTIONAL!

They watched them die.

They spent months denying them additional security.

Their first reaction after they watched this unfold was to bash Romney for pointing it out first, blaming a Youtube video to prove Romney was wrong. Politics took priority. Every day for 2 weeks they doubled down on the story.

Their blaming the video likely sparked riots in Muslim countries, governments around the world and even the UN condemned free speech, even Obama at the UN condemned those who blasphemed Islam.

ONLY later did they admit there was no protest over a video, only later did they admit it was a planned and coordinated terrorist attack. Then they tried to pretend none of this happened, that they NEVER blamed a video, then they accused Romney of making this a issue. Then Obama jokes on late night TV that it was "not optimal".


They watched them die


NY POST front page on Sunday

He knew

Who would have ever believed that a US President would be able to watch live drone feed of a savage terrorist attack on a US embassy where 4 Americans were brutally murdered and spend 2 weeks blaming a Youtube video and an innocent man? Possibly causing riots around the world by his actions?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Stupid People: A Global Pestilence

Everyone has seen third world countries collapse their economies like Zimbabwe, Argentina and the way Venezuela seems to be doing. We all have seen how fiscally irresponsible Europe and the United States have become. Rushing head-long into brick walls over and over and expecting different results.


France is ready to jump-start economic collapse by electing a President who immediately launched the 75% income tax. You can hear business owners and wealthy individuals scramble for the exits. The result is going to be less money moving around, less money invested, fewer jobs, less revenue and a lowering of the standard of living. It is as obvious as rain.

Then you have the European sovereign debt crisis as countries try to get a handle on the runaway spending. Or at least pretend to. They could easily become Zimbabwe writ large.

You have China, its government knows it is in trouble. With exports down due to the global economic slowdown they did the worst possible thing they could have done. They went on a "stimulus" spending spree building entire cities that lie dormant, massive public works projects. The result is that their hollow-shell economy is cracking like a Fabergé egg being stepped on by a horse.

Imagine that you live in a country under the gun of a hostile neighbour, literally miles from embedded artillery emplacements. You see the world in a death spiral due to unconstrained debt spending, especially spent on the unproductive sectors. Your hostile pal to the north is a "workers paradise" where 99% of the population live in grinding poverty without access to suitable healthcare or even food and water.

Meanwhile your nation is a top-7 economy. Your nation enjoys freedom. Your leaders are elected. Your media is free to criticize them. Your people are free to choose their own education and employment opportunities. A country where 97% graduate from high school.

But somehow, after just a few years of recession you are willing to chuck it all for the "feel-good" notion of "welfare for all". You have to understand that this is how the totalitarian state to your north came to be. You have to know that this idea is unworkable in the long-term. You have to know that this will change your nation for the worst for decades to come, at least.

This simply proves that stupid people can exist everywhere. That people exist who will toss common sense and sanity for catchy slogans and shallow, hollow ideals of "equality" or whatever.

But hardly anywhere will you see such rank stupid on display as this one:

Tax the 1% Rich; Welfare for the 99%

Does anyone really think it is possible for 99% to be on welfare? Seriously? Don't they know that people try to escape from countries that attempt these idiotic ideals? ....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Will Obama bomb Syria to change the topic?

Editorial: DIVERSION: US to Launch Strikes Against Syria?

DENVER, Colorado – After a dispiriting debate performance almost universally banned by media pundits on both sides of the aisle, President Obama rushed off the stage while his opponent basked in the glow of an obvious victory with his family. The President seemed to be in a confused, disinterested mood, not looking at Mitt Romney or the camera very often.

Many of the assertions made by the President were quickly rebutted by the media, such as claims to have trimmed the deficit by $4 trillion when no such planned existed. Indeed in his first term the budget deficits added around $5 trillion to the national debt and interested close to a trillion. His assertion that he cut taxes on small business 18 times was also quickly debunked.

Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad has a lot on his plate with the rebellion, terrorism run amuck and Turkey shelling and bombing Syrian position along the border, but he has to be even more worried now that President Barack Obama needs to change the subject from the campaign to something else.

Deflection, Diversion and Demagoguery has been a regular tactic for President Obama every time some failure or scandal threatened to erupt. When his administration apologized after their Cairo embassy was breached, not understanding that not far away in neighboring Libya the US Ambassador was being brutalized, assassinated and dragged through the streets the White House immediately pummeled Mitt Romney for jumping the gun. Then the administration denied there was terrorism involved for more than a week, instead blaming a Youtube video no-one had heard of before.

The debate has been panned by Democrats and opposition alike in the United States, making it the maybe the biggest embarrassment of this administration. Obviously President Obama will stay true to form and change the subject to something else. With his foreign policy in shambles maybe a bombing campaign against Syria's regime is just what his re-election campaign needs. No matter that it could easily become another Libya, Tunisia, Egypt etc where radical Islamists are coming to power. Only the short term political gains are important in this equation.

Bashar Al-Assad should probably be hiding far from Damascus in a secret bunker right about now.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lawless State?

Can you imagine living in a lawless society, because that is the kind of thing we are getting from President Obama. His administration is asking federal contractors to violate the WARN Act and not send out layoff notices (before the election), promising to pay their fines for them.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

City Votes Down Party Suite Fund


Somewhere in North Texas, a few grifters are crying.

The names and places have been changed to protect the grifters.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Toronto Muzzies Demanding Respect

EXCUSE me while I don't tolerate your evil stupid self.

Obama seeks employment

"I want to work with them to reduce the deficit. I’ve said if the Republicans need more love, if they want me to walk the dog or wash their car, I’m happy to do it.” - Obama


Sorry, Mr. Barack Obama, looking at your resume I don't see how you have enough experience to walk dogs or wash cars

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nobody Trusts the Press Anymore, Good.

A recent poll says that only 8% of Americans have a lot of trust in the news media of this country. This campaign is exhibit #1 that the media is not only liberal but sycophantically so. They have exposed themselves as the bootlickers of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party.

The rigged political polling is one example. They have heavily weighted the polling to the side of the Democrats while all reports say the Republicans have a party ID advantage. Some of the polls are skewed as much as double digits.

The media seem to report everything out of the Democrat daily talking points and they have even stopped reporting any real news that might make the Obama administration look bad.

On the economy, you might remember how they pounded on George Bush when unemployment was around 5%. Barack Obama has never been under 8% and even those numbers have been skewed because this admin has been shifting millions to disability to get them not counted.

According the media Barack Obama has enjoyed a wide lead the whole time, but I think they know better. Their panic attacks when Clint Eastwood talked to the empty chair President and again when Mitt Romney zinged him over the Libya terrorist attack shows that these hit home.

"Tide Shifting Toward Obama in Key States" says a Yahoo headline today, although it appears to be the same story from yesterday with a new headline. How can a tide shift toward Obama when the same media has been telling us that Obama was comfortably ahead?

Yet more media shenanigans. They know that a portion of the voters will vote for the perceived front-runner because they want to be on the winning side. They want to demoralize Republican voters and try to enthuse their own side.

I think it has become so obvious that most people in this country have stopped listening and trusting to the media. They get their political news online from many sources of various leanings. Otherwise they would never have seen the DNC reject God three times, one example where the MSM decided not to report something embarrassing.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama used video as excuse to attack the First Amendment

White House radicals used a video posted at Youtube as an excuse, throwing up doubts about the first amendment in order to deflect blame for being caught flat-footed with the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya – even denying it was a terror attack for 10 days. They also cast aspersions onto Mitt Romney, his Republican challenger for decrying their lack of an immediate response to the murder of the US Ambassador and three others- especially an apology issued from the embassy in Cairo after it was also besieged.


In the last ten days we have seen heavy pressure put to bear against anyone involved in the making of the “Innocence of Muslims”, a 14-minute trailer of which appears on the website. The Joint Chiefs of Staff even called one of those thought to be involved to pressure him to remove it. Celebrities and others have called for the filmmakers to be arrested or even charged with murder. Much of the liberal media in the United States sided with the administration against the film.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, said the filmmakers had abused their freedom of expression while Egypt issued arrest warrants for 8 people thought to be involved. The Obama administration also ran paid television ads in Pakistan apologizing for the "offensive" video.

A unified front against free speech has been waged for more than a week for the sole purpose of giving President Barack Obama a scapegoat to distract the public from his foreign policy failures, including having little-if any- security at the consulate in Libya.

The most frightening aspect of this is that while the President knew this was all political cover, most of those who took his side actually mean it. The “liberal” side in American politics are more than willing to void the greatest freedoms this country has, for some political points.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GOP House funds abortion, ObamaCare etc

The Republican Party is again slapping conservative voters in the face, this time right before a pivotal election.

In a 329-91 vote the US House funds everything from ObamaCare to Planned Parenthood, spending more than a trillion dollars on contraceptives, sterilizations etc.

Any conservative who has any brains will start trying to build a new party immediately after this election.

Romney Controversy Explodes Election Hopes

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign is in disarray after off-the-cuff remarks at an elementary school appearance were made public today by the Palatine Paw Print student newspaper. Democrats say this could be the end of any chance of winning the election the gaffe-ridden Romney campaign had.

"We know the sky is blue and the grass is green... and it is science that tells us how this is" Romney told the class of students.

One teacher who was present and refuses to be named said "It was shockingly inappropriate" and "If we had known he would veer into that kind of territory he would never have been invited"

"We would never allow our students to limit themselves to what really is, we want them to feel free to use their imaginations in science class just as we do in sex-ed".

Experts we spoke to say that using logic and facts in a classroom can have deleterious affects on children.

Joyce Rogers Chesterson-Smith explains "Focusing on the limitations of the so-called 'real world' at such a young age can close the minds of youth for their whole life. We want them to explore their imaginations and not limit themselves to the artificial constraints of the white male hegemony".

Principal Austin Weiner tells this reporter that since the news of Mitt Romney's comments broke he has been deluged with calls from angry parents. "They feel he has traumatized their children, and we agree of course, we always agree"

One parent who did not want to be identified said her daughter Susie locked her play date out of her room that night "It put her off sex for sure. I'm thinking of suing the school, the county, the state and Mitt Romney. My lawyer says there is millions in this"

Mitt Romney is also alleged to have said that "2+2=4" and that the students were perplexed by this.

A teacher explains "This is the kind of racist and insensitive remark we have come to expect from Republicans, but we thought he would be more reserved in front of children. We all agreed that this was the most blatantly offensive thing that has ever happened here"

The consensus is that this controversy, one of many in the Romney campaign, could finish him off for good.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Blame it on Rain? or Youtube or anyone but Obama

The State Department doesn't want to answer any more questions about the attack in Libya that left 4 Americans dead.

I’m going to frustrate all of you, infinitely, by telling you that now that we have an open FBI investigation on the death of these four Americans, we are not going to be in a position to talk at all about what the U.S. government may or may not be learning about how any of this this happened –not who they were, not how it happened, not what happened to Ambassador Stevens, not any of it — until the Justice Department is ready to talk about the investigation that’s its got,” State Department spokeswoman Victorian Nuland told reporters late Friday afternoon.

The media continues to place the blame on some obscure video that had been posted at Youtube for the violence and protests that have spread to at least 20 countries. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff even phoned one of the people involved to pressure him to remove it from Youtube and this administration has also asked Google to review it and determine if it violates their standards (it has standards?) while the FBI and others track down its origin.

The fact is this protest and violence was not caused by a video.

The organized mob that attacked the consulate in Cairo were chanting "Obama, Obama we are all Ossama" and they raised the Al Qaeda after burning the US flag. In some countries they have burned Obama in effigy.

Does this sound like reaction to an obscure film?

Or is it a celebration of 9/11? Or is it a reaction to the leader of the Great Satan boasting, yes BOASTING, that "bin Laden is dead, GM is alive"?

The media is in the tank for Obama and are willing to place the blame on the video if that is what it takes to keep their man from getting embarrassed by this whole mess. That is exactly what seems to be going on here.

The Dead as Obama Props

The MSM will say the dead didn't complain.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What would you do?

What Would You Do?

How is this for politics. If you commit a blunder and a tragedy ensues and your opponent calls you on it... what should you do?

1. Deflect - Trash your opponent for speaking out of turn? (making up that rule on the fly)

2. Distract - Have your media minions trash your opponent and downplay the tragic events.

3. Demagogue - Wag your finger at your opponent and say he doesn't know what he is talking about and to let you do your job. Especially when he is right and you have no clue.

ANSWER: All 3 of them

Deflect, Distract and Demogue

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anniversary of 9/11 Goes Awry

9/11 eleven years later was supposed to be a somber remembrance with a ceremony at ground zero. The day started off with NBC skipping the ceremony for a chat with a Kardashian.

It actually went downhill from there.

Muslims attacked, with the pretext of a film or something - as if they need prodding, killing the US Ambassador to Libya and three others. The Cairo embassy sent a press release condemning those who "hurt Muslim feelings" and someone even tweeted out of there "Islam is a wonderful religion".

Meanwhile the walls of the embassy in Cairo were breached and the US flag was burned and replaced with a black flag of Islam. The consulate in Benghazi Libya was burned in addition to the murders.

Mitt Romney condemned the attack and the White House condemned Romney for condemning the attack before the White House also condemned the attack. The apology out of the Cairo embassy was retracted and disavowed, the tweet was deleted.

By the way, Sec of State Hillary Clinton stands by the press release while President Obama decided to try and sound tough. This turned out to be impossible.

Not surprisingly this mess was played down by some in the media and it is relegated to page 3 or 4 of the New York Times today.

Now we hear from Mike Barnicle and Christianne Amanpour that the filmmaker should be prosecuted. Free speech is now under assault. I wonder if they would say the same thing if Christians rioted and hung actors and producers for some of the anti-Christian and bigoted stuff coming out of Hollyweird. GLEE and the NEW NORMAL are good for at least a dozen lynchings.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Better off now?

Manufacturing and construction at lowest levels in 3 years.


46.7 million on food stamps in June, a record high



We all know there is no recovery. We all know there won't be any recovery while Barack Obama is in the White House.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Anti-Freepers or Glue Sniffers?

Over at Free Republic, one of the largest conservative web forums, there has been a recent spate of disruptors from the smaller anti-FReeper website called "TrueBlueLiberty". They are anti-FReeper in that they spend an inordinate amount of their time and resources monitoring, disparaging and mocking what happens on Free Republic, including a lot of name calling against individual FReepers.

Just picking through some recent threads tells you a lot about TBL (or True Glue Sniffers, as I think of them). They continue to claim to be more civil than FR yet you can't tell that by visiting the forum itself. Recently a group of them who were also members of FR descended upon a thread to disparage Jim Robinson, the owner of Free Republic. Known by various epithets, including "JimRobber".


...and another contingent heard from at Westboro Republic

Yes, they would never call names, they are far more serious and civil than Free Republic.

little jeremiah is literally having an orgasm ... the only sexual excitement that old hag has had in the last 30 years

Attacking an individual poster would never happen on TBL, except every other post I suppose. Besides that, they are civil... maybe... or at least that is the claim.

I believe that the moral absolutists were the beginning of the end for FreeRepublic's membership, not the religion forum.

Conservatives who want to transform America into a right wing nanny state are just as dangerous as liberals who wish to do the same.

So, it's that morality thing they object to over at TBL. Wow, that really clears things up doesn't it? How can TBL be morally superior when they reject the very notion of morality?

Its just another issue for the out of touch, old, crank FR folk to yell and scream about how much more moral they are.

Out of touch with who? The majority of Americans are against gay marriage and its failed in every state where it has been put up for a referendum, including California.

Wolfstar: Libby, the dregs and knuckle-draggers remaining at not-so-Free Republic are not in any way representative of all Republicans any more than the far Left fringe is representative of all Democrats. Those people are an embarrassment to the human race, let alone to our mainstream political parties.

Please do not call us "anti-FReepers" though.

So, now us look at some of the comments on two TBL threads that are monitoring FR fundraiser threads. Time to show those that wish us gone that we are FR and we are here to stay http://www.trueblueliberty.com/index.php?topic=10323.0 also from I'll make a(nother) donation to FR tonight. How about you? http://www.trueblueliberty.com/index.php?topic=10465.0

restornu: I could careless if they stay or go FR should be up front who they really are they are not a true Free Republic they are just another version of a KLAN!

Yes, but please do not call them anti-FReepers, they don't like that.

I would no more want to see FR shut down than I would want to see Demolition Derby or Nudes On Ice shut down.  It's kitsch, the potential for high comedy is always there, and nobody takes it seriously except some of the participants.  Without FR, I fear I'd have to turn to raising sea monkeys or watching "My Three Sons" re-runs for my mindless entertainment

Feeling the love, yet?

Well, I hope you are all proud of yourselves. By getting yourselves banned, flamed mercilessly, or otherwise run off, you're destroying FR... or at least cutting into the Fresno Olive Garden's revenue stream. And now you've got Jim's legions all up in your face

Yes, we feel your love.

GraceO'Malley:FR is definitely a hate site with more vitriol than any Klan site I've ever seen quoted there. JR's hatred for Gays and Mormons on FR leads to  the type of invective that encourages the weak-minded and well-armed ninnies at his site to go out and do violence.

Despite the fact that this has never, ever happened doesn't change anything. This person should not be called Grace, more like Malice.

Westboro Republic is here to stay!

They are above all that squabbling and rabble rousing that happens at FR, don't you know?

Stinkfoot: To hell with RimJob and his toothless Free Republic.  That mean-spirited, petulant TBL:Bleep! has run off so many good people over the years - he's getting exactly what he deserves with his now-endless GriftAThons. I will celebrate the day "the lights get turned out" at that racist, Klan-loving, Mormon-hating hellhole of a site.

Speaking of hindu homosexuals ... looks like little jeremiah has made good on her promise to depart from FR, at least for the time being.

Monitoring individual posters isn't creepy or stalker-like at all....

I noticed that too. On top of enjoying JR's Looney Toons, I click on the "moralabsolutes" link from time to time, as that is where the thumpiest of the Bible-thumpers (KJV ONLY! thank-you-very-much) cavort, and saw that the pings were coming only from wagglebee these days. (Everytime I see that username--wagglebee--I picture a very dour Honey Bunches of Oats bee wagging his finger at me, like the Church Lady of the apiary.)

Still not feeling that love.

I wish there was a way to donate an amount like $0.17.   Or a $3.00 Olive Garden gift card.

Ah, such good intentions I am sure.

Sending him a personal check drawn on a long-closed account is likely to rack up bank fees on his end, and help cancel out some other sucker's donation. For bonus points, print up a couple of money orders on your inkjet.  Mail them in from different cities, a few days apart.

Amazingly the others mostly actually bashed this suggestion.

So as you can see the denizens of TrueBlueLiberty, the GlueSniffers, are so much better behaved than the louts on Free Republic. lol.

Friday, April 13, 2012

No Dog in this Fight

With Santorum out I would have to say people should vote for Newt over Mitt Romney any day. Mitt Romney is not even close to being conservative enough. Even with the status of a has-been, and with more baggage than Southwest Airlines, Gingrich is better than Romney.

There is absolutely nothing from his record as Governor of Massataxes that recommends Mitt Romney for President. Nothing. There is not one major issue where he has shown himself to be even right of center.

He is simply a liberal. He is pretending otherwise during the primary because that is what he thinks he has to do. His own campaign manager said he was an etch-a-sketch candidate and that he would rewrite his stands on the issue after the nomination was secure.

It is amazingly sad to see how many conservatives and conservative organizations will throw all principles out the window to endorse someone who loathes them. Mitt Romney loathes conservatives. He told Planned Parenthood and gay rights groups in 2002 he wanted to be their guy in Washington, that his only connection to the GOP was party affiliation and he wanted to moderate the party if he won.

He is also anti-gun. Everyone knows he authored RomneyCare and the individual mandates. "I like mandates, mandates work". He even encouraged Obama to create a national healthcare system with individual mandates in a USA Today column way back in 2009 I think. He still stands by RomneyCare which is highly expensive and inefficient.

You can look and look all you want and you will fail to find anything in his record that shows him to be a conservative. His current campaign slogans are backed by nothing but hot air.

So why would pro-life groups endorse a pro-abortion candidate? Why would gun rights groups endorse an anti-gun candidate? Why would those calling for repeal of ObamaCare support the man who provided the model and encouragement that came to become ObamaCare?

Who really knows. Politics is a very slimy business where principles are thrown out the window in exchange for expediency. There is nothing about Mitt Romney that would attract a single conservative vote.

Having said that Romney has a problem attracting his own party base, do you think he can attract enough moderates and independents to beat Obama?

Not likely. He is not going to be able to out-liberal and out-pander Barack Obama in the general election. Many of those voting for Mitt Romney in the primaries are going to abandon him in the general election.

He will be portrayed by the MSM/Dem media as a caricature of a right-wing Wall Street fat cat. He says things like "I like firing people" and "I'm not concerned about the very poor". Forget the context, do you think attack ads will provide context? He left a dog on the roof rack for a long trip? He is building a $40 million mansion while he is running for President?

It was no accident that the Obama campaign and left-wing groups created 'Occupy Wall Street' as their foot soldiers. While Wall Street is really providing Obama and the Democrats with massive campaign contributions, they will be portrayed as greedy stooges of Mitt Romney. The left and the media will keep that narrative alive, they will never provide context.

Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee is tailor made for the Democrats and their media to exploit. It is as if Hollywood leftists wrote the script for this campaign in advance and the Republican Party is following it. It would take a miracle of epic proportions for Mitt Romney to win and even if he does, what do we have?

Another leftwing President.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Lone Knight Don Quixote Gingrich

It was impossible to take the midnight ride of Don Quixote Gingrich seriously, the lone knight on his trusty steed followed by the longest caravan of baggage carts in the history of the round table.

"Oy, there be a windmill" he would say "I should tippeth thee, and I shall tippeth thee verily. Then I shall tippeth the same windmill day after day until I have tippeth all of them!"

Months later, tired and haggard he continues his quest nontheless.

"Yes, I have lost 28 of 30 battles but I shall never fail. I will be victorious in the end"

A massive crowd of four listened to his speech, when upon completion a child asks "So, this isn't a circus then?"

"Onward to victory!"

As the lone knight Don Quixote Gingrich vanishes over the horizon into the sunset and the long long long caravan of baggage carts continues to pass the village the little girl looks up at her father "I don't get it?"

"Nobody does any more, sweetheart" he answers

A neighbor takes off his hat and scratches his head and comments "I heard he was once the leader of men, but kept getting swamped in trivial details"

"Ah, yes." the father answers "He once won a great victory, long ago, but little came of it but fanfare"

The baggage carts continued to roll by.

"Now he goes, leader of donkey carts" the little girl says

"That is sad" her father says

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Punishment is Mandated

The USA now has the highest corporate taxes on the face of the Earth, and the Democrats aren't finished yet. Already investment is leaving the country as corporations prefer to build their factories in China and other places. Punishing success at this level will simply make the problem worse and worse as companies move to greener pastures. You can expect corporate tax revenue to keep shrinking.

Obama and Democrats don't care that tax revenues will drop because of high taxes, to them it is about punishing those who work hard not about tax revenue.

Who needs taxes when you can simply mandate that people buy what you want them to buy?

Passed in 2010- unanimously in the Senate, 264-157 in the House the Healthy Hungry Kids Act will now require all students buying lunch to buy fresh fruits or veggies. If they do not want them, they will pay a HIGHER price. A fine, if you will. This will help get the kids use to being told how to spend their own money.

Soon, the government will write your shoppng list. Maybe they will force people to buy birth control and condoms for their kids? Who knows where this would end? Some idiot on NPR was talking about how thee government should decide where the wealthy donate their charity.

It's insane.

Friday, March 30, 2012

End of the World as We Know It?

If the government can force you to buy health insurance they can force you to join a gym, buy broccoli and decide your weekly shopping list. If government has the power to do this, they can do anything they want. This means the end of the free country as we know it. This means we have become an authoritarian nation.

It would be the end of this country as a practical matter.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another witness for Zimmerman - racist?

Another racist witness comes forth to sully the reputation of the little innocent black boy Trayvon. Oh wait, this witness is a little black boy and he says Trayvon attacked Zimmerman that night.

If the MSM mentions this, they will just bash the witness and demand to know he was awake at such an ungoldly hour!

From the tapes it looks like Martin attacked Zimmerman, and Zimmerman was not 'following' Martin. How can you follow someone if you don't know where they are?

"He ran." "I don't know where he's at." And the dispatcher asks for Zimmerman's home address, to which he responds in a whisper: "(house number)..OH CRAP, I DON'T WANT TO SAY IT OUT LOUD. I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE'S AT."

Martin ambushed Zimmerman.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Week in the Revolution

Leftists are nothing but hypocrites. As a matter of fact, leftism could not exist without rank hypocrisy. The group Sandra Fluke belonged to is now holding "Slut Pride" at the formerly renowned Harvard University. The same left that feigned outraged when Rush Limbaugh uttered the s-word won't raise an eyebrow. Meanwhile Slate online magazine has decded to run a disgusting contest attacking Rick Santorum's children, but you can bet that Sasha and Malia are off-limits even when the girls go wild in Mexico for Spring Break.

More faux outrage as a hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer shoots the 6'3" thug that attacked him. The 6'3" football player with his gold teeth and gang tats was suspended for school for drugs, having theft tools and/or beating up a bus driver. Somehow the media reports this as a white guy gunning down an innocent boy holding a bag of skittles. This boy went by the Twitter handle "No Limit Nigga" and his tweets are of the nasty gangsta type. Sweet innocent kid, right.

The Supreme Court hears case on ObamaCare. Of course it's not Constitutional but the left has 3 or 4 justices they can depend on to find that it is. These are reliable leftist votes, they are politicians and could care less about it being Constitutional or not.

The Obama administration is set to give a $5 billion "loan" (har har) to a "private" company called Desert Xpress to build a high-speed train from outside of LA to Las Vegas, Nevada. What is Desert Xpress, you ask? Well the media calls it a private company, but its website offers no information on who or what owns it. Asking questions to the only e-mail contact rachel@lasvegaspr.com returns a note to refer to the website.

So why is Obama willing to "loan" $5 billion of YOUR MONEY to a secret organization with no track record? Because I am sure he already knows who is behind it. The unions, casinos, city of Las Vegas, top politicians in Nevada probably too. The City of Las Vegas is already condemning and seizing properties on the proposed route, they are definitely involved.

Where is the media? Why aren't they asking questions about the Corruptocracy that we are living in now? Of course, they are part of it, they welcome it.

The train will never make a profit. It is faster, cheaper, easier and more convenient to simply drive or fly to Las Vegas. Even if the train was full on every run, it would not make a dime of profit. Therefor it will never have the funds to pay back the "loan" and will probably require further funds to finish construction and then further funds annually to subsidize its operations.

It's another wasteful, white elephant boondoggle. Another chance for politicians to crow about "creating jobs" when we all know that subsidized jobs simply suck investment and dollars out of the private economy. They will end up killing more jobs than they "create" this way. That is normal for government.

Well, that is how I see it this week.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Splitting up is hard to watch

For a while I have suggested that conservatives become organized into a real faction within the Republican Party and we are seeing what happens because we are not. Had we done so we would not be seeing two candidates splitting the conservative vote and allowing a liberal white minstrel show become the GOP nominee.

Not only do we not have a great candidate in the race, we have two guys who both have some flaws. Newt Gingrich is one long train of baggage cars. Santorum is running as Mr. Rogers, he wants to be your neighbor. Amazingly there is also Ron Paul trying to be taken seriously, and in some instances he succeeds (which should give us all stomach cramps).

The Republican establishment is not conservative. We have seen this proven time and time again. The GOP bigwigs and the Democrat bigwigs are nearly identical, they go to the same country clubs and they attend the same parties. They agree on a lot more issues than they disagree. These are not friends of the work-a-day grassroots Americans who cherish freedom and want to make prosperity possible for their and everyone else's children.

Mitt Romney is like Dole, McCain or HW Bush, who only won because of 8 years of being Ronald Reagans' Vice President. Romney is the designated loser of the 2012 campaign, designated by his own party bigwigs. He doesn't mind losing any more than McCain or Dole seemed to mind. They are 'moderates' ('with progressive views' in Romney's case) and they know the game and they are comfortable with it. Remember how John McCain was assuring Republican voters that Obama was a good man and would be a fine President.... weeks before the election? The fix was in.

It is long since past time for the conservatives of the party to form a party-within-a-party. A party with its own funding, recruitment ansd campaign mechanisms. A party that can hold nominating conventions across the country, like super-caucuses, to determine a single candidate to run in the GOP primary. Any other conservative who decides to run after losing this process gets the hand.

If we want to have a conservative party in America again, then we will have to do something like this. We cannot expect that a conservative party will just magically appear out of thin blue sky. Going third party will simply become a macro version of this primary campaign and give the Democrats everything they ever wanted.

I am not sure there will even be elections in 2016 should Obama win re-election, but I know that if we want to have a real opposition party to the two-party-one-party system that we have now, we should begin building that party-within-a-party right now.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mindless columnist writing pap

A San Antonio Express-News column today was just so far from common sense that I had to respond. I don't even want to quote the crap that Brian Chasnoff (bchasnoff@express-news.net) wrote. I'll just link it and add my response:


When people figure out that it is not the job of the government (taxpayers) to buy you things, then maybe this country can make some real progress towards the long-forgotten idea of common sense. Your column is simply a reminder of how far we have come since we lost that compass.

1. Not being paid for by government doesn’t mean there is less access to birth control pills (It’s about $9 a month at Wal-Mart and Target)

2. Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar corporation, not part of government. Therefor it should not be getting government funding, it definitely is not entitled to them.

3. Rosa Rodriguez, judging from your column, has yet to put two and two together when it comes to HOW she gets pregnant. I notice not one single mention of a boyfriend or husband besides the mention of child support. (Talk about mindless)

4. Stop trying to peddle the notion that funding Planned Parenthood doesn’t pay for abortions, I have never yet been able to only fill up the shallow end of the pool.

5. “For every dollar the state spends (invests?-lol) the federal government pays $9”... free money!! free money!! Federal dollars never cost taxpayers anything! How cool is that? ... err... not so much. Anything the federal or state government gives away it has taken away from someone else plus the cost of overhead which is much higher than any charities or the mafia for that matter.

The only ones who are ‘mindless’ are people who agree with you.


This comes a day or so after Georgetown Law Center student Sandra Fluke testified in front of Congress about the need for the government to pick up the tab for her sexual habits. Again, why is it the job of taxpayers to pay for the birth control of wild college girls? Her tuition is probably in the neighborhood of $40,000 per year, and she wants people who make less to buy her stuff for her.

This is greed. Leftists politicians will spend as much of your money as they like pandering for votes, but sometimes the votes come with their own wish list. It is as simpe as that.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Political War on Kids and Families

The province of Alberta in Canada, ruled overwhelmingly by the Progressive Conservative Party, has decided to ban home school families from teaching that homosexuality is a sin. That is correct this so-called ‘conservative’ government now wants to regulate conversations between parents and children in their own home.

This is just one of the latest assaults on freedoms. This follows a case where a man was detained and strip-searched because his 4-year old daughter drew a picture of a man with a gun. The school freaked out and defends their action, calling themselves “co-parents” of their students.


The march of tyranny continues to move onward, and not just in Canada either, but right here in the United States. In the US the far left plays hardball political warfare while the other side wants to be gentlemen and be nice. It has been a political slaughter with very few instances of victory for the lax conservative side.

One day Obama announces that insurance policies MUST cover contraception, without any exceptions it must be “free”. This was followed by new rules and definition from HHS Secretary Sebelius ruling that religious institutions and charities are not ‘religious’ (exempt) if they serve people other than members of their faith.

Since Christian and Catholic charities have long-since stopped discriminating against non-members this means they will be forced to violate their own religious beliefs by government decree. Muslim charities and schools are exempt since they exist to spread the faith and are only for other Muslims. Typical, the Muslims get a boost because they discriminate against non-Muslims.

Not only was this new “right to free contraception” announced, but it is the left who are now running campaigns bashing conservatives for trying to take away the ‘right’ to free birth control. The new meme is that it is the conservatives who are on the offensive against an established right or something when it is the leftists who are waging the assault from the beginning.

The left are not good people, as I have previously explained. They have an innate need to spread their guilt to you and everyone else. You think abortion is murder, fine then we’ll make you pay for abortions! You think children shouldn’t be having sex, fine we will have you fund condoms for kids.

Every leftwing radical organization receives funding from you, the taxpayers, while the leftist base is usually among those 47% who don’t pay any federal income tax. Whether it’s National Public Radio, Planned Parenthood, ACORN, La Raza or George Soros own Open Society Institute they are getting federal grants paid for by those they have declared to be enemies.

This is hardball political warfare and only one side has been fielding an army. The battlefield is littered with the corpses of a once free country. Religious freedom, freedom of association and others are all among their targets. We “normal” people have to open our eyes to the fact that the other side is playing for keeps and there is no end to this craziness: the end will be something like North Korea.

The radical left long ago infiltrated the press and schools and now they dominate them to the point where conservative opinions are either totally ignored or assaulted. Leftwing movies out of Hollywood are common as clouds but try to release a movie with a different viewpoint and it will be attacked as “propaganda”, see the recent “Act of Valor” as a prime example. None of the television networks or largest newspapers could even remotely be called ‘conservative’. Yet every survey of national opinion shows that conservative out-number liberals by wide margins.

They also control the public schools across the country. Don’t be under the illusion that your school district is different, it’s not. The curriculum was written and is pushed by the statist left. Their agenda is obvious.

Not only are schools encouraging minors (even in elementary schools) to have sex (shouldn’t that be a felony?), as much a topic that has been but it seems every class has been converted to indoctrinate them.

History is no longer teaching kids what happened. They are teaching kids to analyze and compartmentalize ‘episodes’ of history and leading them to think what the left wants them to think about it. There is no context taught, anything that doesn’t fit the narrative is erased, ignored or downplayed.

The events and topics that are highlighted in the course always serve to distort real history in favor of leftwing agitation. When discussing slavery and the Civil War how many students do you suppose ever learn who exactly the slaves were purchased from? How many students ever learn how slavery existed long before, everywhere, as well as after it existed in the United States?

Nah, teaching students those things would destroy the narrative. They want the student to come away thinking that slavery was unique to the US, that the US was alone in this evil thing. The whole point is to indoctrinate the student. The same thing happens in English classes. They’ll assign students to read novels like the Adventures of Huck Finn, the Great Gatsby and then give tests and assessments that lead them to conclusions about characters attitudes and motivations. Students come away never learning to appreciate literature but to analyze it from a leftwing perspective. This is brainwashing. They are never given a different perspective, they are never taught to think for themselves, and many never learn it outside of school either.

Political warfare has been going on for many decades and yet most Americans do not even now it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Party of Hate, Greed and Envy

Liberals, as they call themselves, are really better off being called leftist statists. They are socialists who are the most greedy, envious and hateful people that exist on this planet. Nothing they believe is based on actual facts it is all based on raw emotions and those emotions are greed, envy and hate.

They hate the honest businessman who worked hard his whole life, saved his money and invested wisely, creating a product or service that provide jobs to the community. They do not hate the crooked contractor who skims millions off the public trough. Why is this?

Beyond the façade of pretense, where they cover themselves by criticizing the “rich”, they -in fact- only hate the rich who actually came by it honestly. They do not hate the Hollywood bigwigs who read lines someone else wrote and make a bundle that is then blown on drugs and sex. Indeed, they see these people as role models. They do not hate the thug athlete who still acts like a gangbanger off the court; they see this as his proper role. If that same athlete was as well-disciplined off the court as he was on it, they would hate his guts. If that Hollywood actor was clean and sober and happily, loyally, married and only took part in family friendly movies, they would hate him.

Why is it that the same people who detest the present Queen of England, who hasn’t oppressed anyone lately, love and celebrate thug dictators like Fidel Castro who have made careers literally stealing billions from his own impoverished citizens who are treated like slaves?

Because he is one of them, he is seen as successful by those who wish to be like him. They see Hugo Chavez on television walking down a street and pointing at a building saying “expropriate!” (theft by government) and they see how open and brazen he is about it and they are emboldened and given hope that they too will have their day. Some day they won’t have to hide their hateful envious greed either. He is one of them.

To the hateful, envious left “success” is not measured by working hard, being productive, saving, investing wisely and living right. To them “success” means you get away with stealing it from those who do those things.

For most people the perfect America would be one where everyone has a job, a house, a car, gets up in the morning and is productive, goes home hugs the kids and eats dinner as a family before bed. If everyone lived like this, then the country would be prosperous and peaceful. The greedy, envious and hateful left does not share this dream. They do not want every American to be happy, prosperous and peaceful; to them this would be a total failure.

The rest of us have been blinded to this for too long. We have spent decades acting as if the left wanted the same things as the rest of us. We thought they simply wanted a different route to get to the same destination. We wrongly assumed that the statist left really wanted the things they say in their political speeches.

How wrong we were.

Instead the real left sees the Soviet Union gulag as the perfect utopia. They see North Korea, which is one big prison camp as the perfect way to organize a society.

The rest of us, the “normals”, must devise a new strategy to deal with them before it is too late. We can no longer go about business as normal and think there can be such a thing as a “democracy” when one of the major philosophies is that of theft, lies and subjugation.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Government Unlimited

It is all about tyranny and control. What are the limits to government power? Aren't those limits spelled out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Our government hasn't abided by those documents in a long time.

Do you really think that women need birth control "free" when you can get them at Wal-Mart for $9 a month? Of course not. This is about politics. This is about the socialist faction in this country that is practicing what is known as "political warfare". Political Warfare is all about the use of force to defeat your enemies. The socialists in this country practice political warfare by making their opponents fund the things they are morally opposed to.

There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the federal government the power to do most of the things it does, it stands in violation of the basic law of this nation. How did this happen? Political warfare.

Why does the federal government give money to any number of political organizations doing things that government has no constitutional business funding? Because it can. Because no one will stand up and say that it is unconstitutional. Do you really think that the other faction will ever go back and undo it? No they have their own pet programs being funded in the same exact way.

The statists will force Christians and other religious people to fund pornographic "art", they will force pro-lifers to fund abortions. They will force them to be guilty. Guilt is a great tool in political warfare. Once it becomes accepted that government can do anything it wants, the statists have won the biggest obstacle.

We passed that hurdle long ago.

Now we live in a country where half the people pay no income taxes and 20% of those on welfare live better than the average American who funds welfare with their taxes. There is no real movement or wave of outrage about the government doing this kind of thing. Why? Political warfare has been used for decades and that battle has largely been won by those who want an unlimited government.

What are the limits of government power? Do you think we still have the rights bestowed upon us by the Bill of Rights? Of course not. I can't think of a single right that hasn't come under assault and regulation by the government.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama Declares War on You!

February 10, 2012 is a day that will live in infamy. For it is the day that his Imperial Majesty Emperor Barack Obama I has issued a declaration of war against this (his, supposedly) country.

Make no mistake, before you accuse me of high hyperbole, Obama really means it. Barack Obama really thinks that the Bill of Rights is outmoded. Remember that to the radical left, if they like it - it must be mandated or government funded. One can think of a myriad things that the government funds that have nothing to do with governing and bear no resemblence to the powers of government as defined by the Constitution.

From PBS, NPR, Planned Parenthood, ACORN etc we should have learned that to leftists, the state and their beliefs are one and the same. They are the movement that cries "civil rights" while they impose tyranny bit by bit.

Do these leftists really think that there are no women in America who can buy their own birth control pills or condoms? Of course they don't think that. What this particular instance is about, to them, is a chance to stick it to those who do not agree with their perverted views. Leftists have to FORCE everyone else to conform to their beliefs and desires. The same people who claim to want "government out of the bedroom" are the same people who want the government right there.

Of course the radical left is hypocritical about everything. They claim to support "tolerance" yet they brook no dissent. Dissent from leftism must be crushed and ridiculed. Anyone who offends a leftist is labeled a hate crime offender while they take pure delight in offending everyone else's moral values. Laws and rules do not apply to leftists, just ask tax dodger Tim Geithner, just ask tax cheat Charlie Rangel. Just ask Ted Kennedy about the lover he left in the river.

Today is different.

Today, Barack Obama has given himself, deemed, the power to make law, change law on a whim and issue waivers to the law whenever and to whomever he likes. He doesn't like the freedom of religion, he doesn't believe that Christians and others should be able to live their lives as they see fit. He has decided that it is up to him to force his religion (worship of the almighty government) down the throats of every man, woman and child in America.

That is what is really at issue here.

This is pure tyranny.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have been away for a while but I have some comments and observations to make. Santorum should be the GOP nominee. Newt is unreliable and Romney is simply a leftwing Democrat in a blue shirt. Great wins by Santorum in 3 states in one night! ...