Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nobody Trusts the Press Anymore, Good.

A recent poll says that only 8% of Americans have a lot of trust in the news media of this country. This campaign is exhibit #1 that the media is not only liberal but sycophantically so. They have exposed themselves as the bootlickers of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party.

The rigged political polling is one example. They have heavily weighted the polling to the side of the Democrats while all reports say the Republicans have a party ID advantage. Some of the polls are skewed as much as double digits.

The media seem to report everything out of the Democrat daily talking points and they have even stopped reporting any real news that might make the Obama administration look bad.

On the economy, you might remember how they pounded on George Bush when unemployment was around 5%. Barack Obama has never been under 8% and even those numbers have been skewed because this admin has been shifting millions to disability to get them not counted.

According the media Barack Obama has enjoyed a wide lead the whole time, but I think they know better. Their panic attacks when Clint Eastwood talked to the empty chair President and again when Mitt Romney zinged him over the Libya terrorist attack shows that these hit home.

"Tide Shifting Toward Obama in Key States" says a Yahoo headline today, although it appears to be the same story from yesterday with a new headline. How can a tide shift toward Obama when the same media has been telling us that Obama was comfortably ahead?

Yet more media shenanigans. They know that a portion of the voters will vote for the perceived front-runner because they want to be on the winning side. They want to demoralize Republican voters and try to enthuse their own side.

I think it has become so obvious that most people in this country have stopped listening and trusting to the media. They get their political news online from many sources of various leanings. Otherwise they would never have seen the DNC reject God three times, one example where the MSM decided not to report something embarrassing.

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