Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney Controversy Explodes Election Hopes

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign is in disarray after off-the-cuff remarks at an elementary school appearance were made public today by the Palatine Paw Print student newspaper. Democrats say this could be the end of any chance of winning the election the gaffe-ridden Romney campaign had.

"We know the sky is blue and the grass is green... and it is science that tells us how this is" Romney told the class of students.

One teacher who was present and refuses to be named said "It was shockingly inappropriate" and "If we had known he would veer into that kind of territory he would never have been invited"

"We would never allow our students to limit themselves to what really is, we want them to feel free to use their imaginations in science class just as we do in sex-ed".

Experts we spoke to say that using logic and facts in a classroom can have deleterious affects on children.

Joyce Rogers Chesterson-Smith explains "Focusing on the limitations of the so-called 'real world' at such a young age can close the minds of youth for their whole life. We want them to explore their imaginations and not limit themselves to the artificial constraints of the white male hegemony".

Principal Austin Weiner tells this reporter that since the news of Mitt Romney's comments broke he has been deluged with calls from angry parents. "They feel he has traumatized their children, and we agree of course, we always agree"

One parent who did not want to be identified said her daughter Susie locked her play date out of her room that night "It put her off sex for sure. I'm thinking of suing the school, the county, the state and Mitt Romney. My lawyer says there is millions in this"

Mitt Romney is also alleged to have said that "2+2=4" and that the students were perplexed by this.

A teacher explains "This is the kind of racist and insensitive remark we have come to expect from Republicans, but we thought he would be more reserved in front of children. We all agreed that this was the most blatantly offensive thing that has ever happened here"

The consensus is that this controversy, one of many in the Romney campaign, could finish him off for good.

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