Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anniversary of 9/11 Goes Awry

9/11 eleven years later was supposed to be a somber remembrance with a ceremony at ground zero. The day started off with NBC skipping the ceremony for a chat with a Kardashian.

It actually went downhill from there.

Muslims attacked, with the pretext of a film or something - as if they need prodding, killing the US Ambassador to Libya and three others. The Cairo embassy sent a press release condemning those who "hurt Muslim feelings" and someone even tweeted out of there "Islam is a wonderful religion".

Meanwhile the walls of the embassy in Cairo were breached and the US flag was burned and replaced with a black flag of Islam. The consulate in Benghazi Libya was burned in addition to the murders.

Mitt Romney condemned the attack and the White House condemned Romney for condemning the attack before the White House also condemned the attack. The apology out of the Cairo embassy was retracted and disavowed, the tweet was deleted.

By the way, Sec of State Hillary Clinton stands by the press release while President Obama decided to try and sound tough. This turned out to be impossible.

Not surprisingly this mess was played down by some in the media and it is relegated to page 3 or 4 of the New York Times today.

Now we hear from Mike Barnicle and Christianne Amanpour that the filmmaker should be prosecuted. Free speech is now under assault. I wonder if they would say the same thing if Christians rioted and hung actors and producers for some of the anti-Christian and bigoted stuff coming out of Hollyweird. GLEE and the NEW NORMAL are good for at least a dozen lynchings.

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