Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fishing Expedition

You might have seen the story on the ESPN's website about the proposal that could lead to a ban on fishing in the United States.

Now some on the left are saying this all a hoax.

That might be news to the White House, its website contains the report that the leftists are saying is fake.

Fishing is the most popular past time in the United States and is the most popular participatory sport, if you consider it a sport. An attempt to actually carry out these proposals would have some real political and economic ramifications.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Buckley who?

People like Christopher Buckley and Peggy Noonan are good at being wrong, they both like living in high style among their elite liberal friends. The way to stay in good standing among that crowd is by being wrong and acting like a whimpering puppy when asked about politics. You must be subserviant enough so that all the leftists in the room can laugh at you and feel superior.

So Christopher Buckley now admits he was wrong?

I don't care. Conservatives would have to be stupid (I know, they aren't called the Stupid Party for nothing) to accept him or Peggy Noonan back. Let him live in his doghouse. Let him keep his leash on for his leftist friends and continue to play tricks for them.

They are the ones who fell in love with the faux image of Barack Obama despite all the proof to the contrary. They are the ones who chose to dismiss the mans own words and ... oh right, he had no actions did he? Based on NOTHING these fools threw away everything they said they believed in to support a socialist for President.

They should not be allowed back into our side of the yard, let them stay in the mudhole they created without tracking it over to our picnic. They're sure to stumble and step on our plate. Oh yes, they will continue to write and say stupid things. They will now support only the most liberal of the RINO herd, even while bleating on about how conservative they really are.

It's enough to choke a T-Rex.

Cornyn crows Crist

Senator Cornyn of Texas is endorsing Sorry Charlie Crist for the Florida race because of his ability to raise money.

That is exactly the kind of party over principle mentality that we need less of in this country, Texas has 2 GOP Senators that need to be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

These people are obviously not paying attention to their own party base, they have spent too much time in DC drinking the bong water that comes out of the tap there.

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Einstein" program will read your e-mails

Remember when the left protested the Patriot Act? They protested about letting the Bush administration spy on terrorist suspect phone calls.

Apparently the left has no problem with the government tracking every cell phone, logging every webpage visited and now reading all your emails. Somehow this is all okay when "their" President is doing it. It's only bad when they single out murderous terrorists for watching.

Where are the marches and demonstrations?

In fact the leftists do not have a problem with this and never did, it was just a useful political ruse back in the previous administration. This administration is going much farther than the Bush administration, yet there won't be a whimper. The leftists know full well that their dream of a socialist country requires a Big Brother to have eyes and ears on everyone.

The descent into third world tyranny continues.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bunning wins, but we still lose

Lonely Senator Jim Bunning from Kentucky stood against the tide for days and found little support from his own fellow Republicans. Both parties were united in spending deficit money without a recorded vote.

Remember Bunning wasn't blocking anything from passing, he simply refused to give his unanimous consent. Finally the party leaders caved and held a recorded vote, which they could have done in the first place. It's like shining a light on the cockroaches.

The leftwing media was predictable, blaming Bunning for filibustering or stopping it, which was not even possible. Then again, what can we expect from the dumbest people on Earth?

So finally the recorded vote was held. 18 spineless Republicans, who had apparently given their unanimous consent, crossed the isle and voted with Bunning. 18! Republicans who would have added $10 billion to the national debt to add that 99th week of unemployment benefits (only in specified states, mind you) in secret but not in public.

Hey Rush, tell me again how the Republican Party isn't the problem?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Non-Sense Over Big Man Jim Bunning

The way the Leftist media is reporting on the Senator Jim Bunning thing just reminds me once again how in the tank they are for the Democrats. The man has not "blocked" anything, he has not denied anyone anything. This whole media circus is one more leftwing flim flam sham.

All he did was refuse to give consent. That is all. The Democrats wanted to pass this thing without a vote. They know it violates the "paygo" law they passed two weeks ago and was signed into "law" last week. As if they ever had any intention of obeying the laws they pass. For shame.

All they have to do is bring the bill to the floor and pass it. That is all. It is that simple. It might even pass 90-10. That is about how many Senators have their heads in the sand.

I am induced to laughter when I see the media report on this, as usual when it comes to political matters. How dare this man deny the unemployed their 99th week of unemployment benefits, its an entitlement ya know. Everyone is entitled to other peoples money; the poor, the farmer, the unemployed, the corporations... the only people missing is the middle class.

What is going on the war against the middle class. The middle class will continue to be squeezed and punished to prop up the poor and the wealthy friends of politicians. We are heading for times even harder than the Great Depression, there will be riots in the inner cities, there will be lines around the block for the very few part time minimum wage jobs.

Senator Jim Dunning is making a very good point. It is time to start fixing the problem of the deficit and the debt. The Democrat Media fails to even pretend to understand as they read the DNC-White House talking points from the anchor desk.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Uncle Barry and the dinner party

Uncle Barry decided to accept the invitation to the Lodge Social, even though the Lodge leaders weren't sure it was going to be held. Nobody really had any idea what the function was going to end up looking like with the budget cuts and all.

The function ended up being a light meal with some good conversation around the table, Uncle Barry had retired to a plush chair near the fireplace. He had lit up a cigar and poured a glass of wine, all the way to the top of the glass. The conversation was dying away and everyone started to glance in Uncle Barry's direction.

He was tipsy, reeked like a tobacco chimney and had unbuttoned his pants, belly extended from eating nearly as much as everyone else put together. He was a slob, everyone thought so and wondered how the guy had finagled an invitation.

"Let me tell you something" Uncle Barry said, reading from one of the TelePrompTers he had brought with him. "Let me be clear", some in the room laughed.

Uncle Barry stood up and looked down his nose at those gathered. Apparently in his drunken stupor it was easier to see this way. "I want each and every one of you to understand where I am coming from. By the way this was a lovely meal, I regret the lack of wagyu but that is neither here or there..."

His "audience" glanced at each other. The "off-hand" remarks were clearly scrolling across the TelePrompTer, easily visible even if inverted. Does this man ever have his own thoughts?

If someone changed the script would he continue reading? Someone whispered, that once they had seen Barry thank himself because someone had forgotten to change the speech in the TelePrompTer. Someone nearby mumbled they saw Barry speak without one before and it wasn't pretty, "I'm still trying to figure out where the other 9 states are, especially the 7 he said he'd visited".

Truthfully, nobody was taking Uncle Barry seriously. They had all heard his rants and raves before. He was like a broken record, all it takes is a little alcohol to get him going. He's like the half-black sheep of the lodge, even his friends were a little ashamed. The ones who could feel shame.

Most of his supporters simply nodded, they didn't seem to even be paying attention. Nana had an earpeice, she was probably listening to NPR instead. It was so embarassing to see Christopher recording this on his cellphone, he was going to mail it to everyone he knew, AGAIN. Why was his leg shaking like a dog getting a good scratch in just the right spot?

Really Uncle Barry, listen to the doctors. Get some better advice and a better class of friends while your at it. Visited those 2 other imaginary states too.

Chocking down Hot Dog Reform

The government wants to regulate the shape of hot dogs? This sounds so idiotic as not to deserve a comment but I guess when you elect a government that thinks the 'people' are blooming idiots who need hand holding to the bathroom, this shouldn't surprise us.

Hot dogs come in all shape and sizes already, do we really want government to force standardization on a product? A standard that nobody wants to buy maybe? It could literally kill the American hot dog industry as we know it. What next? Force them to add vegetables to the hot dogs while they're make them thinner?


Yes, I do think Chile deserves more aid than Haiti. Why would anyone think sending money to the government of Haiti is going to help that country?

Let the "Health Scare Deform" bill stay dead. The "summit" turned out to be ludicrous but it was the GOP who came out on top. The Democrats didn't have anything better to do than tell some sob stories? Calling attempts to discuss the actual legislation a "prop" or "theatrics" should tell everyone this was not a serious attempt at "dialogue".

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