Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Non-Sense Over Big Man Jim Bunning

The way the Leftist media is reporting on the Senator Jim Bunning thing just reminds me once again how in the tank they are for the Democrats. The man has not "blocked" anything, he has not denied anyone anything. This whole media circus is one more leftwing flim flam sham.

All he did was refuse to give consent. That is all. The Democrats wanted to pass this thing without a vote. They know it violates the "paygo" law they passed two weeks ago and was signed into "law" last week. As if they ever had any intention of obeying the laws they pass. For shame.

All they have to do is bring the bill to the floor and pass it. That is all. It is that simple. It might even pass 90-10. That is about how many Senators have their heads in the sand.

I am induced to laughter when I see the media report on this, as usual when it comes to political matters. How dare this man deny the unemployed their 99th week of unemployment benefits, its an entitlement ya know. Everyone is entitled to other peoples money; the poor, the farmer, the unemployed, the corporations... the only people missing is the middle class.

What is going on the war against the middle class. The middle class will continue to be squeezed and punished to prop up the poor and the wealthy friends of politicians. We are heading for times even harder than the Great Depression, there will be riots in the inner cities, there will be lines around the block for the very few part time minimum wage jobs.

Senator Jim Dunning is making a very good point. It is time to start fixing the problem of the deficit and the debt. The Democrat Media fails to even pretend to understand as they read the DNC-White House talking points from the anchor desk.

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