Monday, March 1, 2010

Chocking down Hot Dog Reform

The government wants to regulate the shape of hot dogs? This sounds so idiotic as not to deserve a comment but I guess when you elect a government that thinks the 'people' are blooming idiots who need hand holding to the bathroom, this shouldn't surprise us.

Hot dogs come in all shape and sizes already, do we really want government to force standardization on a product? A standard that nobody wants to buy maybe? It could literally kill the American hot dog industry as we know it. What next? Force them to add vegetables to the hot dogs while they're make them thinner?


Yes, I do think Chile deserves more aid than Haiti. Why would anyone think sending money to the government of Haiti is going to help that country?

Let the "Health Scare Deform" bill stay dead. The "summit" turned out to be ludicrous but it was the GOP who came out on top. The Democrats didn't have anything better to do than tell some sob stories? Calling attempts to discuss the actual legislation a "prop" or "theatrics" should tell everyone this was not a serious attempt at "dialogue".

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  1. I know your just going to call me an idiot for not having constantly refreshing in front of me, but what is the source on this?

    I've googled around and all I see is the AAP wanting this done, not the government.

    Why would you get so incensed over some pediatricians saying that kids choke on hot dogs, and in their opinion hot dogs should be redesigned?

    ALSO, while I'm here: Please post more fiction, like that story about the guy that was locked up by the smog police or whatever.