Friday, March 5, 2010

"Einstein" program will read your e-mails

Remember when the left protested the Patriot Act? They protested about letting the Bush administration spy on terrorist suspect phone calls.

Apparently the left has no problem with the government tracking every cell phone, logging every webpage visited and now reading all your emails. Somehow this is all okay when "their" President is doing it. It's only bad when they single out murderous terrorists for watching.

Where are the marches and demonstrations?

In fact the leftists do not have a problem with this and never did, it was just a useful political ruse back in the previous administration. This administration is going much farther than the Bush administration, yet there won't be a whimper. The leftists know full well that their dream of a socialist country requires a Big Brother to have eyes and ears on everyone.

The descent into third world tyranny continues.

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  1. Liberal checking in here - I hate these invasions of privacy just as bad under Obama as I did those under Bush. That said though, can you honestly say you were you as outraged over Patriot act as you are this, or were you one of many who said only those with something to hide should be worried?