Monday, March 8, 2010

Buckley who?

People like Christopher Buckley and Peggy Noonan are good at being wrong, they both like living in high style among their elite liberal friends. The way to stay in good standing among that crowd is by being wrong and acting like a whimpering puppy when asked about politics. You must be subserviant enough so that all the leftists in the room can laugh at you and feel superior.

So Christopher Buckley now admits he was wrong?

I don't care. Conservatives would have to be stupid (I know, they aren't called the Stupid Party for nothing) to accept him or Peggy Noonan back. Let him live in his doghouse. Let him keep his leash on for his leftist friends and continue to play tricks for them.

They are the ones who fell in love with the faux image of Barack Obama despite all the proof to the contrary. They are the ones who chose to dismiss the mans own words and ... oh right, he had no actions did he? Based on NOTHING these fools threw away everything they said they believed in to support a socialist for President.

They should not be allowed back into our side of the yard, let them stay in the mudhole they created without tracking it over to our picnic. They're sure to stumble and step on our plate. Oh yes, they will continue to write and say stupid things. They will now support only the most liberal of the RINO herd, even while bleating on about how conservative they really are.

It's enough to choke a T-Rex.

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