Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

United States 1776-2009, RIP, the looting begins

It looks like our corrupt leaders have cajoled, threatened and bribed enough wavering Democrats to pass the monstrous "Health Care Reform" bill.

Notice that they failed to deliver on their promise of putting the final bill online for 72 hours before the vote, they were still amending it last night. Apparently there are now funds for veterinarians to counter Swine Flu. Some idiot Democrat actually thinks that disease infects pigs?

I certainly hope America doesn't mind losing multiple millions more jobs and seeing their take-home drop as they are forced to buy health insurance or face jail time. I sure hope the public won't mind the prices of everything they buy to increase to help pay for this monster.

So, congratulations. The Takers now outnumber the Makers. This country is going to be looted like an Ayn Rand novel. For at least another year and a half there is no limit to how much of your future earnings the government will steal and spend on their projects. This is theft on a massive scale and no one is even wondering about the Constitution, there is no longer a Constitution.

That is correct, this country has just seen a revolution and doesn't know it yet.

Your standard of living will drop.

The US dollar will be worth less and less, meaning prices will soon skyrocket. Then again, candidate Barack Obama said skyrocketing prices were "necessary" under his plans.

Make no mistake, the America we have known is gone. The nation of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson is over for good, it will not come back. A nation that had a limited government and people with inalienable rights is over. Those inalienable rights are not coming back.

Over the next few years this will likely become apparent to everyone. By then it will be too late.

Friday, November 6, 2009

"Compassion deficit disorder maybe"

"Compassion Fatigue"??

You have got to be kidding. Have our media no shame? This man had no compassion at all, none.

He did not have compassion months ago when he posted online praising suicide bombers that are killing our troops. This man, a supposed mental health professional, has been going to the range for a long time practicing for this shooting spree. The guy who ran the range even alerted the FBI about him.

NPR ran a statement by someone who said Hasan was supposed to give a speech on mental health but gave one on the Koran and even said non-Muslims need to have their heads cut off.

This is not someone who had "compassion fatigue". He had no compassion.

He is another Muslim terrorist and that is all.

Allah is Satan

Allah is not God. Not the same God that Christians worship.

All of the Koran has much more similarities to Satan than to our God.

The way they treat women and children is horrendous, murder and oppression of others is justice to Muslims.

"Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world"

What we don't strap bombs to them? We don't "marry" them off at 7 or 9 years old?

Appeasing the evil of Islam will just make everything worse and more common.

Unexpected-O's once again

It looks like we get another big bowl of Unexpected-O's for breakfast today as the official unemployment rate hits 10.2% and more than 190,000 jobs were destroyed in October.

Both of these numbers were "unexpected" by the so-called "experts".

The media needs to start finding some new experts. They have been wrong since Obama got elected, has anyone noticed that?

Man if this recession-depression doesn't end soon it will put a "hamper" on this much trumpeted "economic recovery". Does anyone really think there is a recovery? Really?

Ft Hood terror attack - update


14 dead. One of the soldiers killed was pregnant.


He was wearing Muslim garb on the morning of the shooting apparently, there is video of that over at Weasel Zippers.

Major Malik Nidal Hasan was disciplined for preaching the wonders of Islam to his patients, he has defended suicide bombers with postings online, he yelled "allahu akhbar" while he was spraying bullets at soldiers in Fort Hood.

But they say this was not terrorism.

Major Malik Nidal Hasan also served on the DHS Policy Institutes Presidential Transition Team for our so PC government. You can expect the media not to report that or try to bash Bush with it. He was apparently under suspicion for the past 6 months for his activities.

But they will say this was not terrorism.

How is this not terrorism? Do you not think Fort Hood and Killeen feel terrorized?

Special recognition to Sgt Kimberly Munley for engaging this terrorist even after being shot herself. Some are saying she shot him four times.

He is apparently alive on a ventilator. Apparently some idiots like Gerlado Rivera have already called for a civilian trial. Morons.

I hope people noticed that it took two minutes for the President to get around to mentioning the shooting at Ft Hood when he addressed the nation on this topic. To any normal person this might be embarrassing, but I don't think Obama is capable of anything like normal emotions.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Terror Attack in Texas


Malik Nadal Hasan was the primary shooter, he is the dead one.


Apparently he wasn't so dead after all. I guess this all the leftist and Islam groups will be clamoring to defend him and declare him innocent and stuff.

We don't know any details yet but this was terrorism by its very definition. It might be domestic terrorists but it is what it is. Even if they were soldiers they were carrying out a terror attack.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison just told Cavuto on Fox News Channel that 7 are dead and up to 30 are wounded.There may be 2 or even 3 shooters. Reports say 12 are now dead.

From what I am hearing the gate guards are usually civilians, thats pretty strange- I had never thought about that before.

Ft. Hood is still under lockdown and the details are unclear.

Could this have been Narco-traffickers? Islamic Jihadi's or even home grown jihadi's? Some of the idiot news people on TV were quick to jump to a crazed soldiers. That becomes very unlikely when you have more than a single shooter.

SO Obama gets on TV and talks about healthcare reform and then himself as "commander in chief"... whatever

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hoffman 2010

Doug Hoffman should announce his intention to seek the GOP nomination for the same seat in 2010. Maybe this time we can have a real Republican being backed by the party instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars subsidizing a Democrat in our yard.

Hoffman 2010.

Maybe Newt the Pooch would even endorse him. Maybe.

Thanks Newt, you stinker

Reports of voting machine malfunctions and reports saying that a county will wait until tomorrow to release its tally. ACORN-SEIU has been very active in NY-23.

But of course we have to give thanks to Newt Gingrich no matter who wins this particular election, he backed the spoiler in this race. It looks like the idiot vote of the uninformed went straight to Scozzafava and this might be the difference that gets Democrat Bill Owens elected.

Someone should tell Newt that third parties stink, lol.

Hoffman 2010!!

The New Era when things finally really changed?

If we could just get the Republican Party to stop subsidizing Democrats like Dede Scuzzafava maybe the Republican Party can win elections again. Republicans are tired of the traitors in their midst who stick their wet thumb in the air to make a decision instead of having core beliefs that they always believe.

The Democrat left is also trying to get rid of their moderates, the so-called "blue dogs" but you don't see the media highlight that and declare the Democrats can't win without a bigger tent.

Todays elections across the country from NY, NJ, Virginia and California (10th district) are the start of a new era. The era of RINO's, DINO's and DIABLO's are coming to an end, open war on these pre-historic creatures has been declared.

I don't think a new third-party will win, I think it'll be a Moderate Party.