Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The New Era when things finally really changed?

If we could just get the Republican Party to stop subsidizing Democrats like Dede Scuzzafava maybe the Republican Party can win elections again. Republicans are tired of the traitors in their midst who stick their wet thumb in the air to make a decision instead of having core beliefs that they always believe.

The Democrat left is also trying to get rid of their moderates, the so-called "blue dogs" but you don't see the media highlight that and declare the Democrats can't win without a bigger tent.

Todays elections across the country from NY, NJ, Virginia and California (10th district) are the start of a new era. The era of RINO's, DINO's and DIABLO's are coming to an end, open war on these pre-historic creatures has been declared.

I don't think a new third-party will win, I think it'll be a Moderate Party.

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