Thursday, November 5, 2009

Terror Attack in Texas


Malik Nadal Hasan was the primary shooter, he is the dead one.


Apparently he wasn't so dead after all. I guess this all the leftist and Islam groups will be clamoring to defend him and declare him innocent and stuff.

We don't know any details yet but this was terrorism by its very definition. It might be domestic terrorists but it is what it is. Even if they were soldiers they were carrying out a terror attack.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison just told Cavuto on Fox News Channel that 7 are dead and up to 30 are wounded.There may be 2 or even 3 shooters. Reports say 12 are now dead.

From what I am hearing the gate guards are usually civilians, thats pretty strange- I had never thought about that before.

Ft. Hood is still under lockdown and the details are unclear.

Could this have been Narco-traffickers? Islamic Jihadi's or even home grown jihadi's? Some of the idiot news people on TV were quick to jump to a crazed soldiers. That becomes very unlikely when you have more than a single shooter.

SO Obama gets on TV and talks about healthcare reform and then himself as "commander in chief"... whatever

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