Friday, February 18, 2011

Hostage negotiations...


Tyranny Sentinel has learned that parents all over Wisconsin have received anonymous phone calls from a shadowy group claiming to be holding their childrens' future hostage. The static-laced calls were impossible to trace but the demands were...

That taxpayers pay for their full retirement and benefits packages and that they [the callers] won't have to contribute a dime more for these benefits.

This startling situation comes amid heightened tensions in Wisconsin as some large group, with too little to do and a lot of free time, has shut down the Capitol amid demands that they get handouts.

How will this end? Bankruptcy?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Speakers' Boner

Let us suppose that the GOP actually manages to trim the deficit by $100 billion in the House and it actually passes. Do you think for a minute that the Senate is going to go along with it?

If the Senate does not go along with it then what will happen? The House GOP backs down and says "Well, we tried" or the government gets "shut down". While some of us would applaud that, let us point out how stupid it would be politically. Is that $100 billion trim a good enough reason to shut down the government?

Gee, we only wanted a $1.4 Trillion deficit and they wanted a $1.5 Trillion deficit so of course we had to shut down the government. Do you think the average American or even the average Republican would buy it for a second?

On Day One, Speaker Boner who wishes he was a TEA Partier should have stood up and proclaimed that budget writers would start off with the premise of a balanced budget for 2011. Then they would be forced to JUSTIFY every dollar of deficit.

Now that would have been something to shut down the government over.

Balanced budget vs $1.5 Trillion deficit.

See how much better that would play to the taxpayers and voters in this country? That would be a marked contrast, wouldn't it? You don't shut down the government over tiny revisions, but when it comes to adding no more debt against adding a trillion and a half of new debt, then you are showing the people of this country that there is a difference between the parties.

But no. Instead we get the same old, same old.

It's almost as if the GOP establishment didn't want to cut spending at all, because that is probably going to be the result.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Draining the ocean through a straw

We have a $1.5 TRILLION dollar deficit for this year alone and the House Republicans are playing games of “cutting” $100 billion. Seriously, they will probably find it hard to reach half of that. Then does anyone think it will come back from the House-Senate Conference that way?

The House leadership needs to announce that they will cut $1.5 trillion dollars from the budget, including entitlements, THIS YEAR. If you plan to play real hardball, then make a real statement and say it in a loud and clear voice.

“The negotiations on the deficit begin with a balanced budget” Boner “I’m a TEA Party guy too” should have said on day one “Every dollar of deficit has to be JUSTIFIED to get through”.

Throw down the gauntlet. The way it is now, we are heading fast at a brick wall and we are negotiating whether to slam into it at 200MPH or just 198MPH.

Rep. Chris Lee resigns

Representative Chris Lee sounds like a real scummy guy but trolling Craigslist for babes is tame compared to leading the KKK, or drowning a lover in the river or running a gay prostitution ring from your home.

Of course those 3 things could give you a lifetime job guarantee if you are a Democrat. Chris Lee was not, too bad for him I guess.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Obama's poodle

One of the digs at Sarah Palin is that she quit her job as Governor of Alaska, I hope those people aren't supporting John Huntsman. John Huntsman quit as Governor of Utah to work as Obama's Ambassador to China.

Now he is quitting that job to run for President.

The man is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination. It certainly looks like he is running at the behest of Obama. The left media will try to paint him as Obama's worst enemy, in an attempt to make him sound like the top threat.

I know the GOP is called "the stupid party" but I would certainly hope no-one would fall for this stunt. Huntsman is on Obama's leash.