Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barry Motors Co, BIG SALE!!

Would you buy a car from this flim flam President?? Let the taxpayers tote the note??

The Hocus Pocus TOTUS Broke Us

GM Death spiral

The newly Obama installed CEO of GM has said... well you should see.

DETROIT – General Motors Corp.'s new chief executive said Tuesday that more of the automaker's plants could close as part of GM's effort to meet new, tougher requirements for government aid.

Not make a profit. Not to make better cars that people want to buy. Not to get the company on a sound footing. No, his new job is to please his government masters.

Buh Bye GM

Well, the government has apparently ordered GM to stop work on the Volt, improve gas mileage and stop making trucks and SUV's. The problem is that apparently 11 of their 20 profitable vehicles are trucks and SUV's. If GM obeys these commandments they are done for.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Now that Obama has proven himself a pure fascist by becoming the undisputed ruler of the universe I guess he can go ahead and fire execs from private corporation. Makes as much sense as fielding his own army and setting up the Obama Youth Korps. This is all sounding familiar, I think it was in the 30's from overseas.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ixnay on the NK

North Korea might do an underground nuke test. NK is going to test launch an ICBM dressed up as a satellite launch. The US has deployed warships and is threatening to shoot it down and NK has its forces on alert.

Hillary appears on the Greta show asking the North Koreans to call her and they chatted about Greta's visit to that dictatorial tyranny as if it were Cabo San Lucas.

What have we done??

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Go ahead and raise taxes drastically. Go ahead and ban black cars and big screen TV's. Go ahead and see what happens. You will accellerate the exodus of those who actually pay taxes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oakland Vigil for slain cops and fleas

An SFGate story about a vigil for the four fallen Oakland officers is marred by something that should be outrageous but these days its par for the course.

On the sidelines, a few protesters demanded equal respect for Mixon, who they said was a victim of what they called a broken prison system and a generally racist society

oh please!! A felon pimp who murders 4 officers and apparently raped a 12-year old girl deserves EQUAL RESPECT??? The man deserves nothing but scorn and a grave without a marker.

Full of Schultz

This man is an egotistical, arrogant bum. He is not interested in facts, debate, diversity of opinion or doing anything but being a blowhard propagandist for the far left. Ed Schultz would be in an asylum in a perfect world to keep him from harming himself.

Perfect for MSNBC? Thank you Radio Equalizer!

MEP calls out Brown (Obama needs it too)

You can not spend your way out of a recession or borrow your way out of debt. MEP Daniel Hannan uses common sense, something the left treats as if it were math or reality, variable and malleable.


in the news

I suppose one of the biggest news stories of the day is something none of the 'watchdog' media can ignore, right? One of the big stories is the EU President calling the US economic plans a "way to hell". What self respecting member of the humpleg media can resist reporting this? I admit that the Dallas Morning News print edition today had not one peep about it. I only found out about it after turning to blogger YidWithLid.

I will give the print media a day to see if they cannot find it within themselves to at least give the story a paragraph on page 11A in the news briefs next to a story about a man growing a 10 pound cucumber in China or something.

FACIST or Terrorist?

Redstate is reporting that Alaska Democrats are filing bogus 'ethics' complaints against Governor Sarah Palin in order to bankrupt her family. She is not rich like Obama, Clinton, Kennedy et al.
Anybody still doubt that the facist left has taken that turn which leads to a banana republic?

New 'spiritual home for Obama...'

The Boston Globe says that the President has people out looking and vetting the area for a new church for the O & Co to pretend to care about each Sunday. Whats he been doing on Sunday for the last 10 months?

It quotes a pleading letter (please please pick us!) Bishop John R. Schol leader of the Baltimore-Washington conference of the United Methodist Church saying among other things ""Your message of personal responsibility and justice are important United Methodist themes"

How is that for comedy? Mr. Bailout is now for that? Since when have leftwing Democrats really believed in people taking responsibility for their own actions? Didn't Obama "used" to believe that prison for criminals was a bad thing? Welfare anyone? No, believing in personal responsibility means that you take the bad consequences with the good, not bailing people and institutions out. If you subsidies failure, you will get more of it.

My first principles, so you know where I come from

I own me.

I am my own ruler.

My life is my own and mine alone.

My income and material things belong to me.

My things are my own and mine alone.

My time is my own and mine alone.

I do not owe my time or labor to anyone.No one else is entitled to one second of my time

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hello, let me introduce myself. I am a humble serf in this here People's Republic of Obama and I am suffering along with everyone else. No brownshirts came to my door this weekend to ask me to pledge allegiance to the Furher but I expect it at some point. As that organizer in Alabama said, the fight "will come later, when we have an army."

I guess this experiment in self-government and liberty was good while it lasted. Now we shall all be dirt poor peasants expect for the super-wealthy friends of the Dear Leader and his top Party officials. With a criminal organization like ACORN doing the census, directed from the Oval Office, do you really think we will get an honest apportionment?

Look at their actions. They want to shut down opposition media, take away your guns, form a National Civilian Army "as well funded as the military", legalize tens of millions of illegals and then they will probably let ACORN count the votes in 2012.

Welcome to the Banana Republic, with no bananas.