Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking for Conservative News Forum

I am looking for a Conservative News Forum to join. I always seem to find myself leaving a news forum because of a clash of values. If the news forum has a dedicated pornography section/thread then count me out. If you know of any good ones please leave a link the comments section.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Current Craziness

The Keystone Cops Coalition takes the high road today when France decides to suggest political assassinations could be used. Say what? Are we not supposed to be the "good guys" around here?

France, which has been at the forefront of the international campaign against Gadhafi in Libya, struck a more forceful tone, however, with the defense minister suggesting the strikes could go beyond their mandate of just protecting civilians.

"We, the French and English, we consider that we must obtain more'' than the end of shooting at civilians, said Gerard Longuet on France-Inter radio. He also said Libyan politicians could be targeted since they gave orders to the military.

Meanwhile on Libyan Rebel Radio they are busy praising the fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq as "brothers". Um, those are the ones killing American soldiers. Why are we helping these people again??

Obama Doctrine?

The Obama Doctrine: "Let me be clear. I want everyone to know, that at uncertain times and uncertain places, known to no-one, not even me, that Kinetic Military Action may or may not take place, on a whim, possibly in concert with our staunch allies or not, just do not expect consistency 'cause we'll not be attacking other countries that do the same thing, I think, probably not. It is imperative that the American people understand this"

Reqium for Detroit

Forget the lousy, mousy Scott Martelle article in the LA Times yesterday check out the Wall Street Journal site today for a much better and to the point article by William McGurn.

A Reqium for Detroit hits all the right marks.

My blog post was just a little bit faster than him, but he is much more professional than I am.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Collapse of Detroit (how could you not mention politics?)

Scott Martelle writes about the collapse of Detroit in the Los Angeles Times without ever mentioning a politician. The fact is that the collapse of Detroit has been the Atlas Shrugged effect: People and jobs abandoning a high crime and high taxed area for greener pastures. Who can really blame them for leaving?

Well, Scott Martel can I guess. He bemoans the fact that other cities and states have lower taxes and lower barriers to competition. What would his solution be, turn every part of America into Detroit? Build a wall around Detroit with razor wire and sniper towers to keep businesses and people from leaving? He also blames racism for the outmigration of white and black families fleeing high crime and urban blight. Fleeing crime and other ills is racism? Or is it just logic and common sense?

As I wrote at the start, nowhere in the article does the writer mention Coleman Young and the Utopian leftists that run the city as their own personal one-party fiefdom for the last several decades. This is the inevitable result of socialism, behold its failed glories, and of course foist it upon the rest of the country too.

The high-tax, heavy-handed regulation and cronyism of the city has pushed companies (jobs) to flee as well. Who can blame them? Nobody with a half a brain can say that a company whose future is threatened by such an environment should stick around. Except leftist politicians and their friends like Scott Martelle.

The people who live in Detroit don't seem to see the problem because they keep electing the same people, same party and same ideology over and over again. If the people of Detroit are fine with third-world living, who are we to judge?

People are free to leave and they have been leaving, there isn't anything wrong with that. It is part of living in this country that if your town starts to smell, you can pull up stakes and leave. Leave it to Scott Martelle and his friends on the left to find fault with this basic freedom. Come on Scott, you need not worry, it looks like the whole state if California is ready to join Detroit!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Operation HEM N HAW (Part Duh)

HEM N HAW becomes NATO op!

"Wait... what?" Germany asked "Oh crap!"

Turkey said "Are you guys sure you want to do this?"

"So who is in charge?" France asked "Not me"

"Definitely not us" the UK said

"Where is Canada?"

"Bathroom" someone muttered

"Canada is in charge, then. Lets vote, all in favor of putting Canada in command?"

Everyone raises their hands and small flags are put in front of the nameplate at the empty CANADA chair.

Canada returns "What is this aboot, eh?"

"We have voted to put you in charge"

"Oh crap!" Canada says "Dang, it... you know what... I just lost a "No Confidence Vote' in Parliament. Someone else might have to take over after we call new elections or something"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Operation HEM N HAW

Political Steering Committee runs a war.

US member: "Wait we can't call it a war, someone inform NPR that this is not, in fact, a war but a Humanitarian Enforcement Mission."

French member: "We must make it plain that this is not under the banner of the UN, at least not yet"

Germans "Or NATO or we are out and you get Nuzzing!"

Arab League "What, you mean like its a Neutral thing?"

"Humanitarian Enforcement Mission - Neutral" says the person typing the transcript "Got it"

"Something is still missing. We aren't under a UN banner but we are operating under a UN resolution?" asks India

"This is all about humanitarian assistance in a warzone" said the Italian member "Should that be in the title?"

"Of course" said France as he waves goodbye to Germany and India who were leaving.

"Wait, a minute, this is not right, why are you taking sides? You said this was to stop a civil war not deposing Khadaffi" Arab League said angrily storming out and slamming the door.

"Oh, did I do that?" the UK said

"We did kind of promise not to target the guy" the US said

"So we just announce that we are taking charge?" France asked "I haven't done anything like this before"

"Yes, a triumphant press conference announcing Operation..." the US stopped and looked at the transcriptionist "What is it called now?"


"Operation Hem N' Haw" the US said "It will convey the power and resolve of our coalition and this Political Steering Committee".

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amnesty for Whom? (Modest Proposal)

Obama, in El Salvador, again promised to press for "amnesty" for those foreigners who break and enter the United States illegally. It seems to me that this is bad politics in a country where these foreigners don't (legally) vote (we can hope).

No, instead Obama and the Democrat Party should announce with as much fanfare as they can a brand new proposal:

Amnesty for Americans!

That is right. This is a PATRIOTIC proposal that doesn't promise anything to foreigners but to the American criminals instead. Imagine how much money the United States can save when the jails and prisons are emptied and probations are abrogated.

You can bet that millions of new permanent Democrat voters and their families will be true believers. The PATRIOTIC fervor will sweep the Democrat Party into permanent majority status as "the party that freed the people"!

The day it happens will be beautful. The birds will chirp louder, the bees will buzz louder and America will be a better place. Yes, this is the perfect proposal that will relegate the Republican Party to the ashpile of history!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keystone Cops Diplomacy

The leaderless Keystone Cops Diplomacy that is going on is actually kind of amusing. With Germany and now India looking to keep themselves out of any long war the Coalition of Weenies shrinks and might shrink by the day.

-France suggests a political Steering Committee take up the leadership of the coalition.

-Germany pulls back worried that it might become a NATO operation, forcing them into a long war.

-India's Parliament said "Hell No" although their government had already joined in, and is now starting to pull back out.

-The Arab League doesn't sound like their hearts are in it and I bet China could be making noise against the Libya operation any day now.

We still don't know what the goal is, the exit strategy or the leader of this coalition mission in Libya. We don't even know who the rebels are that we are helping, or if they want anything like "democracy".

We went from "Cowboy Diplomacy" to "Keystone Cops Diplomacy".

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The No Context Attack Against Sarah Palin

The Reverend Van Ens has written an attack column against Sarah Palin in the Vail Daily newspaper. Of course being a good leftist the "Reverend" left a few things out, like any sort of context.

So I had to respond:

I have rarely seen an article so bereft of context as the one written by Rev. Van Ens.

Of course he was trying to score political points against someone who is, at this point, a private citizen with a Facebook account. He accuses her of “slices” her opponents with “verbal stabs” and accuses her of the dirty trick of using the language of normal people. I remember when leftists accused Bush of the dirty trick of doing what he said he would do. Notice all the civility.

The biggest problem with this article is that it excoriates Sarah Palin for answering attacks on her without even mentioning the attacks on her. Thereby purposefully leaving out context for the reader. This is no accident of course, for his point could never survive any exposure to context. His main theme seems to be that she responds to attacks on her, I mean why shouldn’t she? She should just lie there and accept being raped by leftists?

Palin excels at class warfare between the haves and the have-nots.” - Yes, how dare she try to do what the leftists and Democrats have been doing for a century. It is so horrible and disgusting that only leftist Democrats can be allowed to do it. Again, the point does not survive any contact with context, which party was it that talked of “two America’s?”.

Listeners detected a quality of love in Jesus’ teaching that’s missing in Palin’s malice” - That sounds like a personal thing. I detect a great love for this country and the ideals of independent and free people. You can have no greater love for man as a human being than to set them free from the shackles of the mighty state.

Trying to compare her to Jesus is silly. No one claims she is the immortal daughter of God or a new Savior. Jesus was not a politician, Jesus was not a “community organizer” and Jesus was not a “populist”. Jesus was the Son of God who died for our sins. You lower yourself when you compare politics and politicians to Jesus. I suspect you really meant to replace Jesus with Barack Obama but knew that wouldn’t fly with anyone with half a functioning braincell.

Nothing in the article makes sense when it comes in contact with context.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Life comes before Liberty.

Without Life, then there is no liberty.

Life comes before Happiness.

Without life there can be no happiness.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Comes in the perfect order.