Thursday, March 24, 2011

Operation HEM N HAW

Political Steering Committee runs a war.

US member: "Wait we can't call it a war, someone inform NPR that this is not, in fact, a war but a Humanitarian Enforcement Mission."

French member: "We must make it plain that this is not under the banner of the UN, at least not yet"

Germans "Or NATO or we are out and you get Nuzzing!"

Arab League "What, you mean like its a Neutral thing?"

"Humanitarian Enforcement Mission - Neutral" says the person typing the transcript "Got it"

"Something is still missing. We aren't under a UN banner but we are operating under a UN resolution?" asks India

"This is all about humanitarian assistance in a warzone" said the Italian member "Should that be in the title?"

"Of course" said France as he waves goodbye to Germany and India who were leaving.

"Wait, a minute, this is not right, why are you taking sides? You said this was to stop a civil war not deposing Khadaffi" Arab League said angrily storming out and slamming the door.

"Oh, did I do that?" the UK said

"We did kind of promise not to target the guy" the US said

"So we just announce that we are taking charge?" France asked "I haven't done anything like this before"

"Yes, a triumphant press conference announcing Operation..." the US stopped and looked at the transcriptionist "What is it called now?"


"Operation Hem N' Haw" the US said "It will convey the power and resolve of our coalition and this Political Steering Committee".

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