Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amnesty for Whom? (Modest Proposal)

Obama, in El Salvador, again promised to press for "amnesty" for those foreigners who break and enter the United States illegally. It seems to me that this is bad politics in a country where these foreigners don't (legally) vote (we can hope).

No, instead Obama and the Democrat Party should announce with as much fanfare as they can a brand new proposal:

Amnesty for Americans!

That is right. This is a PATRIOTIC proposal that doesn't promise anything to foreigners but to the American criminals instead. Imagine how much money the United States can save when the jails and prisons are emptied and probations are abrogated.

You can bet that millions of new permanent Democrat voters and their families will be true believers. The PATRIOTIC fervor will sweep the Democrat Party into permanent majority status as "the party that freed the people"!

The day it happens will be beautful. The birds will chirp louder, the bees will buzz louder and America will be a better place. Yes, this is the perfect proposal that will relegate the Republican Party to the ashpile of history!

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