Monday, March 28, 2011

The Collapse of Detroit (how could you not mention politics?)

Scott Martelle writes about the collapse of Detroit in the Los Angeles Times without ever mentioning a politician. The fact is that the collapse of Detroit has been the Atlas Shrugged effect: People and jobs abandoning a high crime and high taxed area for greener pastures. Who can really blame them for leaving?

Well, Scott Martel can I guess. He bemoans the fact that other cities and states have lower taxes and lower barriers to competition. What would his solution be, turn every part of America into Detroit? Build a wall around Detroit with razor wire and sniper towers to keep businesses and people from leaving? He also blames racism for the outmigration of white and black families fleeing high crime and urban blight. Fleeing crime and other ills is racism? Or is it just logic and common sense?

As I wrote at the start, nowhere in the article does the writer mention Coleman Young and the Utopian leftists that run the city as their own personal one-party fiefdom for the last several decades. This is the inevitable result of socialism, behold its failed glories, and of course foist it upon the rest of the country too.

The high-tax, heavy-handed regulation and cronyism of the city has pushed companies (jobs) to flee as well. Who can blame them? Nobody with a half a brain can say that a company whose future is threatened by such an environment should stick around. Except leftist politicians and their friends like Scott Martelle.

The people who live in Detroit don't seem to see the problem because they keep electing the same people, same party and same ideology over and over again. If the people of Detroit are fine with third-world living, who are we to judge?

People are free to leave and they have been leaving, there isn't anything wrong with that. It is part of living in this country that if your town starts to smell, you can pull up stakes and leave. Leave it to Scott Martelle and his friends on the left to find fault with this basic freedom. Come on Scott, you need not worry, it looks like the whole state if California is ready to join Detroit!

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