Friday, March 25, 2011

Operation HEM N HAW (Part Duh)

HEM N HAW becomes NATO op!

"Wait... what?" Germany asked "Oh crap!"

Turkey said "Are you guys sure you want to do this?"

"So who is in charge?" France asked "Not me"

"Definitely not us" the UK said

"Where is Canada?"

"Bathroom" someone muttered

"Canada is in charge, then. Lets vote, all in favor of putting Canada in command?"

Everyone raises their hands and small flags are put in front of the nameplate at the empty CANADA chair.

Canada returns "What is this aboot, eh?"

"We have voted to put you in charge"

"Oh crap!" Canada says "Dang, it... you know what... I just lost a "No Confidence Vote' in Parliament. Someone else might have to take over after we call new elections or something"

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