Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keystone Cops Diplomacy

The leaderless Keystone Cops Diplomacy that is going on is actually kind of amusing. With Germany and now India looking to keep themselves out of any long war the Coalition of Weenies shrinks and might shrink by the day.

-France suggests a political Steering Committee take up the leadership of the coalition.

-Germany pulls back worried that it might become a NATO operation, forcing them into a long war.

-India's Parliament said "Hell No" although their government had already joined in, and is now starting to pull back out.

-The Arab League doesn't sound like their hearts are in it and I bet China could be making noise against the Libya operation any day now.

We still don't know what the goal is, the exit strategy or the leader of this coalition mission in Libya. We don't even know who the rebels are that we are helping, or if they want anything like "democracy".

We went from "Cowboy Diplomacy" to "Keystone Cops Diplomacy".

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