Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Draining the ocean through a straw

We have a $1.5 TRILLION dollar deficit for this year alone and the House Republicans are playing games of “cutting” $100 billion. Seriously, they will probably find it hard to reach half of that. Then does anyone think it will come back from the House-Senate Conference that way?

The House leadership needs to announce that they will cut $1.5 trillion dollars from the budget, including entitlements, THIS YEAR. If you plan to play real hardball, then make a real statement and say it in a loud and clear voice.

“The negotiations on the deficit begin with a balanced budget” Boner “I’m a TEA Party guy too” should have said on day one “Every dollar of deficit has to be JUSTIFIED to get through”.

Throw down the gauntlet. The way it is now, we are heading fast at a brick wall and we are negotiating whether to slam into it at 200MPH or just 198MPH.

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