Saturday, November 7, 2009

United States 1776-2009, RIP, the looting begins

It looks like our corrupt leaders have cajoled, threatened and bribed enough wavering Democrats to pass the monstrous "Health Care Reform" bill.

Notice that they failed to deliver on their promise of putting the final bill online for 72 hours before the vote, they were still amending it last night. Apparently there are now funds for veterinarians to counter Swine Flu. Some idiot Democrat actually thinks that disease infects pigs?

I certainly hope America doesn't mind losing multiple millions more jobs and seeing their take-home drop as they are forced to buy health insurance or face jail time. I sure hope the public won't mind the prices of everything they buy to increase to help pay for this monster.

So, congratulations. The Takers now outnumber the Makers. This country is going to be looted like an Ayn Rand novel. For at least another year and a half there is no limit to how much of your future earnings the government will steal and spend on their projects. This is theft on a massive scale and no one is even wondering about the Constitution, there is no longer a Constitution.

That is correct, this country has just seen a revolution and doesn't know it yet.

Your standard of living will drop.

The US dollar will be worth less and less, meaning prices will soon skyrocket. Then again, candidate Barack Obama said skyrocketing prices were "necessary" under his plans.

Make no mistake, the America we have known is gone. The nation of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson is over for good, it will not come back. A nation that had a limited government and people with inalienable rights is over. Those inalienable rights are not coming back.

Over the next few years this will likely become apparent to everyone. By then it will be too late.


  1. We are in deep sheet! I don't think we have time to get them out of power before they destory the Republic as we know it...the assults grow by the day.

  2. It will get worse. When the New Atheists come to power and come for you, can Gulags be far behind?

    To get an idea of what your future is going to, The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.