Saturday, October 31, 2009

Barack Obama's Big Magic Show

Stimulus Magic! Pulling numbers from a hat!

Mr. Awesome with his robe of stars and moons put on a smoke an mirrors show for his audience of press. He told them to watch his GDP numbers magically go up even as consumer and business spending has dropped, all based on government spending borrowed dollars.

The audience was not so impressed.

Then he puts his hat on the dais and tells them that he has saved or created 500,000... no 650,000.... no (Rahm Emmanuel whispers, bigger numbers might impress them) 1 million jobs! That is right we have saved or created a million jobs with the stimulus package, just as long as nobody tries to actually find these jobs of course.

Even the leftwing, willingly gullible media are finding this one hard to swallow. Nothing but a big fraud being carried out by the federal government.

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